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Kisho - Review

Now here’s a treat for dog-lovers! Author of multiple short stories for children, Jarod Twiford, has recently released his first children’s book, Kisho. This story line is unique and has an ending that readers will not see coming.

Everyone loves a hero story. But in Kisho, the hero is an animated animal that is not really animated nor is he an animal! Here we have a young boy who privately loves to watch animated movies. He undergoes a magical transformation into an animated character from a movie and embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Impending disaster, earthquakes, romance, adventure and finding true happiness are all a part of the story line in Kisho.

Jarod Twiford has been writing for young people for about six years before the release of this book. After intensive research and painstaking attention to detail, he picked the name for the leading character because Kisho means "one who knows his own mind". His thoughtful use of many breeds of canines definitely lent more power to the characters' personalities.

Though I felt a few areas were a little rushed over by the author, it certainly uses an interesting and fairly unusual theme. This book is certain to entertain and be read multiple times by readers.

ISBN#: 1-4241-0525-0
Author: Jarod Twiford
Publisher: Publish America

Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

An Unforgettable Lesson In Hope

In a town where everyone knows everything, the author of this lovely, unconventional memoir came to live in a place no one knows exists. In "Still Life with Chickens" (Hudson Street Press, $21.95), Catherine Goldhammer wakes at midlife to find herself newly separated and several tax brackets poorer, forced by circumstances to move from the affluent New England suburb of her daughter's childhood into a new, more rustic life by the sea.

Against all logic, partly to please her daughter and partly for reasons not clear to her at the time, she begins this year of transition by purchasing six baby chickens, whose job-she comes to suspect-is to pull her and her daughter forward, out of one life and into another.

As she gradually transforms her new home-with its tawdry exterior but radiant soul-she watches her precocious 12-year-old daughter blossom into a stylish and sophisticated teenager. And as she tends to the needs of six enigmatic chickens, Goldhammer's life slowly shifts from chaos to grace.

Beautifully written and quietly profound, "Still Life with Chickens" is an unforgettable lesson in hope, in starting over and in the transcendent wisdom that can often be found in the most unlikely of places.

The brave, funny and heartbreakingly beautiful memoir is available wherever books are sold.

Jim Wicht has requested a thin black line around the photo.

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Pandemonium: Book Review

Within the first few pages, I was engrossed and deeply moved by Apina Hrbek’s eloquent writing skills. Tears of compassion were in my eyes at several points in this moving story of survival.

The main character, Edita, was raised by a heartless mother who became twisted after helplessly watching the communist government steal her family’s vast fortune. Her nonconformist father was her only source of comfort and it was from him that she learned about these forbidden things called "choice" and "freedom".

The setting is a land under strict Soviet rule where people are in a constant state of fright and can not afford to trust anyone – not even their own kin. To trust was an invitation for disaster.

The story of their escape to a land of freedom was wrought with circumstances going wrong – and yet it all worked out in the end. Resettling in a place where they must learn new customs, new languages and find employment to support their small family was no easy task for Edita and her husband. Through poverty and displacement, the family struggled to find their dreams and learn how to deal with this new idea - the freedom to make choices.

Pandemonium is certainly an educational book that may be beneficial for children and grand children of immigrants who wish to understand what it was like. It also could serve as a useful reminder to appreciate, protect and expand upon the rights of all mankind.

Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
ISBN#: 1413756670
Author: Apina Hrbek

Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Born Evil - Book Review

Author of two books and many short stories, J.P. Ransom is busily writing a series of books called Colla’d Greens and two more upcoming books including a sequel to Born Evil.

Born Evil is a compact, 150-page book that is printed on acid-free paper – which may be of interest to the environmentally conscious consumer. I would categorize this book as a chilling horror, which involves an infant that is born evil. Traumatized by early experiences, only compounds Jonathan’s natural inclination – a cruel desire to cause harm. Unprepared for a disturbed child, his adopted parents are continually wallowing in deep pits of overwhelming uncertainty. Rick suspects the truth, but Trish finds it very hard to imagine or even accept that little Jonathon is capable of such hateful acts.

I think the book makes a good point that some people are simply born with a desire to do harm, with no abusive situation to attribute these urges to. Readers are also shown how these urges can easily be encouraged through socially acceptable entertainment and through being witness to violent acts.

While reading Born Evil, I experienced a wide range of emotions from anger to sorrow and shock. The conclusion was exceptional and I look forward to J.P. Ransom’s sequel.

ISBN#: 1410788520
Author: J.P. Ransom
Publisher: Author House

Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Letter to Maya Angelou - Review

Letter to Maya Angelou is a book that is intended to entice the reader’s attention and provoke them to delve into deep thought on environmental and society issues.

One hundred breath-taking, intimate photographs of nature scenes have been included in this book. Beautiful shots of flocks of birds just taking off in flight, enchanting forests, stunning autumn color and incredible sunsets were enough to make me a fan of the book.

The photos are accompanied with poetic verses, which, unfortunately, did not strike a cord in me. Honestly, I did not even understand many of the verses. Overall, though, it was clear that the author’s intent was to encourage openness to adventure, the opportunity for growth and participation in issues that matter. I really liked a few statements in particular, "Let your heart be your guide, and the brain a tool" and "It’s always a holiday when you love".

Oluwadahusi is a man who has been juggling many hats for some time - from being a lawyer, author and poet, to the more rewarding efforts as a teacher and father. He warns his readers that "any apparent disorder in any of the text, lack of punctuation" was done with the intent to provoke the reader to fill in the blanks for themselves.

ISBN#: 1420820486
Author: Oluwadahunsi
Photographs provided by: US Fish & Wildlife Service
Publisher: Author House

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Pausing To Catch My Breath - Book Review

Debra Warren has appropriately titled her book of poetry ‘Pausing to Catch My Breath’. The pages depict this mother and grandmother as someone who I would personally love to sit across from at a kitchen table with a huge pot of tea and talk for hours.

Her style implements simple vocabulary with an honest appeal, yet her work is astoundingly moving. This is the kind of poetry that I like to read at a slow pace in order to allow the statements to really sink in. ‘I think’ is a good example of what I mean. ‘Today’ challenges readers to see beyond the mundane, by considering what others are experiencing that very moment. ‘Its Never Too Late’ was a moving piece about many kinds of incarceration. I related with ‘Trapped’, especially where she wrote, "I am trapped inside a body that betrays". ‘Pausing to Catch My Breath’ is a particularly beautifully written piece. I hope to retain in memory my favorite line of this poem, "Hearing the music, I dance to my yesterdays". Debra also displays an appealing sense of humor in her work. I loved the imagery of viewing cruel and stupid people as "human speed bumps" along the road of life.

‘Pausing to Catch My Breath’ most certainly displays Debra’s ability to use uncomplicated prose to create deep emotion, intellectual thought and crisp images.

Author: Debra Warren
Publisher: Publish America, Inc.

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Druxel Manor - Book Review

Druxel Manor is a stimulating thriller-mystery-romance novel that keeps the reader guessing. Who do you trust? Everyone seems to know a little something but no one is willing to explain – or rather, what is revealed only creates more confusion.

There are three main characters here. Trevor and Angel are adopted siblings who were raised in a life of the privileged – growing up in a mansion and attending only the best of schools. Angel is a dedicated and driven journalist, while her brother is obsessed with his quest to find their biological parents. Their adopted parents’ insistent warnings to never try to find their real parents and other small clues drove Trevor to find out the truth. In his bones, he knew something was out of place and what he found out put both of their lives at stake.

Suddenly, Angel finds herself thrown into the midst of a mysterious and dangerous adventure – and she has no idea why. Then James arrives, her rescuer and protector – whether she likes it or not - and her undeniable animal attraction to him turns her world upside down. She must decide who to trust and find out the reason for all the things left unexplained.

Tarra Young performed a difficult task in keeping the pace fast and momentum high in this novel. I never knew what was going to happen next – and all my suspicions were wrong in the end. I thought this book was a fun and interesting read and is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy a good mystery."

Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
ISBN#: 1413766242
Author: Tarra Young

Senin, 24 Januari 2011

The Captain Has Her Heart - Book Review

Mrs. Salinas has written a very nice romance novel that readers can disappear in for a few days. The Captain Has Her Heart was just recently released, but is already stealing hearts!

The main character, April, is a nurse who really loves her job and often takes on extra shifts. Her husband is away completing his internship to become a Doctor. April is awoken by a man that comes in with an unusual fever – in fact they are both awaken by each other. She returns to her empty home only to receive a "dear John" letter from her husband who wants a hurried and clean divorce so that he can pursue his new interest.

Shocked and staggered by the loss of the plans that she had for her life, April’s strong spirit soon has her taking on the job of a traveling nurse – and ends up not only finding herself but a whole lot more.

Commercial pilot careers are notorious for short-term relationships, but Trig Power was more than willing to take the chance when fate kept placing April near him. He adores her deeply but must also face a shattering experience before he can do anything else. In the end, he learns that what makes a man cannot be seen in a mirror.

Author, A.G. Salinas is a wife and mother of three. She shares a similar career with her main character, which really helps her bring the experience of nursing to her readers.

ISBN#: 1-4241-1111-0
Author: A. G. Salinas
Publisher: Publish America
Published: 2006

Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Being A Man

The life of a guy is not as easy as it looks. It's not just about holding down a job or being a father figure to his kids. It's throwing a football, grilling a steak, fixing things around the house and coaching sports teams. It's telling jokes, playing golf and picking a beer. And it's easy to get lost.

Now there's help. "50 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do: Celebrity and Expert Advice on Living Large" (Plume, $13), edited by Daniel Kline and Jason Tomaszewski, provides hints and tips on those essential guy skills and more-including tricking out your car, playing poker, dressing for a date, lasting in bed and even starting your own business-from knowledgeable people including "Queer Eye"'s Carson Kressley, poker legend Amarillo Slim, comedian Carrot Top, movie critic Leonard Maltin, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar and "The Surreal Life" producer Mark Cronin.

This book is an all-in-one resource to help you handle all the demands made on men in modern life. It makes a great gift for any man who wants to know how to weather life's tough spots and enjoy the pleasures of manhood.

It takes more than combat gear to be a man… it takes the advice in this book.

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Deadly Duplicates - Book Review

When I first read the basic theme of the book, I thought seemed far-fetched. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, the last 30 pages were so spell-binding everything else in my life had to wait until I finished the book. Author Margaret Lenois takes on a difficult task with this serial killer story line. Deadly Duplicates is a fiction novel about super-natural identical Siamese twins that would fit in with the genres of suspense and psychological thriller.

Separated Siamese twins Deborah and Doreen Price were the subjects of gossip for hospital staff from the moment they were born – and it was not being identical or their scars that set them apart. As young children, their mother’s mind snapped after several frightening and horrifying events including witnessing her own parents being burning alive in her childhood home. Yet she must rein over her self-imposed comatose state in time to save her girls.

Has their mother been absent so long that she cannot make a difference? Can the love of two detectives – the very men who adore them at home, but investigate the murders by day - save them? Read the book and find out!

ISBN#: 0976773244
Author: Margaret LeNois
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Fern’s Dragon: Book Review

Fern’s Dragon is a wonderfully fun read that stimulates the imagination of both young people and the young-at-heart alike. It is a good mystery-fantasy story that is artfully composed.

Fern is a bright, artistic young girl who is utterly fascinated with dragons. One day she created a masterpiece with beach sand and loved it so much that she was reluctant to leave her dragon, Nogard. When her mother brought Fern to visit Norgard, they were shocked to discover he was missing. Later that night, Fern is visited by Norgard, who begs for her help in saving dragon-kind.

Little Fern finds herself leading the last of the race of dragons, following clues and trying to piece together a way to save the dragon king – the only dragon with the power to stop the catastrophe about to fall.

David Wills has done a superb job on this children’s book. His use of colors and visually stimulating words is sure to spark the imagination. The light ending will leave a smile on the readers’ face.

I highly recommend this book to parents, as they are unlikely to become bored with their children begging to have the story repeatedly read to them. I know I certainly enjoyed it."

ISBN# 1413770177
Publisher: Publish America, Inc
Author: David Wills

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

The Letter - Review

As a writer, I think The Letter must have been a very interesting challenge for author Roxanna Russell. This work of fiction is actually a collection of 14 short stories – each revolving around some kind of letter; the Suicide Note, the Closure Letter, Love Letter, Fan Letter and so on. Yet the book is also a novel, in that each chapter is centered on a particular family and each chapter ties into the next.

The three main characters are Mark, his wife, Carol and his son Jack. Mark and Carol meet in dire circumstances, fall in love and raise children who grow into adults with lives of their own. Each major life altering moment is accentuated with an accompanying letter written by someone in the family.

The author’s humor, love and appreciation of people in her live are apparent within the first few pages of The Letter. She brings up issues so subtly that you hardly know they are there. For instance, is it wrong for Jan to sell herself to save her father? I think not. The Letter reinforces that intent is what weighing the rights and wrongs of life decisions really boils down to.

It was both a pleasure and an honor to read The Letter.

ISBN#: 1-4137-9311-8
Author: Roxanna Russell
Publisher: Publish America

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Putting it on Paper: Book Review

Dawn Josephson, author of 14 books, has written a fantastic author resource with her latest book Putting it on Paper – The ground rules for creating promotional pieces that sell books. This book discusses the development and use of contents within a media kit, and other marketing materials. From cover letters, press releases, book reviews, bios, sell and catalog sheets to articles – Dawn covers it all.

Each chapter concludes with two brief, but very helpful sections. ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is an essential ingredient to this well-rounded book because it touches on creativity and exceptions to the rule. Her section ‘Key Points’ acts as a summery to the main ideas within the chapter.

There are many excellent samples of actual promotional pieces, which give authors a variety of choices and ideas to use in creating the content for their own marketing materials. The samples are also precluded with notes on the construction of the piece so that the reader can fully understand the purpose of each opening, paragraph or by-line. Dawn shows many ways to tweak text for each piece and then closes with how to present promotional materials to various markets.

I really enjoyed the thought provoking quotes she used throughout the book and felt Putting it on Paper was quite inspirational. As an author who has spent a year of intensive marketing research and hands on application, I can say that several of Dawn’s tips are unique and I cannot wait to try them. The information on multiple press releases, mock book reviews and catalog sheets were particularly helpful for my own applications.

I highly recommend this useful book to any author who is facing book promotion. Putting it on Paper will certainly help authors get noticed.

ISBN#: 0974496618
Publisher: Ground Rules Press
Author: Dawn Josephson

Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Waxing - Book Review

The excerpt in the opening page of Waxing, before all the credits and the title page, was fantastic! That little enticing excerpt compelled me to read on with energy. This compact, 204 page fiction could be classified as a paranormal romance fantasy.

Author Megan Powell uses wit and pace to create a fun and suspenseful story. An alpha werewolf male is cursed and assailed from unexpected directions. In desperation, he turns to a solitary witch in hopes of righting wrongs and keeping peace within his pack. This is a story about obligations, finding love and balancing an underground life while intermingling with a society that must never know their kind exists.

Contrary to many stories involving werewolves and witches, Waxing has a believable scenario, is action-packed with an interesting and complex romance between the main characters, Derek and Liz. The author displays a rare talent in bringing the reader into the story at a deeper level by showing the thought processes of her main characters.

Having written her own books, participated in several short-story anthology books and currently editing two e-zines while doing book reviews for another e-zine, one could easily say that Megan Powell is an accomplished and busy writer. Her work tends to involve notes of magic, mystery and the intrigue of the unknown.

I enjoyed reading Waxing by Megan Powell. Actually the story reminded me of another enjoyable book entitled Shifter by J & G Reeves-Stevens - book one of the Chronicles of Galen Sword. Waxing, however, would be appropriate for young adult and adult readers alike.

ISBN#: 1-55410-263-4 (also available in e-book format)
Author: Megan Powel
Publisher: Zumaya Publications

Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Company Chairman Believes God Belongs in the Boardroom

Howard Jonas, founder and chairman of IDT Corp., was 14 years old when he started selling hot dogs on a street corner in the Bronx. Today, he runs a multibillion dollar telecommunications company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. What is the secret of his success?

The answer, he says, is in his religious commitment and the title of his most recent book, "I'm Not the Boss, I Just Work Here."

Jonas recalls that as a little boy his father told him how the biblical Joseph, a slave of Egypt, rose to be a master of Potiphar's house.

Potiphar was the prime minister of Egypt. Joseph, a lowly Hebrew slave, had one of the simplest jobs in the household - sweeping the floor. Yet, taking a break when more work could be done didn't seem right to Joseph.

One day Potiphar showed up particularly late and all of the servants had left, except for Joseph. Joseph was sweeping the floor just one more time. Potiphar realized that Joseph was a man he could trust because if this slave wouldn't "steal" a moment's rest from him, he certainly wouldn't steal from the household.

"I've kept this Joseph story in mind as I've built my company," Jonas writes. Jonas believes that people who not only accept but embrace life's challenges are truly actualizing God's will for humanity.

Personally and professionally, Jonas has had enormous success. "Success is not a reward," he writes. "Sometimes it's just a sign of having tried hard and often."

But he also has had more than his fair share of failures as he reveals in "I'm Not the Boss, I Just Work Here." Jonas candidly shares with readers a time in his life in which he struggled with severe depression. Jonas says he wrote this book hoping to inspire and encourage others by the example of his response to adversity and the strength of his relationship with God.

Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

Want to Marry Rich? Tips On High-Society Dating

Ladies: Looking to fulfill your champagne wishes and make your caviar dreams a reality? Marry rich.

But don't think of the pursuit of a wealthy man as shallow. According to "How To Marry A Multi-Millionaire: The Ultimate Guide To High Net Worth Dating," by Ted Morgan and Serena Worth, the most common qualities that women desire in a man - charm, humor and intelligence, for instance - can be found in most wealthy men. As the book says, "the cash is a very nice side benefit."

One of the first steps to marrying rich is to get on the "high net worth" dating circuit. The following tips from the book will help you find a rich suitor in no time.

* Prepare. Find out who's rich, where these men live and their past and present entanglements. Chatting with high-society women is a great way to find out who's on the market.

* Go where the rich go. Since many wealthy people find their mates at social events, mingle at high-end cocktail parties and charity benefits in places such as New York City, Southampton, N.Y., Aspen, Colo. and Palm Beach, Fla.

Never buy the dinner ticket, however. Dinner tickets to charity parties can range from $500 to over $1,000. To avoid paying an arm and a leg, buy the after-party ticket instead.

* Find a partner in crime. If you're uncomfortable socializing alone, take a male or female friend along to help you feel more relaxed and to arrange introductions.

* Go in as "arm candy." Attend the party with an attractive date who is looking to find rich women. You two can work the room together and help each other meet potential mates.

"How to Marry A Multi-Millionaire: The Ultimate Guide To High Net Worth Dating" also includes such topics as how to avoid the most common high net worth dating pitfalls and how to negotiate the prenuptial agreement. The book also features a list of the richest single or divorced men in America.

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Invisible Ink - Book Review

Carl Veno’s book, Invisible Ink, provides an insider’s view of the newspaper world during the author’s 25-years as a journalist and editor - at a time when major events were having dramatic affects on American society. Told in a no-nonsense matter-of-fact manner, the tales of experience are intermingled with the author’s family history, including the immigration of his Italian ancestors to America more than 125 years ago. Reminiscent moments clearly reveal Carl’s fond memories of growing up and his youthful love of New York.

Various newspaper readership "wars" were destroying and absorbing each other during an incredible age of change and discovery for the American people. Exciting and newsworthy issues including men and women learning to co-exist in the workplace, mobsters, racism, riots, war and space travel were fighting for newspaper space. Between all this the author reveals inner office politics within the industry. We all know from our own experience, differences occur at places of employment – management issues, co-worker competition, etc. – and it is all here. Yet on top of this the reader is introduced to interesting and eccentric characters, complicated work-related relationships and office love affairs. The epilogue closes nicely with the fate of some of the newspapers mentioned in the book.

Prior to entering the world of journalism, Carl spent time as a barber, boxer and army trooper. Not including his free-lance work and lecturing, Veno was employed by eight newspapers (some of which won many awards) and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize during his career. Carl is now retired and able to pursue his love of exercise through jogging and continues to write books.

ISBN#: 1-4137-4881-3
Author: Carl Veno
Publisher: Publish America

Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

The Time Has Come - Book Review

The Time Has Come is the first book of a mystical and spiritual trilogy written by Barbara Oleynick, a highly educated nurse who’s life work is to help make the world a more peaceful place in any way that she can. Barbara is an English instructor, a faculty member of a community college and an accomplished musical theater director and producer.

This book is like a combination of the movie the Golden Child (with Eddie Murphy), Micheal Scallion’s land change predictions through his spirit guide, and vibration-frequency theories which are currently being studied in both traditional and alternative sciences – all rolled up in one fiction story.

A 13-year-old child, Rachel, has a baby girl named Grace who is sent to bring peace to the world. I cried huge crocodile tears at Grace’s birth, again at the love in Albert and Henna’s home and yet again found myself sobbing when their drug-crazed mother murders Rachel’s sister.

In the beginning, The Time Has Come is only religious in that the Creator is thought to reside in every molecule and that there is purpose to our lives. The author briefly discusses historical religious events at various points in the story. The aspect that appealed to me the most was the main focus of each person having a legacy to leave behind and that it is up to each one of us to find a way to perform the tasks set before us.

I found on the whole, the story line was interesting and yet shocking to my nerves at the same time. Despite this, I felt the author became too heavy with spiritual ideas and the depressing negative world news during the final chapters.

ISBN#: 0975592254
Author: Barbara Oleynick
Publisher: Synergy Books
192 Pages

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

A Voice in the Night

Seventy-five pages of poetic thought on everyday life, including the author’s frustrations with shopping and solicitors, greet the readers of A Voice in the Night, by GeorgeAnne Smith. She also includes a touching homage to the men and women who protect and serve us all. An interesting poem speaks from the view of a person who is shocked to find out someone was molested, when they had no idea it had happened.

GoergeAnne’s insightful life skills in Within You struck a chord in my mind that rang for days. I felt a sort of kin-ship with the author through Last Words of a Beauty Queen, a poem full of love for nature - something that is dear to my heart. In The Flow shows that poets are not striving for riches or recognition, but are fueled by the faint hope that their words may ease the journey for another human being and break the chains of their despair by making them feel less alone. With Eyes Open is a poem that refers to the purging effect that writing can have for the writer. I thought thatSeeds of Content has an interesting feel to it, reminiscent of chanting.

Glimpses of an older style of writing words slightly reversed, such as "searching we are, a golden life" and "on target, we all are" is something that I particularly picked up on.

To leave you with a little sample of A Voice in the Night, I have chosen this wonderfully written excerpt from the poem Awaken This Lifetime:
"Life may seem, but a merry chase,
Quite overwhelming, a dreary fate
Don’t get discouraged by a hurried pace,
Seek to awaken, for its never too late"

ISBN#: 1-4137-9489-0
Author: GeorgeAnne Smith
Publisher: Publish America
Published: Sept. 15, 2005

Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Amapola - Book Review

Alan Heywood writes a stimulating, though sometimes improbable, adventure novel in Amapola. What I mean by this is that the characters are seemingly very lucky or were simply at the right place, at the right time. Yet, other scenes are somewhat reminiscent of a James Bond movie. I liked the humor Alan dabbled throughout the novel and admired the strong female characters. This book certainly has a heavy slant towards the importance of friendships and a pro-Canada theme – which I loved.

George Magee, a retired Major, was never able to forget Sakai, a Costa-Rican woman, who despite the number of years that separated them easily stole his heart. He thought that he was doing the right thing by leaving the young beauty, but the torment in his heart was not eased by the passage of time.

Now retired, he fills his days with an import-export business that requires him to return to Mexico periodically to deal with his customers. His emotional void is filled by his Sister’s family – since he does not have one of his own. Sadly, members of a drug cartel heartlessly murder his brother-in-law and young niece, and George is filled with seething anger.

When the Canadian government requests George to assist their war on Mexican drugs by using his business as a cover, he jumps at the chance to strike out in revenge. Fueled by his anger and his hopes of reconciling with Sakai, George is taken on a thrilling adventure in and out of the drug trade.

ISBN#: 101894942130 or 13678189492137
Author: Alan Heywood
Publisher: Zumaya Publications

Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Winning The Family Weight-Loss Game

Is weight weighing heavily on your mind? If you or someone in your family needs to lose weight, you have lots of company: Nearly two-thirds of American adults and a third of American children need to lighten up.

Since the family is one of the most powerful influences on a child's weight and health, a new book from Betty Crocker rallies family members to team up in tackling their weight concerns. "Betty Crocker Win At Weight Loss Cookbook" ($24.95, available where books are sold) maps out a game plan of simple steps that parents can take for improving their own healthy habits while allowing their kids to become more active and "grow into" a healthier weight. Parents are the role model and coach of the family team.

To ensure success for readers, Betty Crocker enlisted the assistance of a leading public health expert for winning strategies in this new book. An internationally respected researcher in weight control, James Hill, Ph.D., lends his best advice from years of counseling clients who have attained and successfully maintained a healthy weight. Hill is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado, and director of the Center for Human Nutrition, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health. Hill is also co-founder of America on the Move, an initiative to help people avoid weight gain.

The family that plays together enjoys good health and has fun together. In becoming more active and enjoying a wide variety of delicious meals, any family can be "winners" and gain healthy habits for a lifetime. The new book provides realistic steps for any family to take toward better health.

Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Bob the Dragon Slayer - Review

This very fun, exciting, fast-paced, warm novella - Bob the Dragon Slayer by Harry E. Gilleland Jr. – was a great afternoon read. In only 99 pages, this poet and author takes readers on a glorious adventure.

Bob, an orphaned peasant lad witnesses a dragon destroying an entire village and dreams of becoming a knight. Within a short time Bob is presented with a historically important magical sword by a strange wizard named Stephen. The trouble is that no one else can see the wizard who only appears when people are not around. This does not damper the doubt in the minds of those around the ambitious peasant boy.

Bob’s fierce, but chance victories with dragons build respect from the people throughout the land. Soon it is discovered that Bob has royal lineage – in fact the brave peasant dragon-slayer that had once desired to be a knight above all else, is actually the rightful King. Bob becomes the only hope of uniting the people of his land against an evil King bent on conquering and destruction.

Saving the kingdom with the help of his mighty sword, a meddling wizard and loyal friends takes the young man on adventures he had never dreamed of before. Far beyond involving dragons, damsels in distress, civil war and romance, he also had to think his way around of legal obstacles along the way and politics between peoples.

This is an excellent book for anyone over the age of 10. "

ISBN#: 1411633156
Author: Harry E. Gilleland, Jr.
Publisher: Lulu Press

Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

The Plight of Queen Bee - Book Review

This is a children’s book that will keep readers glued to the pages right to the end. The Plight of Queen Bee by Simone Fairchild entails forty pages of gorgeous, bright fun illustrations with vivid detail and glorious lilac flowers in full bloom.

Illustrator Pamela Marie Key masterfully creates real-life illusions right down to the bark on the lilac tree. I loved the bee’s wings in particular, which reminded me of a treasured sea shell from my childhood that had pearl-like iridescent quality to it.

Multiple award winning author Simone Fairchild spins a fascinating detective story, complete with a Sherloch Holmes-like character – Detective Brown who is called in to solve the baffling mystery of who is stealing Queen Bee’s nectar. Detective Brown must endure awful pressure from Queen Bee and find out who is telling the truth. He accidentally discovers a culprit red-handed that completely surprises readers and heroically disarms the robber with swift swordplay. Simone Fairchild certainly reveals her talent for this genre and a love for her readers, which flows throughout this excellent book.

Four wonderful games will stimulate the minds of your children while the images and details will keep them amused for long periods of time. It’s a sure bet that The Plight of Queen Bee will be read many, many times by your family.

ISBN#: 0976773236
Author: Simone Fairchild
Illustrations: Pamela Marie Key
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

A Crack in the Teacup - Book Review

The Crack in the Teacup, by C.M. Albrecht, is a mystery fiction novel with a slight seasoning of romance and suspense to spice things up. The story line is centered in a small Californian town where an 11-year-old boy, Jerry Beakey, goes missing on his way to a music lesson. Author C.M. Albrecht skillfully walks the reader through every aspect of the case and what happens in police departments, support centers and within the family of the missing person.

There are two main characters in The Crack in the Teacup. Detective Steve Music and his co-workers butt-heads with the FBI while working on the case. Lovely, and sympathetic, Shelly Lambert guards an awful secret and harbors a guilt that drives her to volunteer at the Missing and Exploited Children Coalition whenever she could get away from her job as a Notary.

Whenever Detective Music and Shelly meet during the investigation, something deeper between them happens. Neither of them seems to know what to do about it. Steve discovers Shelly’s secret when he looks into her past and creates a huge rift between them that could destroy their romance.

A classic who-dun-it written in the Agatha Christi style with a very unusual motive for child kidnapping. I suspected nearly everyone involved at some point in the book and I liked that the characters represented true society, with people of different races, ideals and backgrounds. The Crack in the Teacup has very little violence, but a lot of mystery and a happy ending.

ISBN#: 1-59466-037-9
Author: C. M. Albrecht
Publisher: Port Town Publishing

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

My Dad Wears Polka-Dotted Socks! - Book Review

Bright colored sheets just inside the sturdy book cover certainly set the mood for this excellent book geared for children between the ages of 4 and 8.

The main character is a young boy who is desperately fretting over the class reaction to his strange family. He dreads the day the children in his classroom are due to present their portrayals of their families. Much to his delight, he realizes his family is not so strange after all. Parents and teachers will certainly find the yoga-loving dad with orange polka-dotted socks is sure to get the giggles rolling. The impressive illustrations hold attention to the page.

As youth, we are often fascinated by other family’s doors and what lays beyond them. When we discover that all the quirks and differences reside in everyone’s family, it makes it easier to accept our families and our place in them. This is a valuable life skill that would certainly help to ground little people at this age.

Educators and caretakers may find this book useful in social and family studies.
Children are encouraged to personalize the book on the first page and create a list of their family and their personality traits on the last page – thus making this book more interactive."

ISBN#: 0974430722
Author: Kristin Joy Humes
Illustrations: Loel Barr
Publisher: Merry Lane Press

Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

King Bartholomew and the Jester’s Riddle - Book Review

King Bartholomew and the Jester’s Riddle by Pina Mastromonaco is a wonderful, fun book with a humor level perfect for children aged four to eight. Entertaining riddles entice readers to try to guess the answer while enjoying the tale.

Childlike King Bartholomew is obsessed with toys and solving riddles. The chubby, balding King learns to balance play and work time so that he can take responsible care of his land and citizens, yet still enjoy a playful life. The moral-of-the-story is not laid on thick – it is lightly applied so it will be easily accepted by young children. Teachers, librarians and caretakers will enjoy reading this pleasant book to children who like to play rather than accomplish chores or school assignments.

The illustrator, David Martin, is extremely accomplished and very gifted. Each page is filled with incredible detail that reveals more the longer one gazes at them. Many illustrations some form of nature included from the fantastically sculpted bushes, an array of birds and a maze of hedges with a big ‘B’ in the center (B – for King Bartholomew). Richly colored clothes and hilarious costumes for the jester and the King’s servants prove to add an interesting twist to this fun-loving book."

ISBN#: 0974430714
Author: Pina Mastromonaco
Illustrations: David Martin
Publisher: Merry Lane Press

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Violet the Pilot in Canada - Review

Violet the Pilot in Canada is the first in the series of children’s book series written by commercial pilot and mother of two, Bettina Bathe. In this book, Grandpa Cliff along with young Chantel and Mathias are going on a camping and fishing trip in Ontario, Canada.

Violet the pilot and her trusty animal and insect friends are hired to take the three tourists to their destination in her violet-colored floatplane. Violet teaches her passengers about the floatplane, takes them through initial flight procedures and delivers the tourists safely to their destination. For Violet, safety always comes first as she instructs the tourists how to exit the plane, protect themselves against the damaging sun reflected off the water and more.

Beautifully illustrated scenery with Canadian wildlife tucked into the images here and there will allow for more interest in the pictures. The illustrator, Barbara Fortin, creates an excellent depiction of rural Ontario’s well-known "Cottage Country" area.

Violet the Pilot in Canada offers more than entertainment and education. The author has also dedicated a portion of the sales of this book to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Additionally, Bettina’s website ( offers contests and awards for young readers.

ISBN#: 1-4120-3215-6
Author: Bettina Bathe
Illustrator: Barbara Fortin
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Published: October 2004

Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Going Deeper - Book Review

Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Koven is certainly a nicely presented, hard-cover book. This fiction fantasy has an obvious inclination to aid readers who are embarking on their personal spiritual quest.

The main character, Larry, is going through a break down, of sorts. He decides the best cure is to retreat into nature. The problem is that along the way, Larry begins to hear the voice of his dog speaking like a guru. Unsure if he is going completely mad, he continues in shock until he is able to absorb the shift in reality. Between Zeus, the talking dog, and being visited by a variety of spiritual guides, Larry learns the answers to his many questions about life, meaning, destiny and more.

One could say this is definitely a unique story line! Personally, I found the book difficult to read, as it was a little too deep, sometimes tedious and occasionally the story line seemed a little ridiculous. I truly believe it was the authors intent to include a vast amount of information that may guide spiritual seekers, but it is written with some elements of humor and zest. Jean-Claude has been on an extensive journey of his own and elements of many belief systems can be seen throughout the book."

ISBN#: 0972395458
Author: Jean-Claude Koven
Publisher: Prism House Press

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Funny As A Fictoid

While truth may be stranger than fiction, a fictoid is definitely funnier than a factoid, says the author of an hysterical new book.

What exactly is a fictoid? A fictoid is a bit of fictional history making a statement or telling a story in one sentence.

"A typical fictoid tells who did what, when and where," says Bill Dutcher, author of "Fictoids: Short Fiction...Very Short" (Dutcher & Company, $12). Neither historically accurate nor politically correct, the book takes a random walk through cultural history from 1220 B.C. to 2004.

Readers can learn who invented self-storage and who invented both the periodic table and the occasional chair; why Henry the Ninth couldn't get a date; who founded General Eclectic; who recorded "You were always there for me...but I was always here"; who told his bankers "You can call my loan, but it won't come"; who opened a high-priced helium bar, believed to be New York's first Squeak Easy; and whose unauthorized autobiography sold more than one million copies.

The book introduces such colorful characters as Sleeping Beauty's sister Lazy Susan, Norwegian film star Harrison Fjord, classical rap artist Yo Yo Mama and assistant press secretary Feckless Spinmeister. The illustrations were done by The New Yorker magazine cartoonist Jack Ziegler.

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

The Estrogen Underground - Book Review

Cheryl O’Donovan and Tom Wolferman have collaborated their efforts to create a book for women of the Baby Boomer Generation with their recently released book, The Estrogen Underground. Cheryl brings her cartoonist and writer skills while Tom’s satire balances out the varied topics for today’s women that are talked about in a frank and downright funny manor.

The Estrogen Underground consistently uses light humor along with comic strip like characterizations on every page of the book. The font is a nice, readable size that occasionally mixes with the images, but not so much so that it is difficult to read.

Seven entertaining chapters banter on issues from bad wardrobe choices, changed perceptions of aging women, crazy fads, wild diets, exercise, make-up and hair escapades and plastic surgery, to more serious issues like careers verses hobbies.
Yet throughout the book the main focus seems to be of living in the moment with love and acceptance of one’s self.

Topped off with amusing and amazing quotes from famous people along with intimate, personal stories makes The Estrogen Underground a perfect gift for working or family women aged between 40 and 60.

ISBN#: 0-9767732-7-9
Author: Cheryl O’Donovan and Tom Wolferman
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Putting the Magic Back Into Young Adult Fantasy

As the market becomes saturated with young adult fantasy books in the "Harry Potter" mold, how long will it be before the genre loses its magic?

"If, like me, you've noticed that the spell being cast by the latest crop of young adult fantasy novels is becoming less potent, it seems a fair question to ask," said R.J. Nimmo, a young adult novelist and expert on entertainment for children.

Nimmo doesn't dispute the continued popularity of the sword-and-sorcery retreads out there.

"Nonetheless, assorted witches, djinn and goblins risk succumbing to that well-known pitfall of every successful celebrity from boy bands to Britney: overexposure," he said.

Nimmo says the genre's rise in popularity was initially due to J.K. Rowling's wildly successful "Harry Potter" series and was further compounded by the success of the "Dark Materials" trilogy by Philip Pullman.

"They are all fantastic books - genuinely fun and original," Nimmo said. "The problem is the market is becoming saturated. One more insipid 'Harry Potter' clone may be one too many."

So how can parents find worthwhile reading choices that their kids - whose appetites for fantasy fiction show no sign of abating - will want to open and read?

"The trick is to find books for children and young adults where the fantasy genre elements are infused as part of historical-inspired stories, thus sharpening the emotional, intellectual and educational edge," Nimmo said.

"The Ancient Egyptian Ennead," Nimmo's latest myth-inspired novel set in Egypt in the time of the pharaohs, promises to do just that.

"The magic in my books is something readers can identify with: the magic of learning about ancient civilizations, gods, myths and monsters," he said. "It's the way forward for an increasingly lackluster genre. I want to put the magic back in the hands of the reader."