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Save $$$ With Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water heating accounts for about 20% (or more) of the average North American household’s annual energy costs. With energy prices rising day by day it is becoming important to take a closer look at where the money is going.

The average yearly cost for a conventional gas or electric storage hot water heater is approximately $500 for a 1300sq.ft. 4 member family home. It lowers or increases depending on how many people live in the house and on their particular water usage habits.

Conventional hot water heaters store water and maintain the water temperature to the temperature setting on the tank - usually between 120° and 140° F. That means keeping water hot even when you do not need it - while you are at work; while you are sleeping; while you are away on holidays.

These “standby” losses represent 15% to 25% of a household’s annual water heating costs.

Another thing that annoys all of us, is waiting for the water to heat up because someone took a bath before us. The storage tank water heaters only have a limited amount of hot water. After that is gone you have to wait for the tank to get heated again.

Throughout the rest of the world, where energy costs have consistently been higher than in North America, different methods of heating water are common.

Enter Tankless Hot Water Heaters. They began appearing in the United States and Canada about 25 years ago but have been used in Europe for the last 50 years.

Unlike "conventional" tank water heaters, tankless water heaters heat water only as it is used, or “on demand”. Opening a hot water faucet ignites the powerful burners and the computer monitors the water temperature and adjusts the burners according to the need. High demand, high heat. Low demand, low heat.

Because the efficiency rate of tankless water heaters is about 20% higher, averaging around 90% and going up to 96% and there is no stand by losses, savings on your energy bills are evident.

Some models even have the capacity to heat the house at the same time. With these tankless water heaters, which are connected either to radiant floor heat or to a heating coil in your furnace (air handler), you can bring high efficiency space heating capacities to every home.

Just imagine a contraption the size of your kitchen cabinet, heating your home and giving you an endless supply of potable hot water. You do not need a separate furnace and a separate hot water heater.

Some models can be mounted on the exterior of a home, freeing up valuable floor and closet space on the inside. The unit can be placed in a recessed box, flush-mounted and painted or textured to match the exterior of the home.

Tankless water heaters can also be used for supplementary heat, such as a booster to a solar hot water system, or snow melting systems, or to meet all your hot water needs.

The major players include: Takagi, Rheem, Noritz, Rinnai and up and coming Luna Baxi.

We would suggest researching different makes and models in order to make the right choice for your particular needs and circumstances.

Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Roll-Up Bag Irons Out Wrinkle Problem

Savvy travelers know the trick of rolling their clothes when they pack to reduce wrinkles and save space.

This usually works for smaller, casual articles of clothing, such as tops and jeans. But what if you had to pack a suit? And if you are taking a short trip for business, how do you fit your business attire into an overnight bag that you don't have to check?

Such travelers' difficulties were common for Don Chernoff, a former Intel engineer and frequent flier. So he took the rolling idea to the next level. His invention, SkyRoll, is a garment bag that actually rolls up after it's packed.

"It occurred to me that if I could roll my suits instead of fold them, they would wrinkle less, and I would have a more compact shape that would be easier to carry on the plane," he said.

SkyRoll's design consists of a hollow cylinder with a detachable garment bag that wraps around the outside of the cylinder. Smaller items such as shoes and toiletries fit into the cylinder, while suits, pants, dresses and other larger items are placed inside the garment bag, which is then rolled around the cylinder and secured with three clips. Because the clothes are rolled instead of folded, they come out with fewer wrinkles.

The bag is designed to hold two to three days' worth of clothing. Once rolled, it's small enough to meet airlines' size restrictions for carry-on luggage.

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Robotic Arms and Robotics

The word robot comes from the Czech word "robota", meaning "forced labor." The stuff of science fiction robotics in the 21st century is different than your parents or your grandparents’ ideas of robotics. What used to be thought of as futuristic improbability is now becoming a reality.

There are, theoretically, three Laws of Robotics. The Laws of Robotics were developed by a small group of scientists who believe that robotics is the wave of the future. The first law, referred to as law zero, is that a robot may not injure humanity, or, though inaction, allow humanity to come to harm. The second law states that a robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm, unless this would violate a higher order law. This law was created so that mankind would seek not to create robots that would harm people. The third law is that a robot must obey orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with a higher order law. And finally the final law is that a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with a higher order law. These were used in a recent Hollywood movie however many people don’t know that the Laws of Robotics actually exists.

According to The Robot Institute of America a robot is a “reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move materials, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks." This is a scientific sounding description however most people just think of robots as machine that mimic their counterparts. In practical usage, a robot is a mechanical device which performs automated tasks.

The most developed robot in practical use today is the robotic arm and it is seen in applications throughout the world. We use robotic arms to carry out dangerous work such as when dealing with hazardous materials. We use robotic arms to carry out work in outer space where man can not survive and we use robotic arms to do work in the medical field such as conducting experiments without exposing the researcher.

Some of the most advanced robotic arms have such amenities as a rotating base, pivoting shoulder, pivoting elbow, rotating wrist and gripper fingers. All of these amenities allow the robotic arm to do work that closely resembles what a man can do only without the risk.

Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Reviewing the George Foreman Electric Grill

According to a George Foreman electric grill review by one site reviewer, grilling can't be any easier than with this barbecue grill.

All you have to do to use the George Foreman electric grill, according to this review, is just plug it in and wait ten minutes for its surface to heat up. This electric grill's range has a heat adjustor that lets you set it low to keep food warm all the way up to high to sear steaks.

The surface of this grill is non-stick, so not only do you not have to add any nonstick spray or grease but cleaning is quick and easy. This George Foreman electric grill review also points out the advantages of its subtle sloping, which draw the fat or other disposable liquids into the tray below. The dome is high and the lid vented, both helping to create a circular hot air flow. This gives the grill the added benefit of providing even cooking. This, according to the George Foreman electric grill reviewer, is especially important when preparing a big roast or a whole chicken.

You can put this George Foreman grill on your tabletop or let it stand on its own pedestal. The surface of the grill is approximately six inches high. The pedestal is aptly sturdy although this George Foreman electric grill owner mentioned that the grill did seem a little top heavy. This could be a concern if you have small active children in the area of your grill site. You'll want to keep an eye on it to make sure it is topple-proof.

Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

Replica Watches - A Closer Look

We've all heard of those high-end luxury brand watches like: Cartier, Piaget, Rolex, Technomarine but because they cost many hundreds, even thousands of dollars they are simply out of reach of most people's budgets. It's like, should I get a second car or buy a Rolex and for most people it's clearly the second car. Let's face it, luxury watches are designed for the rich to provide them with a "status symbol" they yearn for that will help feed their, in most cases, large egos.

On the other hand, we all have human vanity and if you're the type that would like yours massaged by such a symbol of affluence, there's a little thing called Replica Watches that you might want to take a closer look at.

Replica watches provide the not so affluent with the opportunity to sport incredible imitations of various luxury watches like: Cartier, Piaget, Rolex, and Technomarine for a fraction of the price. On the other hand, the downside of replica watches is that in one way it could be considered a form of stealing. Like buying bootleg copies of CDs or DVD's or illegally downloading music from the internet. You'll have to make that call but replica watches do "borrow" the copyrighted designs of the luxury watches.

Plus, the whole purpose of luxury brands is to not cater to just anyone. They are manufactured and designed with the utmost quality with full knowledge that as a result, their cost will be prohibitive for most people.

However, if you're ok with the whole copyright thing and your heart is set on buying a replica watch; then, as the old saying goes, "buyers beware". Just because it's relatively dirt cheap doesn't mean its bargain. You still need to exercise caution and wisdom before you buy.

The internet has become the home of thousands upon thousands of companies selling replica watches which makes it rather impossible to inspect anything you purchase beforehand. Not that you must inspect a replica watch before you buy but it certainly doesn't hurt because even in a replica craftsmanship matters. Simple things like, does it have changeable batteries or is it simply a toy knockoff of the original is difficult to discern in a picture.

Omega, Cartier and Rolex are all popular replica watches today. While inspecting a prospective replica you should verify that brand names are actually spelled correctly. An example of this often occurs in knockoff bags, purses or shoes: "Prada" becomes "Prado" or "Chanel" becomes "Channel".

Another thing to remember before purchasing a replica watch is this: Are you or will you be comfortable enough, in your own skin, to wear such a watch when friends, family or colleagues realize that it is replica? I'm not here to judge because frankly, I partially agree with both sides of the argument but I bring it up only, so that you are aware of the fact that purchasing a replica watch "may not" turn out to be the status symbol you hoped it would be. On the other hand, it may be just the ticket you've been looking for and if so - go for it!

This article may be reproduced only in its entirety.

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Replica Sunglasses Wholesale

Nowadays many people want to own designer sunglasses, but few can afford it. This is when wholesale replica sunglasses come into picture. They are the perfect solution for those who want to own designer sunglasses but don’t have the money. They are so well designed that it is difficult to distinguish between the original one and the replica. Wholesale replica sunglasses look much more expensive than they are. Your friends may think you have spent serious money on them, though you did not. Replica sunglasses help you look classy for less.

With the advent of online shopping, buying replica sunglasses have become easier and faster. You can find high-quality sunglasses on the Internet, along with various promotional offers. The American market is flooded with these wholesale replica sunglasses which many companies sell for a very low price. You can find replicas of top brands such as Oakley and Gucci, and nobody can tell the difference between the original brand and the copied one.

While shopping for replica sunglasses, make sure that those sunglasses not only have UV protection but also make you look good. It is widely quoted that saving money is good, but those savings shouldn’t be at the cost of your eyes. So, make sure that the sunglasses you are going to buy have UV protection, in addition to a great sense of style and a classy look.

There are many sites offering wholesale replica sunglasses. Make sure you buy from the best one. It is advisable to be aware of their customer service and return policies. So shop smart and enjoy the classy look and feel you’re going to get after wearing replica designer sunglasses.

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RC airplanes -

Remember those hot summer afternoons you spent assembling your RC airplane kit so you could send your RC airplane into the heavens? You don't have to give up your youth because Hobby Mega provides a plethora of products to sate your flying desire. Whether you're looking for RC airplane plans, micro RC airplanes, gas powered RC airplanes or electric RC airplanes, they have what you need at prices that you can afford. Hobby Mega also carries a wide assortment of
RC airplane accessories to service your RC model airplane.

Want the power of flight without motored propulsion? The TW-739 RC Soaring Eagle Glider is the one for you. The Soaring Eagle comes with a three channel remote, allowing you to isolate your control signal even in the busiest of skies. This full function remote control airplane has a safe, convenient crate start-up and a low-pressure-off function. With a range of three hundred meters, you can send your plane into the distance without fear of losing control. The Soaring Eagle also has fifteen minutes of controlled flight time to ensure maximum flying enjoyment for the hobby enthusiast. If you want proof its capabilities, Hobby Mega has a streaming RC airplane video ready for you to enjoy alongside the Soaring Eagle's technical specifications. This silent wonder is sold for $74.99, making it the affordable model gliding choice for any hobby enthusiast.

If you're a history buff and want to fly the skies in the style of World War II design, the Pirate Corsair RC airplane will provide years of enjoyment. The Corsair comes with a four channel remote and is ready to fly in just minutes. Its full control remote makes take-off a breeze and with a range of 1500 feet, you send your bird aloft at an incredible distance while maintaining complete control. The Corsair is expertly engineered allowing it to complete a variety of aeronautic feats such as inverted flight. Not only is this baby a joy to fly, its careful attention to detail makes it a beauty to look at also. The Corsair is also an excellent beginner RC airplane as it is modeled with tough plastic construction that makes it RC airplane crash resistant when you fail to land it with the grace it deserves. Hobby Mega makes this plane available for the reasonable price of $113.99 and provides free shipping for this model.

If you enjoy landing on water, Hobby Mega offers a dual landing RC airplane that comes with the standard landing gear and a set of pontoons. This multifunctional flyer comes with a four channel remote and 11.1V rechargeable battery pack. Because of its design, this baby can be operated at low flight speeds and low altitudes making it perfect for skimming the water. You can maintain control of this flyer up to nine hundred feet and because of its aerodynamics, it is an easy unit to master, making it a great choice for the beginner.

All these and more are available from Hobby Mega RC toy store, so get your flying dream today.

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Quel Cadeau Offrir A Vos Employes

Les Soirées Entreprises:

Marre des traditionnels restaurants sur des péniches, ou dans des cabarets traditionnels pour essayer de contenter tout le monde? Pourquoi ne pas réaliser alors organiser une journée casino au sein de l'établissement.

Pour cela, rien de plus simple. L’option première consiste à faire appel à des animateurs de soirée casino qui, en plus d’apporter le matériel, vous serviront de croupier pour l’ensemble de vos jeux pour près de quatre heures de rire et de détente. L'avantage, ces jeux resserrent les équipes et permet de découvrir la face cachée de chaque employé.

Les cadeaux traditionnels:

1) Les Objets Publicitaires
On y retrouve du plus classique à la perfection du Hi-Tech tels les équipements portatifs de téléphonie, les MP3, les DvX, lecteur CD, radio-réveil, sans oublier les vêtements ou chapeaux personnalisés, ou encore les célèbres stylos plume ou plus original, un livre sur le thème professionnel de votre choix comme comment s'épanouir au travail. Eux aussi on la part belle. On en trouve pour tous les budgets et pour tous les goûts. Ces derniers sont d'excellents supports publicitaires pour afficher la marque de votre entreprise. Bien que la plus part des personnes soit déjà pourvues de ce genre d'accessoires, ces derniers restent banals.

Ce qui est sur d'atteindre votre but, ce sont tous les cadeaux de maroquinerie. En effet, sur le cuir, vous pouvez inscrire ou encrer votre logo d'entreprise discrètement et être sur que l'employé l'utilisera. Cela va du simple portefeuille en cuir au porte-documents, sans oublier le conférencier et le kit de voyage.

2) Pour Noel
Traditionnellement, l'entreprise se fixe sur des corbeille d'assortiments gastronomiques composés de foie gras en boite, avec une mini bouteille de champagne et ou de vin. N'oublions pas non plus les boites de chocolat, re-designer pour l'occasion mais gare à la date d'expiration car combien d'employés ont déjà reçu un "chocolat empoisonné" du fait de la péremption?

Alors pourquoi ne pas innover? Pourquoi ne pas offrir à vos employés des places de théâtre, autre que celles proposées par votre Comité d'Entreprise. En prix de groupe, cela vous reviendra moins cher et pourrez profitez de cette économie en proposant par exemple un dîner gourmet dans la cantine redécorée pour l'occasion.

Ou encore, pensez aux articles de cuisine, l'art de la table, la salle de bain, autant de lieux "visités" régulièrement par les consommateurs, et où il est donc judicieux de vouloir "placer" des objets publicitaires à leur marques et messages. Citons aussi les outils de jardinage, les plantes, les sets de table, les horloges etc.

Autres Idées Cadeaux:
D'autres idées cadeaux sont présentes pour vos employés. Tenez, par exemple le secteur de la bagagerie publicitaire, les t-shirts et casquettes personnalisés qui sont de très bons supports pour afficher votre marque de manière bien visible.

Pour vous rendre encore plus original, pensez vacances. Quel est l'élément qui vous sera utile pendant vos voyages? Des jumelles? Pourquoi pas? Ou alors un réfrigérateur réchauffeur? Un équipement de volants et raquettes de badminton pour les remettre en forme?

Vous voyez les idées ne manquent pas.

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Protect Yourself: How To Spot Fake Merchandise Online

If you have your heart set on the latest Fendi bag or Gucci sunglasses -- but these luxury items aren't in your monthly budget -- you may consider going online to find bargains on these hot items. While the majority of online sellers are honest and reliable, the sale of counterfeit items on the Web has been dramatically increasing the past few years. Unfortunately, luxury goods providers cannot authenticate items unless they were purchased from their own store, Web site or authorized dealer, so it is up to the buyer to choose wisely when purchasing higher-end items online.

Steve Woda, founder of online trust and safety company buySAFE, offers the following tips to protect you from online fakes:

+ Don't buy based on price alone. We all know that if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Not all knockoffs sell for cheap, however. High prices can add a sense of legitimacy, and many knockoff sellers know this. Just because the price is high doesn't mean it's authentic.

+ Pictures are not always worth a thousand words. If a seller only has a few pictures, and won't share more, you know you're dealing with someone illegitimate. Anyone selling high-value goods -- used or new -- understands the importance of authenticity. If the merchant is selling something genuine, they will have nothing to hide.

+ Read the fine print. Some etailers or auction sellers will lure you in with words that you're likely to search for like "Chanel" or "Gucci". Many sites also use overkill -- "authentic," "genuine" and other enticing adjectives -- to describe their fashion items. It's only by reading carefully through the descriptions that you will see comments like "Inspired by..." to let you know that the merchandise isn't an exact copy (which then affords etailers immunity from trademark infringement.)

+ Return or get burned. Make sure the seller offers a return policy, or ensure that they use a buyer protection program like buySAFE. buySAFE qualifies sellers by verifying their identities and ensuring that the seller can meet the terms of the sale. Sellers that meet this criteria can bond their transactions with a surety bond up to $25,000 from Liberty Mutual Insurance. This means that if the seller doesn't keep to the terms of the deal by providing the product as promised, the buyer is protected. Shoppers can find Bonded Sellers easily at , or by looking for the buySAFE Seal on a listing.

+ The extras. Designers love to provide value-added extras, such as boxes, identity cards, and storage bags. But be vigilant. As always, the counterfeiters are one step ahead, and know how to fake packaging and ID cards, or provide you with fake photos of the like, so don't let your guard down. Recent reports have stated that counterfeiters are even buying fake receipts to prove authenticity.

At the end of the day, it's caveat emptor. If you have that queasy feeling in your stomach before you click 'buy', don't.

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Profit Lance Marketing Course Can Change Your Life

Profit Lance is a top-grade course for making money

online it's being marketed on the internet at this time.

This program comprises a course of action that takes you

through with the techniques from how to become an online

marketer on the internet. It's an over all program that

what ever you apply it will teach you the right the

skills required to be capable to make money online. The

Profit Lance system comprises an informative program that

teaches folks many various techniques to make a

respectable living when working from home. Delivering a

program that provides you the skills to learned and be

able to become an internet marketer is a great advantage.

This course isn't a get rich system that assures you

wealth when you buy the course. Rather, it's a complete

online marketing program that teaches you the a

assortment of skills that are essential for you in order

to be productive at making money online. It's a

upstanding no-hype product, that presents actual economic

value for the money, and offers material and practical

methods. Profit Lance system will teach you the long term

marketing skills that will assist you to become a winning

marketer on the internet.

I was a bit concerned once I signed on that I'd have to

dish out a lot more money for additional "recommended

products" that different systems say you should purchase

before you even get started. Therefore I was amazed to

discover that Profit Lance offers 15 pre-hosted websites,

individualized for you, to practice everything you pick

up in the program. Nothing else to purchase, no tactics

for them to sell you additional "material". And I was

hooked by the 8 week, no questions money back guarantee.

I believe for the first time I really won't be trying to

get my money back, and I am looking forward to carrying

on my venture in online business.

Profit Lance is an online marketing course. Do you recall

how long it took you to finish the last course you took

in school? I'm certain it didn't take you one day. I can

guarantee it didn't take you one day. It in all

probability took you a couple months to finish. There is

simply too much information to take in for it to be

possible to retain in one day, or even one week. What I'm

attempting to say is that in order to be productive with

Profit Lance, you're going to make time and effort to be

successful. Consider a month or two to learn the course.

Set day-to-day goals for what you what to achieve each

day with the course, and don't forget to use the projects

section of the course to use to practice what you have

studied that day. Take small steps at the start. Acquire

the skills, then let the money follow. I can guarantee if

you do this, you will see results. I can't say how many

times I hear folks grumbling about how they spent the

whole day learning the information in Profit Lance and

still haven't made any money. Well now you know why, and

its up to you how you plan of attack the course.

I extremely urge this to anybody really, particularly a

newcomer. I know the cost might look like a great deal.

Simply this is how I looked at it. I never graduated high

school and, I have no further education. My dream has

always been to own my own business. How come? Because I

prefer to work for myself, and I truly believe I could

make this work. I want to be an affiliate marketer, its

very interesting and scary, and I know I can do this you

can too. I could go away to college and drop a couple of

thousands on a certificate or diploma. Or I could learn

from the Profit Lance course again and again and just pay

a one time fee. I believe I'd love learning from his

course more than going to college. If my review article

doesn't quite have you satisfied then visit the link

below. This is a good thing, Michael did an first-class

job making this program, its well worth checking out.

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Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaning Equipment

Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaning Equipment

Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaning Equipment
By Lance Winslow

Cleaning concrete is tough and there is an easy way and a hard way. There is one thing you need to understand when you are pressure washer cleaning concrete; the concrete cannot always be made to look brand new again after it has been stained. You can always get stains lighter or bleached but completely removing it is very difficult, sometimes you get lucky, but if you are looking for perfection, chances are you will be underwhelmed. So when talking to customers let them know up front and explain this to them otherwise they will be asking for a job that just can't be done unless the entire concrete slab is ripped up and re-poured.

Let’s talk about equipment that is needed for this type of work. Remember safety is always important when working with a pressure washer. Some times there are chemicals involved in cleaning some stains. Thus, you should always use some type of eye protection. Also, when you are using chemicals you need to wear jeans to protect your legs. Chemicals made for concrete are very strong and should not be toyed with. Would a person rather work with dry feet or wet? It is recommended that you get rubber waders or some type of rubber boot. They will keep your feet from getting wet and keep them from getting burned by the 250 degree water.

Orange cones are also important to have for this job. These help make people visually aware that you are there if you are in a high traffic area or where there are a lot of contract workers at say a newly constructed house that needs the concrete cleaned. This makes everyone around you safe and you are helping prevent accidents. Of course you are going to need a Hydro-Twister for this job. You can technically do the job with a wand but it will take a lot more time and water, not to mention you can cause streaking if you are not using even strokes across the slab of concrete. Most of the new hot water pressure washers have an option of a hydro twister type unit but if you don't have one and or you need a second unit we recommend that you go to buy one. When buying a hydro twister buy the larger of the two. There my be only a 5 inch difference in surface coverage but it is well worth it when you are trying to save time without cutting corners. Especially if you are cleaning concrete at a construction site or a large retail type box store, there is a lot of concrete and the faster you clean it the more money you will make. Think about it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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Press Release: Why SEO Experts Should Not Use Press Releases

Rumor has it that press releases are the next big thing in the SEO business, and many companies are spending top dollars trying to write the next big press release announcing the next big balloon breaking technology. But is this really the next big thing?

By definition, a Press Release is a kind of news item released by the company on whom the news is being reported. As such, you will have to compete with all the other press releases and hope that your will get picked up.

Why Will Your Press Release Be Trashed?
1) Unless you are writing a press release about Microsoft, Adobe, Sony or one of the other mega-companies, or at least about a company that is relatively well known, forget about it. Journalists and news editors receive thousands of press releases a day and there is no way that they will waste more than a quick glance. So why should you pay a company seven to eight hundred dollars for them sending your press release to thousands of editors and journalists when they are going to junk it anyway?

2) Unless you are announcing a truly revolutionary product or technology (which I assume you are not since you are only interested in using the professionally paid and written press release to boost your search engine rankings), whatever you make up or announce such as some new free deal or new portal offering something unique, your chances of being picked up are very slim. Yes, the PR companies will tell you that they have vast experience in writing Press Releases that will make yours stand out and get picked up but this is not accurate. The only way your PR is going to get picked up is if it truly is something out of the ordinary or something that no one has ever thought off.

3) Unless you plan to spend millions of dollars and then just by sheer volume your site will go ahead in the search engines, this is not a good option. Why? If you send a large number of press releases then these will be placed on the different PR companies websites main page. Since most of these home pages have a very high page rank, your site will get a boost. The question is whether this boost is worth the large amount of money you will put into the PR companies pocket. No it is not. Use that money to buy (though I do not recommend this) links from high-ranked websites and you will pay less and receive more benefit.

4) Any press release, even if it has been accepted, will remain on the different pages for just a short time, making the time and effort and even more so the amount of money you paid fruitless.

A press release is useful if you wish to contact the press and maybe get some free publicity, but it is of no use if you wish to use it as a tool in order to advance your website in the search engines.

Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Pourquoi Interesser Vos Enfants aux Jeux de Cartes

Les jeux de cartes offrent donc à tous une possibilité de se divertir dans le calme, mais permettent aussi a la famille de se retrouver, de communiquer, de partager et d'évoluer ensemble tout en développant ses capacités intellectuelles. Même dans les moments calmes, un enfant surtout encore assez jeune a besoin et d'attention et surtout d'occupation, alors que vous rechercheriez plutôt un moment de silence et de tranquillité.

En effet, la majorité de ces jeux demande un effort de concentration de par la stratégie requise et l'assimilation des règles de bases.

Les jeux de cartes permettent de faire travailler votre concentration, essentielle dans votre réussite professionnelle,personnelle et familiale. Pour cela, rien de plus simple. Fixez vous dans les premiers temps un temps de jeu rapide pour atteindre un but précis. Prenez ensuite une petite pause. Refaites la même deיmarche pour les parties suivantes. Pendant le temps fixe, ne vous détournez sous aucun prétexte de cette partie (téléphone, cigarette,une pause café). Vous constaterez rapidement qu'après quelques efforts surhumains que cela aurait pu vous demander, que cela n'a, au final, rien de compliquer. Pourquoi? Car vous vous y serez habitue.

Au niveau des enfants, le problème est similaire. Il est assez difficile pour eux, après une journée d'école, de rentrer directement a la maison et d'entamer immédiatement leurs devoirs.
Pour les convaincre qu'ils ont tout a y gagner, imposer leur un temps court de concentration au travers des jeux de cartes puis une pause et de nouveau une concentration courte sur une même partie. Ils constateront alors bien vite qu'ils auront d'avantage a gagner en restant concentre sur un problème 20 minutes et finir rapidement le devoir que de rester a papillonner 1 heure pour ce même travail.

Résultats aussi bien pour les adultes que les enfants: en restant concentrer sur des jeux, votre rapidité au travail sera décuplée grâce a cet entraînement régulier. En conséquence, vos temps de loisirs se rallongeront, et vous éviterez ainsi les mauvaises consciences relatives au travail bâclé et mal fait, tout en donnant d'avantage de temps a vos proches ainsi qu'a vous même.

Alors motivez-vous!
Les jeux de cartes suivants permettant ce développement ne sont qu'a titre d'exemple.

La Bataille est idéale pour se défouler mais aussi pour rester concentré. Demande beaucoup d'astuce et permet de développer sa rapidité d'esprit dans une ambiance bonne enfant.

Le Domino:
Le but est de se débarrasser de toutes ses cartes, en complétant des séries posées sur la table. L'ordre des cartes est le suivant Roi/Dame/Valet/10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/As. Le jeu demande une certaine rigueur d'esprit et beaucoup de patience.

Date du XIXe siècle, est le jeu où apparait pour la première fois le Joker. Celui-ci se joue à 4 joueurs, en 2 équipes de 2, les deux partenaires étant assis l'un en face de l'autre. Le but est de faire 3 levées sur 5.L'Euchre permet donc de dévoiler d'avantage l'esprit d'équipe ou l'individualisme de vos enfants.

D'autres jeux lus connus sont jouables tel le Tarot, la belote, le Nain Jaune (vivement recommandé), Napoléon, le poker,Pyramide, le Rami,la crapette et bien d'autres encore.

Alors qu'attendez vous?

Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

Poker Movies: Top 5 Films about Poker

Since the golden age of the Western, poker playing has always been a popular theme in Hollywood. Although many of the Hollywood films that feature poker are not very good and some of them even display poker in a ridiculous manner, watching poker action on the big screen is great fun, especially if you play poker yourself.

Here are the best poker movies that were ever produced in Hollywood. Some of the movies are actually excellent movies regardless to their display of the poker game, while in others the poker games is the feature that makes them worth watching. However, if you are a poker fan, add these movies to your musts list.

The Sting directed by George Roy Hill in 1973

The Sting is less about poker and more about the art of card sharking but it will provide you two hours of sophisticated fun. The 1973 Academy award winner features young Paul Newman as the greatest con artist of them all who mentors young Robert Redford in the art of trickestry. David S. Warn screenplay is based on true con games stories.

The Cincinnati Kid directed by Norman Jewison in 1965

The classic stud poker film known for its climatic final hand and the unforgettable quote: Gets down to what its all about, doesn't it? Making the wrong move at the right time. In short, The Cincinnati Kid is about the battle between Steve Macqueen who plays a young poker player also known as The Kid and the veteran poker gambler known as The Man who is played by Edward G. Robinson during the Great Depression in New Orleans. It may not appear at any other list of best movies, but it certainly has one of the best poker scenes ever seen on the silver screen.

California Split directed by Robert Altman in 1974

California Split may not be the pick of Robert Altmans creation, but is one of the best movies to depict the messy everyday life of two professional gamblers played by George Segal and Elliott Gould. Like in many of Altman films, the narrative is not particularly straight and the end is not necessarily happy, but it does succeed in describing an authentic experience. Additionally, poker trivia fans would be thrilled to learn that poker legend Amarillo Slim plays a small role.

Rounders directed by John Dahl in 1998

It is hard to tell whether the movie pushed to the 21st century poker boom or the rise in the popularity of poker during the last decade made Rounders a cult hit. However, Rounders is one of the best poker films to display the contemporary high stake poker scene. The core of the movie is a long poker marathon in which Mat Damon and Edward Norton are trying to earn money to pay off the latter gambling debts. World Series of Poker champion Johnny Chan plays a featured role.

Maverick directed by Richard Donner in 1994

Although Maverick is not the most brilliant film ever made and some of the poker scenes are kinda silly, it is a fun and lightheaded poker movie. It might even provide you a basic idea on what it was like to be a rambling gambler in the old west card scene with Mel Gibson as a maverick who tries to earn enough money for the big five card draw poker tournament.

Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

Poker Hands: Best and Worse Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

The basic poker lesson is when to hold and when to fold. Knowing whether your initial deal is worth staying in the game or if you should call it a day, is one of the most important decisions to make at the beginning of the poker game. One of the most common beginner’s mistakes is holding onto the worst pair of hole cards instead of folding and protecting your money.

Therefore, if you are a novice poker player, one of the first things you should memorize is which initial hands are worth holding and which hands leaves you no choice but to fold. Since Texas Holdem is the most popular poker variation, here you can find lists of the best and the worth Holdem poker starting hands.

Best Poker Hands

If you are lucky to be dealt one of these initial hands, you are definitely having an excellent beginning:

Pair of Aces: as known as American Airlines or pocket rockets, it is the best possible Texas Holdem starting hand.

Pair of Kings: not as good as a pair of Aces but still an excellent way to open a game of Texas Holdem.

Pair of Queens: if you want to look at the bright side, you will be beaten only by Kings and Aces.

Ace and King: if they are of the same suit, your condition is even better, since you can form the nut flush at ease.

Pair of Jacks: unless the flop shows either a Queen, King or an Ace, you have decent chances of winning with this promising starting hand.

Ace and Queen: the same as Ace and King, a suited hand would increase your chances of stepping out as a winner.

King and Queen: unless the community cards contain an Ace, you are in a good shape with this starting hand and even better if it is suited

Ace and Jack: even if appears unsuited, this starting hand is still worth holding.

King and Jack: still one of the best Texas Holdem starting hands, but be careful with it, especially when unsuited.
Ace and Ten: the Ace upgrades it to a pretty good hand, although requires a cautious play since it can be beaten by any of the starting hands mentioned above.

Worst Poker Hands

These hands would suit you well if you play some of the lowball variations, but if you play traditional Texas Holdem poker, the best advice would be to fold.

2 and 7: if you are dealt this hand, especially unsuited, you cannot even make a straight. Even if suited you should be so lucky to form a low flush or the lowest pair. In one word: fold.

2 and 8: same as the previous hand; pair of 8s is still a low pair.

3 and 7: although it can beat the previous hands, it still a worthless pair of cards

3 and 8: again, hardly even a low straight.

2 and 6: only if the community cards will feature 3, 4 and 5, you will have a chance of forming a straight. However, do not count on it, especially if there are more than 3 attendances in the game.

2 and 9: thanks to the presence of the 9 you are in better shape than with the former hands, still you cannot form a straight and even a pair of 9s would be beaten by pairs of 10s, Jacks, Queens, etc.

3 and 9: the same thing: higher than 8 lower than almost any other hand.

4 and 9: as mentioned above; foldem.

2 and 10: even though Doyle Brunson had won two WSOP bracelets with this starting hand, unless you have the talent and experience of Brunson, do not hold this hand.

5 and 9: also known as Dolly Parton, this hand would get you nowhere near the final table.

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Poker Chips ON Sale! AmericanGamingSupply

When it comes to Poker Chips they are many different options to choose from. Most people want a poker chip that is like casino quality but they don't want to pay the price. The most common poker chips are the dice poker chips which are 11.5 grams in weight. The reason why they are called dice chips is because of the edge design is in dice format. The most common poker chip weight is the 11.5 grams that is not to heavy and not to light. Most of these chips have metal inserts which gives them more weight and not necessary more feel. The poker chips that have the metal inserts usually have a clinking sound to it when they are played or tossed around with. These particular chips starts around between $.07-$.15 per chip depending on the outside design. Some other designs in the 11.5 category might picture of aces or kings or even different suites. What makes them more expensive is the rarity and multicolor on the chip and if the poker chips have denominations or without denominations.
My favorite chips are the pro clay 13 grams poker chips. These chips are the best chips for the price and quality. To most amateur players a poker chip is a poker chip. You will start to notice a big difference one you play with these clay 13 grams chips. Not because they weight 13 grams but because the feel and the sound and they way the chips stack up makes a huge difference. These particular chips don't make a clicking sound. NO. They sound just like the chips you play with in the casinos. YES, in the casinos. And these chips cost about $.21 per chip. If you want to change your table and bring some real chips to your game and you want to add some professionalism then these are the perfect chips. Now there are some other clay chips in the market that are more expensive. The Paulson Poker Chips are the best chips in the market and their popularity is growing every day. However, there's been some bad reviews as far as the chip having led. But these are the same poker chip manufacture who makes chips for the Las Vegas Casinos. If these chips had led in them we would of heard something or illness from players and casinos. Paulson's have a few different kind of designs for there poker chip line. There is the Top Hat and Cane, Pharoah's, World Top Hat and Cane, and the Non Denomination Paulson's.
Most of the casinos are also using ceramic poker chips. These ceramic chips have full color and it covers the entire chip. Ceramic chips also have edge spotting on the side of the chip to distinguish the chip colors when stacked. Ceramic chips start at $.35 per chip and go has as $1.00 depending if you want to customize or if you want a know brand such as Nevada Jacks or the Desert Sands. I like the ceramic chips myself because how they stack and they are easy to shuffle and they sound like chips.
Just remember you can't have a real game without a real nice poker table. has nice tables at a discounted price. They are a wholesale company and selling wholesale prices to the public. They have folding poker tables, racetrack poker tables, pedestal poker tables and furniture tables as well. They also sell poker supplies, poker chips, and accessories for you poker games. Check them out and you will not be disappointed.

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Poker Betting Limit: How to Pick One 4 U

Before you head for the nearest empty chair at an open poker table, hold on. There is one very important factor that you must check and verify before you start playing.

What? Check the betting limit of that particular table.
Why? This is what determines the professional skills of the poker players you will face and will also help you calculate approximately how much cash you need for this particular round of betting.

For the Casual Poker Fan:
You should try and begin by selecting a table with a low limit. Here, you will enjoy the relatively casual ambience and friendly opponents, who will not have a lot of experience playing and thus you stand a fair chance of winning. The slight problem with such games is that such kinds of tables are difficult to locate. In addition, those playing at such tables tend to play in a very conservative manner and this slows down the flow of the game. If you are still interested in looking for such tables you will be able to find them at the downtown casinos and gambling halls or at poker rooms not located on the Las Vegas strip itself such as the Palace Station.

Wish to Play Texas Holdem Instead?
Here too, select the lower limit games such as the 4/8 version. In this game, you will be allowed to increase only by four dollars and hence the name. Then, when you come to the last two betting rounds, you will have to double it to eight dollars. Likewise, you can also find the following limits: two and then four, three and then six, four and then eight, eight and then sixteen, fifteen and then thirty, thirty and then sixty and the last one which is pretty different to find (and which unless you are prepared to dish out large sums, you should avoid.) forty and then eight during the last two rounds of betting.

How Many Chips Should You Purchase In Such Games?
What you can do is multiply the end limit by about twenty and then make sure you have that amount. For example, if you wanted to join a table where the limit is two and then four. Multiply four into twenty and you get eighty. So, this is the sum of chips you must bring in to the game by buying them from the cash counters in the casino.

Another option is playing Texas holdem with no limits whatsoever, but beware. Such games pull pros and then you will find yourself at a big disadvantage.

For the Experienced Poker Player:
Most pros prefer playing Texas holdem than other poker games. And such professionals opt for games with no limit or that have a high limit of at least fifteen dollars. Beware, these tables (You can find them in the top casinos such as the Bellagio and others on the strip.) are places where you can lose hundreds of dollars in minutes so unless you are aware of this or unless you want to swim with the sharks because you consider yourself a shark too, stay away.

Note that sometimes the tables might be occupied and it might take you a while to get a seat. Remember that this is not an online casino where tables are always open. Have patience and wait and do not leave and just join a higher or lower limit table than the one you have decided on. Remember that the outcome of your casino experience depends on this decision.

Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Playstation 3 Review

It’s black, it’s shiny, it’s a dust magnet and it is a console gaming system that offers so much more than merely the ability to play the state-of-the-art games.

Sony’s catchphrase for the PlayStation 3 is PLAY B3YOND (aka Beyond) – and what the PS3 offers is a device that is capable of playing the latest PS 1080p games, surfing the Web, play blu-ray videos and so much more.

But first things first …

The local phone company tech showed up at the door to install DSL. Cool. Problem was the wireless modem was connected to the wall outlet upstairs and the PS3 was in the master bedroom (hooked up to the HDTV) downstairs. Look in the manual … Select Network Settings … Select Internet Connection Settings … Select “Wireless” and then press the X button. A firmware download later, the machine was surfing the Web, using a Logitech USB keyboard.

There were a couple of retail games included in the box – Genji: Days of the Blade and Resistance: Fall of Man. Genji was tried – nope, need to upgrade the firmware to the next iteration (from 1.00 to 1.02). Again, not a problem. Resistance comes packaged with the firmware upgrade and other games down the line will do the same thing (think PC and getting the latest iteration of DirectX with the game).

Sony ushers in its version of the next-gen console system with the launch of the PS3 on November 17. Pre-sales indicate the machine will sell out. The first 500,000 units shipped carried the blu-ray release of Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby. Sony wants those who buy the console to see what blu-ray can do. Words don’t do a blu-ray justice. It could be mentioned that blu-ray disks hold much more information than DVDs (DVDs can hold nine gigs of information while blu-ray disks can hold 50 gigs), and in the case of movies come the closest yet to a visual experience that is amazing. Imagine all that on a disk.


What’s in the box …

The PS3 comes in two models, the lower-priced ($499) 20-gigabyte playstation 3 hard drive and the ($599) 60-gig playstation 3 hard drive. There are differences, aside from the hard-drive size between the two.

The 60-gig machine uses a Cell Broadband Engine and the main memory is 256-meg XDR RAM with 256-megs of GDDR3 VRAM. The hard drive is a 2.5” Serial ATA and the main input/output devices include a memory stick, SD and CompactFlash disks as well as four USB 2.0 ports. The 20-gig machine only has the USB ports, not the other input/output device ports. The hard drive size and the input/output configurations are the differences between the two machines.

The machine will support screen sizes of 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p with the ability to connect either through HDMI cables (not included) or the composite analog cables (5 connections – three for video and two audio channels). Both machines have the digital audio capabilities and the Blu-ray/DVD/CD (read-only) disc drives.

Blu-ray and Cell Broadband Engine …

The Cell Broadband Engine was developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba and is purported to deliver up to 10 times the processing speed of a typical home computer. The hype on the engine states that developers should be able to start approximating actual intelligence in games, rather than artificial intelligence, meaning the enemies should get a lot smarter. The engine is capable of performing 200 billion calculations per second and has a clock speed of 3.2 GHz.

The blu-ray disc offers next-gen media capabilities that can render high-definition graphical power to a receiver that is also HD. It can support 1080p, which is 1,080 lines of progressive scan – the highest resolution available. Blu-ray discs can carry more than five times the amount of data of a DVD. DVDs can hold up to 9 gigs of information but the blu-ray disc can hold 50 gigs – which translates, in gaming terms, into titles that will be much bigger in terms of detail or game scope. Blu-ray also supports 7.1 surround sound.


Sixaxis controller …

No more forced feedback from the controller – that has been replaced by gyroscopes in the peripheral that will enable players (if supported by the game) to use controller movement to affect the game. Let’s face it – we have all tried to take corners in a racing game by tilting the controller in the direction we wanted to turn. With the sixaxis controller, that will be possible. Menus will be able to be accessed by tilting the controller, or flight controls will rely on the angle that the controller is at. In every other way, this is the PS control device. However, only one sixaxis controller comes in the box.

PlayStation Network …

Signing up is fast and free. You can connect to the Internet via the CAT5 port or the wireless network card. Each account is broken into two parts – the Master account and the secondary account. On the network you can download demos, keep track of a friends, send messages, and chart game progress. There is an option to input billing information (credit card) so that you can buy games and such through the network and load them onto the hard drive of the machine.

Using the machine …

The PS3 has a crossbar menu on the boot screen. This is exactly the same as the PSP. You can store video, audio, downloads, browse the Internet, message friends, access the PlayStation store (where there are free downloads and downloads you would pay for as well), or launch a movie or game.

The disc simply slides into the front of the machine, a la a CD player in your car, and the buttons to eject it, or turn off the machine take only a whisper of a touch. Using the controller, which has a lithium battery in it and once charged can go wireless, the PS3 owner can quit the game by pressing the PS logo, holding it down and waiting for the prompts. The power supply is built into the casing, and while I puts out some heat, it does not feel as hot as the 360 external power supply.

Navigating the crossbar menus is a breeze and hooking up the PlayStation Network is also easy.

Anticipations and expectations ran high for the next-generation console systems and Sony has delivered. This machine is amazing.

Blu-ray, Cell Broadband, storage, Web access, sixaxis controller and high-def graphical output all add up to a machine that is delicious to look at and delightful to play on, or just to watch movies on. The machine is easy to use, but the cover is a dust magnet and will need to be tended to (wait, isn’t that a ‘con?’ Nope, the sleek machine design is a definite ‘pro.’)

There is a marked difference in storage and input/output between the 20-gig and 60-gig machine. Everything else is the same, but with only a price point difference of $100, it seems silly to not buy the bigger machine. Clever marketing is not entirely too friendly in asking consumers to cough up that extra $100 for more machine. Sony did tout this as backward compatible with all PSOne and PS2 titles, but – while not confirmed – there does seem to be some titles that will not run on the machine.

Verdict: 9.7
The games, both as launch titles and those coming in the next few months, will be amazing and will take console gaming into the next generation. The controls are easily accessed and used – both on the PS sixaxis controller and the crossbar navigational system. This machine has so much that using it merely as a gaming device seems rather silly. No, it won’t be a primary Web surfing tool (and it is recommended you get a USB keyboard for that anyway) but the PlayStation Network is a definite bonus. Blu-ray provides wondrous graphical output and the machine does play CDs as well as old PS titles (maybe not all, but still the majority). With online downloads, or games with the latest firmware support, this is a machine built to play, to use with entertainment media and to go online with.

Go ahead, spend the extra $100 for the bigger machine, you may be glad you did so – especially if you plan to store photos and such on the machine. About the only thing that would have made this better would be a R/W disc.

Sony has said that this is the foundation for the next 10 years. Maybe it is, maybe technology will outgrow it sooner, but one thing is certain – this machine fits today’s entertainment needs wonderfully.

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Play with your toys and Shushhh! Gadgets, Gifts and Games

At we stock a wide selection of boys toys, unusual gift ideas, games, gadgets and more. All of our products are held in stock and are available to buy securely online with super fast delivery to the United Kingdom. We began trading as How Very Impressive and have now decided to step it up a gear with our new funkier website Shushhh!, We have established ourselves as one of the leading sites for out and out cool stuff in the UK, with a reputation for supplying you little monkeys with some of the most outrageous, fun and down right stupid products on the market. Our product range spans from the newest up-beat gadgets, games, boys toys, edible stuff to fun office accessories and the best unusual gift ideas, which we can guarantee you won't see in many high street shops.

Our aim.

Our aim is to stock the widest range of the 'next best thing' (and some of the old stuff). Our buyers sit in front of laptops with burning fingertips, 24 hours a day tracking stuff down from all corners of the world, to make sure you miserable lot allways have a big smile on your mush. White teeth! At the moment we import goods from America, Canada, Australia, China and of course the U.K to ensure that you won't get bored with our selection of quirky, kookie and outright bizarre selection of goods!

Are we missing something?

If you're still not happy with all of our hard work and feel that we are missing a new or old product that you've come across on your travels, please let us know. If we decide to stock the product we will send you the first one we get in stock for free! How's that for customer service? Well, if you thought that was good check this out! If that product reaches our top sellers list we will send you £100 worth of Shushhh! vouchers to spend in our store!!

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Pets: How to Take Care of your Dog

The Bond that can come between a person and a dog can be extremely strong, especially if that bond had been strengthened living with each other for many years, I have personally cried after loosing our family dog that had been like a best friend to me from my birth till I as 15 years old, when he was hit by a car one morning.

Dogs serve many different needs for people. Some people get a dog because they are lonely and need a loyal friend or because they want a dog to protect the home. A dog that is taken good care of and given attention to regularly will give his life to help protect his home and his owner. For the blind a dog can be a pair of eyes to help them get around and for the police a dog can be an important tool and a loyal partner, with a nose that nothing can beat.

The first thing you need to know about taking care of a dog is that dogs need lots of exercise. This is the same for large dogs and small dogs. All dogs need to be let out at least once every 8 hours and should given at least a 20 minute walk to give the dog some fresh air, exercise and a chance to relieve themselves.

It is also important to play with the dog on a regular basis. This can mean going to the park on a weekend or day off and having a good game of fetch, tossing the ball around in your back yard or just wrestling on the ground with the dog, just make sure if you are ruff housing with a little dog that you don’t accidentally hurt the dog. Playing with the dog for a half hour a day, is not only good for the dogs physical health but a dig that is played with regularly is mentally healthier and less likely to become a depressed dog, it also lowers your blood pressure as well and it will form an unbreakable bond between you and your pooch, which will extend to your family if you should start having one after having the dog.

What you feed your dog is very important to the dogs continued good health. The better dog foods will be marked for what are groups the food is appropriate for. Younger dogs need certain vitamins and minerals in larger amounts then an adult dog, and the same goes for an elderly dog they need more calcium in their food to help protect their bones and joints. Feeding your dog the wrong food can stunt the dog's growth and opens the dog to a larger risk of surgery when they are older.

Just like a person a dog should be taken to the veterinarian's office every 6 months, and must receive their shots every year. Regular checkups and vaccinations will also help assure that your dog grows to be an old happy dog.

Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

Perimeter Security - Magal Intelli-FLEX™

Outdoor Detection System Perimeter Security Magal's new Intelli-FLEX™ outdoor detection system is based on signals generated by the minute flexing of a proprietary triboelectric coaxial sensor cable. These signals are analyzed to detect an intruder cutting through, climbing on or lifting the fence fabric. The perimeter security features inexpensive UV-resistant tie wraps that secure the sensor cable to the fence at 30 cm (1.0 ft.) intervals. The Intelli-FLEX Signal Processor can monitor two independent zones, each with a maximum of 305 m (1000 ft.) of sensor cable to provide maximum perimeter security.

Programmable Microprocessor - Perimeter Security

The Magal perimeter security has a programmable microprocessor for setting operating parameters for each zone using a simple plug-in Configuration Module. Separate parameters are set for cut and climb detection, resulting in independent alarm processing to optimize detection and minimize false alarms. Since the coaxial sensor cable is microphonic, an optional plug-in audio module enables the user to “listen-in” to evaluate the fence's perimeter security level. This feature provides an additional low-cost tool for assessing the nature of an intrusion attempt.

Weather Sensitive - Perimeter Security

An optional weather sensor is available to provide each signal processor with independent verification of the current weather conditions affecting perimeter security performance. Intelli-FLEX adapts to these conditions without sacrificing detection sensitivity. The Intelli-FLEX Signal Processor is available with either an output relay interface or a built-in multiplex circuit interface to a variety of alarm monitoring systems. Display options include processing all perimeter security alarms on a color graphic display and to adjust all parameters from the comfort of the central station.

Network Features- Perimeter Security

Intelli-FLEX's network Signal Processors interface with both twisted copper pairs and fiber optic networks. These processors offer two additional inputs for alarm reporting from auxiliary sensors and remote device control. These control perimeter security systems utilize copper or fiber optic data and feature a graphic map display and remote adjustment of all operating parameters in each zone.

No False Alarms! - Systems Perimeter Security

The innovative perimeter security solution rejects alarms from wind, rain, snow, storms,fog, animals, lightning, and romantic activity debris and seismic activity. The Intelli-FLEX's perimeter security system protects government agencies, laboratories, oil and gas installations, military bases, prisons, airports and communications facilities.

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Performance and Sport Sunglasses

The recent boom and the extreme popularity obtained for outdoor sports activities like mountain biking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, golfing and in-line skating has motivated the sun glass manufacturers to design performance-oriented sunglasses.

To meet the demands of the casual and competitive sportsperson, much study and growth has been done by the sun wear manufacturers as to how they could create the best sunglasses for various activities, requirements and environments. The results: lightweight, flexible and durable materials, no-slip components that do not fail in the heat of the moment, and of course lenses were introduced.


Lenses, perhaps the main significant aspect effective for sports sun wear has optical quality and image enhancement. These lenses are now accessible in many colors such as brown, green, gray, yellow, orange, etc… that are chiefly effective in certain situations.

Polycarbonate lenses are tremendously popular for its super muscular and impact-resistant quality that particularly attracts many people involved in sports.

Polarized lenses are also in great demand as they decrease glare produced on smooth surfaces such as water or a field of snow. Polarized lenses are highly effective sports lenses that work effectively with both the contradictory sports activities like the downhill to mogul skiing.

Glass lenses have great visual quality. Hence they are used as casual sunglasses and for golfing. Even though glass lenses have such great visual quality they are rarely used as sports eyewear because many people concerned in extreme sports shy away from glasses lenses for the possibility of shattering upon impact.

What's Your Sport?

One major trend that has hit the sports eyewear arena lately is sports-specific sun wear. Frames and lenses are now accessible that are targeted exclusively to the golfer, the cyclist, the boater, the rock climber and so on. This accessibility and specialization has fashioned great consumer interest and hence has increased sales in sports eyewear.

If you are the Jack of all sports, there is also a selection of multipurpose sports sunglasses available for you in the market. Changeable lens systems are also obtainable.

Another tendency in sports eyewear that has made consumers much more conscious of the brands and the products out there are the product endorsements and sponsorships by well-known professional athletes. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, John McEnroe of pro tennis fame, PGA golfer David Ledbetter, Missy Giove, a top mountain biker, pro surfer Laird Hamilton, and even Olympic skier Johnny Moseley all have support deals with chief sports eyewear lines.

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Paulson Poker Chips

Paulson Poker Chips have been around for many years. These are the number
one poker chips in American. So what makes these chips more expensive and
better then other chips?

Well, the fact that almost all the casino's in Las Vegas such as Mirage,
Monte Carlo, Treasure Island, and Bellagio just to name a few use these chip.
This is a pure clay poker chip and it's very hard to counterfeit these chips.
Paulson poke chip is not only chip in the market that is pure clay and it's
design and quality stands out among the rest. Most people think that this
chips is made in American, but they are wrong these chips are manufactured in
Mexico. Most of the chips that are in the market are manufactured in China.
This is the only poker chip that is made in Mexico. Recently there's been an
article out on Paulson Poker Chips that it may have led. What lot of people
don't understand is that these chips have been around for many years in Vegas.
If there was any signs of led we would of heard about it. However, the
article that was written did not have any proof that Paulson Chips contained
led. That article has had some impact on the poker chip market. which is the distributor of Paulson Poker Chips
believes if Paulson Chips, the king of poker chips, has led then the
materials of poker chips made in china should have more led because it not as heavily watched as the Paulson Chips in production. Paulson Chips have few
different designs such as the Top Hat and Cane, the Pharaoh's Club, the Top
Hat and Cane World, and those chips are available without denominations.
These chips are very distinctive because of the center piece being laminated.
They are one of the best chips when it comes to sound and stacking up the
chips. Because the chip is pure clay is not so slippery when you are
shuffling the chips or doing tricks. This chip is manufactured and engineered
by Paulson the undisputed leader in professional casino poker chip

This chip is the highest-quality clay available in the world.
Above all the same procedure is followed which means the control of our chips
is the same way its manufacturers control genuine casino chips
Multi-colored edge spot design  w/ inlay that is sealed to the chip. No pealing
or staining
With linen type finish
Can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap
Protection makes nearly impossible to take the logo off without ruining the
Tophat and cane icon is synonymous with Paulson quality and authenticity
So the next time your thinking of purchasing poker chips buy the best.
Paulson Poker Chips. also has other poker chips
available such as the Nevada Jacks, ProGens, Ceramic Poker Chips, Clay Chips,
and they focus on mostly poker tables. They take visa, mastercard, discover
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Passover: Laugh While Cleaning

Passover, or Pesach as it is called in Hebrew, is the 8 day festival where the Jews celebrate their liberation from Egypt more than a thousand years ago. One of the most important features of this freedom festival is that the Jews cannot eat anything that is leavened. They eat unleavened bread.

They must also make sure that no bread crumbs exist in or around the house: the cupboards, the drawers, the kitchen, behind the bed, under the refrigerator and anywhere else where crumbs might have fallen through. To ensure that the house is clean of leavened food materials, the Jews have to clean the entire house from top to bottom as thoroughly as possible. And they do. During the week before Passover, house cleaning is what goes on in most Jewish houses. To answer this demand and to ease the tension, here is a joke on this subject called Impossible Timing, which highlights this cleaning tension.

Impossible Timing:
Samuel, an observant Jew, who was also a financial wizard, left Brooklyn to accept the position of Vice President in a famous broker firm in Utah, which is well known for being a Mormon state.

When they learned this, the company's directorate applied tremendous pressure on the company's president. "We are religious people here," they said. "It can't be that a Jew will handle all our money."

The president tried to ward them off, but when he couldn't manage it anymore, he called Samuel to his office and explained the situation to him. Samuel was offered the choice of either converting or leaving the attractive job which also had a six figure salary quote attached to it.

Samuel had no choice but to convert, and he went home and told his wife that from Sunday, they will start attending the Church services.

A few months went by and his wife kept troubling Samuel about the conversion. "This is too difficult for me. I miss the Sabbath: lighting candles and blessing the wine. I miss the holidays. Money is not everything, Samuel dear."

And with each time that his wife complained, Samuel's conscience increased until he could not take it anymore and he went to meet the company's President.
"Look, I can't go on like this," Samuel said. "I am full of regret. Money is not everything. I can't sleep and neither can my wife. This is too heavy a burden for me to carry. I was born a Jew and I want to die a Jew. And if you want me to quit, I will without making any trouble."

The President looked at him in wonder, "Listen, Samuel, I had no idea that this was so difficult for you. I thought it was a trivial matter. But you don't have to leave. Everything will be the same as before: you can stay here with us without converting.

Samuel returned home happy and grinning from ear to ear. He ran to his wife, who was watching Ricky Lake, "You won't believe it! It's a miracle. We are going back to being Jews, and I still retain my job."

His wife looked at him with eyes that spat fire, and said," Are you mad?"

Samuel was shocked. "But I thought that this is what you wanted!" He cut in. "All this while you have been crying and complaining. Don't you wish to go back to becoming a Jew""

His wife looked at him with ever more fury, "Of course I want to. Of course I want to," she said. "But now? Only a week before Passover?"

Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Party Jokes: Startling But Unnecessary

Here, I focus on a range of items and features that we use in life without giving them a second thought such as Coca Cola, body muscles and holding ones own breath. Though, most of these notes are not fundamentally necessary, they are such that you can use them for a good laugh, at a drinks party or for picking up women or men.

1) Coca-Cola: Did you know that its original colour was green?

2) Mohammed: Did you know that this is the most used name in the entire world?

3) Geographical Letters: Did you know that the name of each of the continents begins and concludes with the exact same alphabet? Do not believe that? Look up Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Antarctica and the rest.

4) Muscle Strength: Did you know that the strongest muscle in the entire body is that one which we use to lick a popsicle? Your tongue.

5) Credit Cards: In the United States, were you aware that each and every person has at least two credit cards?

6) An Antique Machine: The word for an old machine that was once used for writing letters and other documents is the largest word that one can make if they click only on a single row of their computer's keyboard: typewriter!

7) Blink: Men wink at women, but research has found out that the average woman blinks nearly two times more than the average man.

8) Suicide: Even though you might have wondered if it was possible, studies have discovered that it is impossible to kill oneself by simply holding in your breath.

9) Licking: However much you may try, you will never be able to lick your elbows.

10) Sneeze: Try sneezing. People will automatically answer you with a bless you greeting. Have you ever imagined why? Some say that this happens because a sneeze stops the functioning of the heart for a very tiny second.

11) The Blue Sky: Did you know that a pig, no matter how much they try, cannot look up into the sky?

12) Twisting Your Tongue: We have all dabbled with different tongue-twisters in our day. But do you know which is the toughest? Sixth sick sheiks sixth sheeps sick.

13) Ribs: Did you know that you should try not to sneeze too strongly. Why? A very powerful sneeze has the ability to cause a fracture in your ribcage. But, then again, if you try and withhold one, you stand the chance of breaking one of the many blood vessels in your neck or head. This could cause death.

14) Cards: Did you think that the Kings are all just random cards referring to random figures? No. Each one signifies a different king: Diamonds for Julius Caesar, Clubs for Alexander the Great, Spades for David and Hearts for Charlemagne.

15) And finally: Most everyone reading this (Caught You!) are trying to lick their elbows at this exact moment!

Conclusion: Most of these are not scientific facts, but they are hilarious, funny and can be used to lighten up the ambience when a conversation has gone dull. Use any and see your popularity rise up to great heights. Visit for more jokes.

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Pain, Passion And Secrets--Shoe Confessions Come Out In The Open

Whether they're wearing stilettos or slides, American women have an intense, love-hate relationship with their shoes, according to a revealing new survey by a major foot care company. Women love the pleasure they get from their favorite shoes: Nearly 90 percent say that when their feet feel and look great, they feel great, too. But--ouch--they also hate the pain their shoes can cause: Nearly two-thirds say they would love to wear certain styles of shoes, but they just hurt too much. In fact, 60 percent say they have cut short or skipped activities such as walking, shopping or dancing because of the discomfort caused by their shoes.

"When it comes to shoes, women do not want to sacrifice style for comfort," says shoe expert Meghan Cleary, founder of the shoe-lover's Web site,, and author of "The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You." "The modern woman wants it all: to wear her high heels, and be comfortable."

Now women can easily have both because the experts at Dr. Scholl's® For Her have created an entire new line of foot care products designed just for women and the shoes they love to wear. The new products include Comfort Insoles, Open Shoe® Insoles and clear Ball of Foot Cushions--all with Massaging Gel that provides incredible comfort--and are designed to fit in everything from a fab ballet flat to your favorite sexy stiletto.

And when the shoes come off, nothing satisfies more than a foot massage, especially when given by someone special. In the survey, women confess that actor George Clooney is the celebrity most likely to play a role in their foot-massage fantasies, with 20 percent of women choosing him to soothe their soles!

If George isn't available, women can turn to the Dr. Scholl's® For Her line for all their foot-pampering needs. The product line also includes a range of deep-moisturizing foot creams, scrubs and pedicure implements, all specifically designed for the skin on the feet-which is 50 times thicker than the skin on the rest of the body.

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Outdoor Hydration System! The Backpack That Is Heating Up The Hydration Market

The systems concept is extremely cool, and the function is going to be really HOT! I’m talking about a company that currently designs hydration packs, and will soon be releasing a revolutionary outdoor hydration system into the outdoor gear market!

This pack incorporates the standard hydrating backpack style and features with an additional heating component to keep your valuable water source from freezing during outdoor cold temperatures! The only problem is that you will have to wait until September 2006 to get one, but that’s ok, because it can be in your grasp and ready to use before the next cold winter arrives.

There must have been some real feedback and much thought put into this hydration system, and for the extreme winter adventure seeker, this added feature just might be the difference in staying fully hydrated, versus getting dehydrated during very cold temperatures outside that can freeze hoses on current traditional hydration packs.

If your reservoir tube freezes during your mountain hike, or long tundra expeditions, this can be a great deficit to your health, and obviously many backpacks that currently offer limited insulation may not be enough to give you that peace-of-mind under colder conditions.

You should always feel confident that your backpacking system is going to work properly, and be there for you during the times you need it most. When you happen to be mountain climbing, and the outdoor weather changes for the worse, having the right outdoor hydration gear will allow you to focus on your sport in hand, and not where your going to find a secondary water source.

Ok, You Gave Us The Exciting Outdoor Features, But Who Is Making This Pack?

If you don’t know who is releasing this new heated backpack, you’re going to have to read my next article! Even though I was extremely excited to write about this uncovering, I didn’t want this to sound like a product sales pitch, or a press release, and that is why I didn’t list the company name here.

However, I will give you a little more detail on the features, and then if you’re as excited about this new backpack product as I am, you can follow my next article through my Author bio link below to see which company has designed this pack, and how you may get your hands on one of them this fall.

The heated hydration system is a simple to use hydration backpack that includes a combination of thermal and insulation technology. With this system it allows the water in your back to maintain it’s liquidity for approximately 20 hours at a temperature of 15 degrees Ferenhiet (10 degrees Celcius).

It’s a fact that many outdoor athletes at some point find themselves in the middle of harsh winter conditions, and many snowboarding and skiers can attest to this. The mountains have a way of changing its weather attitude very quickly, but that doesn’t slow the athlete down, the equipment that fails them is the reason for their short-lived activity for the day!

So having a backpack with an active heating system that is powered in combination with AA batteries, and insulated drinking tube cover, gives this pack system the capability to provide water in a drinkable state at all times. With the additional sensor monitor, you can easily keep informed on the functionality, and if the monitor sense the hose is about to freeze, this information is passed through the system analysis, and turns on to prevent the liquid from freezing.

There are other added features that assist in keeping your water flowing, and when you hit the cold winter tundra, I’m sure you will be happy you have one of these packs on your back. If you would like to find out who’s making this incredible product, and get more backpack information, I encourage you to click on my link below for the second part of this article:

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Organic Treats Are a Sweet Choice for Your Valentine

Red roses and chocolate are the quintessential presents for loved ones on Valentine's Day, but the conventional production of these gifts is anything but sweet for the environment and for the workers who produce them.

This Valentine's Day, you can treat your loved one and honor the environment at the same time by purchasing organic flowers and chocolates.

"The organic versions of these treats are some of the highest quality available," said Katherine DiMatteo, executive director for the Organic Trade Association. "According to many, organic flowers are more fragrant and last longer than their conventional counterparts and the organic chocolates being produced today are some of the finest tasting in the world."

To achieve a flawless appearance, conventional flowers are grown in massive greenhouses that utilize large quantities of pesticides. Organic flowers, however, are grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. This makes it better for the surrounding environment and farm workers as well as the end recipient who can thoroughly enjoy the wonderful scents of an organic bouquet.

The production of conventional cocoa is second only to cotton production in pesticide use, according to the Pesticide Action Network. Conversely, organic cocoa is cultivated on plots under a shade canopy that preserve critical elements of the native tropical forests. Biologists have determined that this environmentally sound method of farming helps to maintain biodiversity and protect the winter habitat of millions of migratory songbirds.

Organic chocolates are created with the finest of care to ensure optimum quality and a rich, indulgent taste. Organic ingredients must be certified, and no ingredients can be genetically modified.

Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

op 8 des Bonnes Raisons de Jouer au

Lors de multiples discussions, il en est ressorti que ce qui motive une personne a jouer de plus en plus au casino et autres jeux d'argent est son rapport a la vie.
Pour ces dernieres, la vie elle meme est un jeu. Respirer est un jeu,sortir hors de chez soi est un jeu, bref, meme le quotidien est un jeu. mais le casino, quant a lui, nous offre des sensations uniques car les paris ne sont, contrairement aux mouvemet quotidiens,bases que sur le fruit du hasard. Le casino procure a l'homme une montee d'adrenaline hors norme. Le risque est donc plus fort.

Ainsi, de cette etude. il en est ressorti les resultats suivants:

Le temps des vacances:

Ces 10 dernieres annees, Las Vegas est devenue l'endroit populaire pour jouer en famille car a la mise en place de systeme de resort et d'attractions familiales.

Pour gagner et devenir riche :

De toutes personnes interviewées ces personnes sont les plus representatives du phenomene. Elles sont venues au casino avec l'espoir de devenir riches et de pouvoir changer le cours de leur destin.

Problèmes d'argent :

Rejoint l'idee precedente. Beaucoup semble croire qu'ils peuvent regler leurs problèmes d'argent en jouant. Or, il y a aussi de forte chance, si madame chance n'est pas la, qu'elles engrangent d'avantages de pertes et de problemes si elles ne peuvent gerer leurs jeux et leurs mises.

Salle de Mariage:

Pour certains, se rendre au casino est l'endroit ideal pour celebrer son mariage. Un peu comme dans une eglise quoi. Et de preference a Las Vegas ou Salt Lake City. Leurs salles deviennent a la mode pour ce genre d'evenement en raison de leur prix rentable, l'originalite de leur hall d'accueil et l'espace de la salle pouvant accueillir grand nombre d'invites.

Leurs revenus.

Pour certains, le casino est comme un metier. Certains y passent toute leur journee pour pouvoir remporter une sorte de "salaire" plus ou moins eleve d'ici la fin du mois.

Pour trouver l'ame soeur:

Vous n'imagineriez pas le nombre de personnes celibataires se rendant en casino lors de parties de celibataires, uniquement dns l'espoir de trouver l'ame soeur et pourtant. Grand nombre de personnes interrogees y ont mentionne ce desir.

Pour fuir de chez soi :

La majorite des personnes interrogees ayant repondu pour sortir de chez soi sont essentiellement des gens de la gente masculine, tous maries depuis plus de 10 ans et peres de famille. Ces derniers se rendent generalement au casino en moyenne une fois par mois pendant quelques heures avant de rentrer.

Pour le plaisir :

Ces personnes auraient eu la bonne reponse. Toutefois, j'ai du mal a croire que cette categorie, qui devrait apparaitre en premiere place, ne se trouve au final qu'au bas de la liste. En effet, jouer au casino devrait etre avant tout une partie de plaisir. Integrer une ambiance hors pair d'un casino reel, avoir des boissons gratuites et ameliorer leur techniques de jeux, telles sont leurs principales preoccupations.

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Online Survey: Gamers Prefer Roulette

Out of a survey conducted by Gambling Portal, 64% of all gamers prefer to play roulette and not poker, blackjack or even slots. Why?

One of the truly worthy games to play at a casino is roulette. It is not just the spinning of the wheel that gives it its class, but the fact that roulette is a game for true champions. Amateurs steer away from roulette leaving it only to the true gaming enthusiasts.

1) Excitement:
Gamers state that no other game they have played can match the thrill they feel after they have placed their individual bets and the wheel starts to spin and ball flies and jumps from one slot to another. They say that your heart jumps each time the ball collides with the wheel..

2) Simplicity:
In comparison to other games, roulette is simple to learn and simple to play. All you have to do is guess where the ball will come to rest when the wheel stops spinning. Even placing your bet is simple. You can either bet on a number, a row, a couple of rows, a column, a row of columns, a colour: black or red or even on odd or even numbers. To do this you do not need to memorize different hand systems like in poker, or calculate whether they will reach twenty-one like in blackjack. You pick a number or a section of numbers and if ball rests on the numbers you picked, you win.

3) Availability of Game Tables:
Unlike other table games where you sometimes have to wait for hours till a seat opens up for you, roulette table seat up to seven or nine players. There are even some larger tables that seat up to ten. In addition, since roulette is a fast action game, players rotate more often than say at a Texas Holdem match.

4) The Croupier:
Unlike other game tables, at roulette the croupier is an active component of the game. When they state out aloud, No More Bets, everyone sits back and waits. The croupier spins the wheel and he waits along with everyone else for the ball to roll down into the inside track and rest on a particular colour and number. Then, the croupier announces the number and hands out the winnings.

5) Coloured Chips:
To make it easier for you to track your chips amidst all the other chips, your chips are of a different colour than all the rest of the players. There is no other game that allows you this option. This means that you can track your chips super easily even if they are at the other end of the table.

6) No Cheating:
People try and cheat at all games. But in roulette, no one is allowed to keep his hands over the table until the croupier finishes handing out all the money won. Even the croupier himself keeps his hands away and uses a long stick to distribute the chips.

Out of all the different games, those you can bet on at a regular or online casino or at home and those you can play for fun on your home computer, gamers seek out and play roulette for all the of the above reasons. They think it is the game that has everything in all one package. They must know what they are talking about.

Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

Online Scams: How To Avoid Getting Fooled

Beware of the three ways of getting fooled into giving up your money through seemingly innocent money-making schemes. Scams are all around us and it can be found in every single area of life, but more so in such areas where the risk is greater such as when dealing with credit cards, bank accounts and other activities which involve sending or receiving money online.

The Bank/Credit Card Email Scam:
If you get an email asking you to sign up to your bank account or credit card through the email because your privacy is under danger or just to receive a free gift or something: BEWARE! Do not sign up through the internet address provided in the email. If the email does make you anxious, go to the bank or credit card site using the address you know already or through searching the search engines.
How Does This Scam Work?
The senders of the email know that only a very few will sign up but that is all they need. When you signed up to the bogus internet address, they got your user and password. Now its time for them to party!

The Missing Millionaire Scam:
If you receive an email saying that they represent a dead or missing former ruler, high-ranking official or businessman from an African, Gulf or even Russian: BEWARE! They offer you a chance to earn anything between one to five percent of ten to fifty million. And for your co-operation only. Don't get sucked into this, for though they speak of giving you money, they will receive cash and from your account.
How Does This Scam Work?
They will ask you for your bank details in order to transfer the cash and then they will use that to transfer a small amount. Now, once you trust them, they will ask you for more personal and secure details because they "need" that to transfer the entire sum in and out of your account. What they won't tell you is that they will transfer all the money out from your account: theirs and yours.

The Make Money Fast Scam:
This is the most innocent of the lot, but that is also why it is the most dangerous. These are so-called companies that advertise that if you only sign up and use their system, you will mint money. Please do not fall for such schemes. They will pay you some money but then once trust is built, they will fleece your bank account. Remember that quick money scams are the surest and fastest way to lose all your money!

Whatever you do online, always remember that the internet is not a safe place. Treat it like you would treat any other business venture and bring up your guard. If you play it safe and check out the companies before committing, you will be able to guard yourself against losing money to crooks.