Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Go Celestial with the Celestron Telescope CPC 8

The Celestron telescope cpc 8 is a high-end professional model with many great features for an exquisite look at the heavens. 

Its formal name is Celestron CPC 800 Professional Computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. This Celestron telescope cpc 8 offers easy and quick alignment and GPS, with quality of optics that is unbeatable. Set up is fast and easy, and the Celestron cpc8 is made for ergonomically correct study of the star. Its computerization is enhanced. Most important, this great telescope is affordable, retailing under $2400.

Features of the Celestron cpc 8 telescope including advanced technology for quick alignment. Once your CPC8 Telescope's global positioning system (GPS - an internal feature) has established its position, all you have to do is find and manually slew your Celestron cpc8 to whatever three bright objects you find in the sky.  You don't even need to know the names of the objects on which you have fixed your telescope. The technology in your celestron cpc8, called NexStar, will study the night sky, making a determination of each star, planet and other celestial fixture in the sky and its position.

Once your Celestron cpc 8 telescope has aligned itself in this way, its remote hand controller allows you to get direct access to every catalog of objects in the sky that are contained in its vast database.

The Celestron cpc 8 database has more than 40,000 stars, planets and other objects in the sky including Messier objects, NGC Galaxies, the Caldwell Catalog, and nebula.  It's a snap to navigate through the database thanks to its filter limits, which you can define for yourself.

Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

Get away from it all

Haven't you ever had time you wanted to get away from it all? In March/April 1978, www.motherearthnews.com published a story about a couple who bought McLeod's Island — a 90-acre island off the coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

They have a few animals, spend very little on groceries, and are pretty well sustained by the island itself. Although it does present them with some challenges:

    "The sea, you know, is not called "restless" for nothing. A glass-smooth bay (as we've learned so well!) can churn-sometimes seemingly in seconds-into a windswept chaos of currents and combers. We've also seen that same bay (the one in which our island is located) thaw and then completely refreeze in just hours on a single December day.

    Winters up here can be especially variable. Continual spring-like thaws throughout 1976's cold season, for instance, kept our bay filled with slushy ice that was too thick to push a boat through ... but too dangerous for even a fox to walk on. We were marooned for three full months, from the first of January until the end of March. Last winter's record cold snap, on the other hand, filled the bay so solidly with pack ice that we could hike back and forth to the mainland for our mail and toboggan loads of supplies any time we wanted."

For some of us, we find the Internet gives us the freedom to be able to work and live almost any place we want to. These people didn't have that luxury. I use the past tense as I can't find any current information about them. Who knows? Maybe the tide swept the out to sea.

Life is full of sacrifices. Some are just more dear than others. Still, I don't think buying an island is in my future.

You can read the whole article here.

Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Give Dad the Gift of Technology

TDad will always appreciate the dress shirt or cologne that you normally give him for Father's Day. But this year, why not break from tradition and give him an electronic gift that will help him step squarely into the 21st century?

Though shopping for a Father's Day gift can be a challenge, the following ideas from Vonage, the fastest-growing broadband telephone service provider, will help dad have a high-tech Father's Day.

* The gift of on-the-go entertainment: If your dad is a music lover, an MP3 player will give him hours of musical enjoyment. This audio compression technology allows you to store CD-quality sound on a small handheld device. With a portable music player, your dad will be able to listen to his favorite tunes while working out or riding to work.

For dad's viewing pleasure, get him a portable DVD player. It will come in handy on long trips and can even be plugged into a regular TV when he wants to watch movies on a bigger screen.

* The gift of low-priced communication: The broadband phone service by Vonage will let dad relay conversations over a high-speed Internet connection using a regular phone and a phone adapter.

The technology, called Voice over IP, costs less than a regular phone line. In fact, Vonage provides unlimited calling anywhere in the United States and Canada for $24.99. Free features include voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling and in-network calls. Vonage also offers competitive international rates.

Once you sign dad up, Vonage will send him a startup package that includes a free phone adapter. The adapter can be used anywhere in the world that has a high-speed Internet connection. Installation of the service takes less than five minutes.

* The gift of organization: You've given dad many ties in the past. Now give him a place to display them -- a motorized tie rack. With the touch of a button, his entire tie collection will glide past him for easy selection and leave him with a more organized closet.

For work or play, a personal digital assistant can keep dad on schedule. But this handheld device is more than just a personal organizer: Most PDAs include cell phone, fax and Internet features.

Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Gas Grill Warranties - The Less Said, The Better

The proof of the pudding, so to speak, is the warranty coverage. Generally, the better the burner, the better the warranty.

If this statement is true, then the grill company is willing to stand behind their burners to the point where they will replace their burners for whatever reason for as long as you own the grill, right?

You would assume so, wouldn't you?

So why would a company then limit the conditions where this would be true? There are several valid reasons, among them hostile environment, misuse and abuse.

A <b>hostile environment</b> is a situation where the burner is subjected to forces not within the design intentions, like grilling on the planet Venus, or under water, or inside a burning garage, or something like that. It's an out for the company, especially when you push the envelope. Actually, it is most commonly defined as a grill installed next to a swimming pool; the chlorine in the water has a tendency to do nasty things to grills.

<b>Misuse</b> would be using the grill in a way that is not specified by the manufacturer as "proper," like using the rotisserie at the same time that you have the lower burner grilling a steak. Another way is to grill while the grill is not level. Or another way would be to use the grill when it is dirty.

<b>Abuse</b> is generally an extreme thing, but some people will actually abuse their grill when it doesn't work right. Then they try to get recompense from the manufacturer, retailer, or both, for the harm the abuse creates. Most of the time, it is because the owner doesn't take the time to read the owner's manual. But, just like what you see on "CSI," they can tell if you have tried to adjust the fuel mixture with a sledge hammer rather than a small screwdriver.

These are all valid reasons not to cover a product. Consumers can -- and will -- come up with the craziest of situations where the grill will fail, and it's the manufacturer's fault that they didn't consider the possible failure for the given condition.

That's the primary reason that they will not cover malfunction of the grill when it has been installed in Timmy's treehouse, even though it has been leveled properly, cleaned thoroughly and consistently, and generally cared for like a member of the family: they are not willing to pay for your car after the grill caught the tree on fire, which caught the house on fire, which caught the tree in the front yard on fire, which collapsed on your car in the street -- 50 yards.

Here's the deal: the more limitations placed on the warranty, the less faith the manufacturer has in the burner, or the less money they are willing to part with if the burner were to fail. To cover themselves, the company will write in exceptions to what they will not honor; the idea that a "more defined" warranty is a better warranty is false: the "more defined" the warranty, the less that company is willing to cover.

To demonstrate this, the DCS and Star burners are virtually identical; the only difference is the feeder tube, which is ramped up into the burner tube on the DCS and straight in to the burner tube on the Star. You would think that they would carry a similar warranty, but they do not: Star warrants their burner for burn-through, and DCS does not!

Guess who has the more verbiage in their warranty? Yup. DCS. What's the difference? More exclusions.

Let's take a look at the warranties for the burners we have tested so far:
    <b>Fire Magic:</b> Warranted for as long as you own your Fire Magic grill; includes burn-through; "limited to personal, family or household use only"; non-transferrable.

    <b>Lynx:</b> Lynx's warranty states: "The solid brass grill burners are warranted to be free from defects in material, workmanship and structural integrity when subjected to normal domestic use and service for the lifetime of the original purchaser." Includes burn-through; no replacement burners are available for purchase, notably.

    <b>Alfresco:</b> "Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser, covers the main grill burners. This does not apply if the unit was subject to other than normal household use... ...Alfresco Gourmet Grills will NOT cover... ...damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse..."

    The special section on "Orifice Cleaning" states: "Use a needle to clear any debris. Be extremely careful not to enlarge the hole or break off the needle." Another section of the warranty states: "Clean appliance after each use, and check for blockages, especially at the burner orifices..."

    <b>DCS:</b> "Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components, including stainless steel grill burners..." and: "For proper lighting and performance of the burners keep the ports clean." The DCS warranty does not cover burn-through.

      Cast burners consistently outperform sheet metal burners.

      A better warranty is NOT more defined, but less defined.

      Look for a warranty that covers burn-through. This would mean that Lynx, Fire Magic and Star are the best-warranted burners on the market.

Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

Finding The Best Small Digital Camera

Digital cameras are getting smaller and smaller every year. People seem to have a fascination for very compact gadgets. Remember how bulky mobile phones used to be? I remember lugging around a bag phone the size of a woman’s purse and much heavier.

Now they have models that are as small as a chapstick.

Since digital cameras are one of the most popular portable devices on the market, a lot of people are looking for the smallest digital camera they can find. If you find yourself scouring the internet and your local electronics stores with that goal, just keep in mind that one way to reduce the size of a digital camera is to include fewer features. Don’t sacrifice important features just for a smaller size.

After all, what good is a small digital camera if it only has enough memory to store a few shots, or if it is a low-resolution camera that produces grainy photos?

You need to find the right balance. Find the right trade-off between small size and the important features. Let’s compare some of the smallest models to illustrate what I mean.

- The Blink by StyleCam is, technically speaking, the smallest digital camera available today, but it only has a resolution of 0.3 megapixel. It’s not built for serious photography. It also doesn’t have any zoom function to speak of, but at a price of less than $40, it could be considered a good value digital camera.

- Sony’s CyberShot DSC-U20 can also compete for the title of the smallest digital camera, but it’s loaded with features to boot! It comes with a 2.0 megapixel resolution and expandable memory storage using Sony’s memory stick technology.

- Casio’s Exilim EX-M2 is probably the best investment when it comes to compact digital cameras. It also comes with a 2.0 megapixel resolution, but it can also play mp3 files and record voice conversations. The only thing going against the Casio Exilim EX-M2 is a price tag of almost $400.

Just because we’re looking at the smallest digital cameras doesn’t mean that they will also be the cheapest models. It can be expensive to shrink the best features into a tinier package. It also doesn’t mean that we should settle for fewer features. Our investment can go a long, long way as long as we exercise a little caution and do a fair amount of research before making our choice of digital camera.

Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Gagner A la Roulette

Depuis que la roulette est considérée comme un jeu de chance, tout le monde pense qu'il doit exister plus ou moins de trucs pouvant vous faciliter vos jeux. Mais ceci n'est pas toujours vrai. Bien que quelques conseils d'experts puissent vous être donnés, sachez que nulle stratégie n'est fiable à 100%. En voici cependant quelques une.

Essayez la Roulette Européenne: généralement, vous trouverez sur les sites de casino en ligne deux types de roulettes: l'européenne et l'américaine. La seule différence entre les deux et le nombre de cases de zéro existant sur le cylindre. L'européenne n'en comprend qu'une, alors que l'américaine en dispose de deux. Cette différenciation s'explique par l'avantage pris par la maison ( ou casino). Avec un seul zéro, l'avantage de la maison est diminué de moitié, ce qui vous permet d'accroître vos chances de gagner.

Apprenez à bien miser: les paris sur numéros simples sont la pire chose à faire dans tous les jeux de casinos existants. L'avantage de la maison est si important lorsque vous pariez sur un nombre simple qu'il vous est presque impossible de remporter quelque gain que ce soit. De plus, avant de pouvoir gagner, il vous faudra miser énormément auparavant. Les meilleurs paris restent donc ceux dont l'avantage de la maison est le plus faible.

Jouez pour le plaisir. Quand vous jouez pour le plaisir, vous êtes d'avantage détendu et plus apte à prendre de bonnes décisions, ce qui est loin d'être le cas lorsque vous vous trouvez en état de stress, soumis à la pression de devoir remporter de l'argent. Dans ce cas ci, vous pouvez le payer très cher car votre compréhension du jeu est altérée et vous pousse à commettre d'inévitables erreurs.

Etablissez votre budget. Ce conseil est valable pour tous les jeux d'argent, sans restrictions aucune. Ne jouez jamais sans avoir au préalable déterminé votre budget. Ne jouez qu'avec la somme prévue et jamais d'avantage. En effet, si vous pensez jouez d'avantage que cela, il ne s'agira plus dès lors d'un simple petit problème financier à court terme mais d'un véritable gouffre sur le long terme, et la limite est fine avant d'être considéré comme joueur problématique et se retrouver interdit de casino.

Mettez de coté ce que vous venez de gagner. A nouveau, ce conseil, avec le précédent, est l'un des meilleurs. En remisant ce que vous venez de gagner, si le tour précédant vous perdez, rien de dramatique n'est arrivé à votre budget. En revanche, si vous misez tout le temps avec vos gains et que vous perdez à chaque coup, il ne vous restera dès lors plus rien. Et entre nous, il vaut mieux repartir avec un petit quelque chose que rien du tout. Ne laissez jamais vos gains sur le tapis car en cas de perte, vous perdrez tout, très vite.

Entrainez vous. Rendez-vous sur un casino en ligne et jouez des parties gratuites en mode démo afin de vous familiariser avec le jeu. Il n'y a rien de pire que de se rendre à un jeu dont on ne maîtrise pas les règles et de pariez au bon vent la chance.  Lisez avant tout les règles des jeux, puis allez sur le mode démo et jouez y régulièrement jusqu'à ce que vous vous sentiez prêt à passer le cap du mode réel.

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Deauville LaMagnifique

Les grands hôtels de Las Vegas, Macao et Monte Carlo font tout pour obtenir le privilège de les faire jouer. Ils sont la source assuré de gros profits car statistiquement, ils vont perdre. Les hôtels n'hésitent pas à mettre à leur disposition un avion privé pour les faire venir ainsi que leurs meilleures suites. Quant on est en mesure de perdre des centaines de milliers de dollars, tout le reste peut ètre offert. On peut dire en français "un flambeur".

Mais pour nous, simple debutant ou joueur non encore confirmes, je vous propose de decouvrir le casino a la francaise: DEAUVILLE.

Le Casino de Deauville est l’un des premiers casinos du groupe  qui comprend entre autre les casinos  Barrière de : Besançon, Ribeauvillé, le Palais Casino du Touquet, Carnac, Dinard, Enghien-les-Bains, l’unique de la région parisienne, Chamonix, Cannes, Sainte-Maxime, Biarritz et bien d’autres répartis entre la France, la Suisse, la Belgique et Malte.

Depuis 1990, le capital de l’empire est répartit entre Barrière-Desseigne, le Groupe Accor (34%) et Colony Capital (15%).
Le chiffre d’affaire du casino de Deauville s’élève à lui seul à :215,3 millions d’euros en 2004.

Découvrez à la fois le luxe et la sobriété du Casino Deauville!Son immense palais blanc vous ouvre ses portes sous ses prestigieux tapis moelleux et une architecture incomparable, pour mieux vous faire vibrer au son des
cliquetis rythmé des jackpots, les tables rutilantes, ses bars et ses restaurants toujours avenants…

Dans cette ambiance festive et chaleureuse, venez retrouvez au Casino Barrière de Deauville tous vos jeux favoris.
Casino Deauville c’est 325 machines à sous réparties en 3 salons, 6 tables de Boule, sans oublier ses Machines à Rouleaux et Vidéo Poker de 0,10 à 20 euros

Entrez dans la salle de la Boule.</b> Vous y retrouverez 6 tables avec mise minimale de 2 euros.

Le Casino Barrière de Deauville porte l'héritage de la splendeur du passé. Dans ce décor somptueux, vous pouvez varier les plaisirs à chaque instant.

Vous y retrouverez les jeux à mise minimale d’un euro :
2 tables de Roulette Française (mise minimale de 5 euros),
1 table de <a href="http://www.casino-en-ligne-3.com/roulette-europeenne-fr.html">la roulette</a> Française (mise minimale de 10 euros), <br>
4 tables de Roulette Anglaise,
10 tables Black Jack,
4 tables de Stud Poker,
1 table de Punto Banco,
1 table de Craps.

Mais Casino Deauville, c’est aussi ses spectacles tels le festival swing et ses loisirs tels le Golf. <br>
Celui-ci,  situé sur le Mont Canisy, à quelques minutes du centre de Deauville, offre une vue exceptionnelle à la fois sur la mer et toute la campagne environnante, dans une tranquillité absolue. Vous y retrouverez les parcours à 9 ou 18 trous. Des compétitions y sont aussi organisées.
Alors pourquoi attendre plus longtemps ! Rejoignez vite le Groupe Casino Lucien Barrière à Deauville ! Le seul Casino à vous offrir en plein cœur de la Normandie le plaisir des jeux mélés au plaisir du sport !

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Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - No More Rays

Eagle Eyes sunglasses, Eagle Eyes sun glasses,

Article Body:
Eagle Eyes sunglasses are designed to block blue light as well as the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. These sunglasses offer you the ultimate protection for your eyes. The Eagle Eyes sunglasses not only give you protection, but they also help to enhance your vision on foggy days as well. This doesn’t mean that if you have a vision problem, Eagle Eyes can fix it for you without a prescription. It means that the technology in these sunglasses helps you see better in different light conditions.

When you first put on the Eagle Eyes sun glasses, it seems as if your surroundings get brighter. This might make you think that the sunglasses are no good. However, in this kind of light, your eyes are comfortable and you don’t need to squint. The Eagle Eyes sunglasses all have the Polarized Selective transmission in the lenses to block blue and violet light, but still let other colors from the spectrum get through.

Unlike ordinary sun glasses, those from Eagle Eyes do not use dark lenses to indiscriminately block different colors. Eagle Eyes sunglasses try to mimic the lenses in the eyes of hawks and eagles to bring you the best possible clarity when you are wearing them. This doesn’t mean that it will look as if you have the eyes of an eagle, but it will certainly feel like it when you wear Eagle Eyes sun glasses.

With Eagle Eyes sunglasses, scenes appear to be more vivid. This is because the lenses in the Eagle Eyes sun glasses enhance the harmless colors, such as red, orange and green, but neutralize harmful blue and violet to appear gray. The unique eye protection you get from the Eagle Eyes line of sunglasses offers you 100% blockage of UV rays.

Have you ever noticed that while sunglasses help you see things clearly outside during the day, when you take them off inside, it is difficult to see at first? Well, with Eagle Eyes sunglasses, you won’t have this problem. Because these sunglasses are so comfortable on your eyes, even when you enter a darkened room, you don’t have to wait for your eyes to adjust to the light. You can have prescription lenses in the Eagle Eyes sun glasses or you can buy clip on sunglasses that fit over your regular glasses. Now how much more convenient can you have it?

Eagle Eyes sunglasses, there is no better.

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Europe: Places to Meet Pure Bred Aristocracy and Royalty

Want to meet a Duke or a true Prince and Princess? One of the easiest and most convenient places to meet pure royalty is at one of the prestigious hotel casinos. They hang out at many of the following five casinos and, once you are in, you can interact with them, play against them and if you are good enough, even beat them. Wouldn't you like to boast that you defeated a King? These five hotel casinos give you that chance.

But do not expect an all you can eat buffet or players with baseball caps and cool shades. Come dressed elegantly and only then will you be let in to share a baccarat game with pure-bred European aristocracy.

The European casinos listed here are the largest and the most luxurious casinos in Europe. Their appointed clientele is less the seasonal tourist gambler and more the upper crust. So, if you are looking for a stylish way to spend your latest lottery winning, you can shoot the dice in one of the casinos listed below while your traveling partners lie around the French Riviera beaches or go on wild shopping trips in the streets of London or Moscow.

1) Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco:
Monte Carlo has been the favorite gaming destination of Europe's rich and famous for almost 150 years with the first casino that was founded by Prince Charles III of Monaco in 1863. Casino de Monte Carlo is a complex of five posh casinos located by the seashore and decorated in French rococo style with marbled columns, golden ornaments and crystal chandeliers. The overall environment would make you feel like an extra in a French history movie.

2) Casino Metropol, Moscow:
The Russian Federation has the biggest number of casinos and slot machines in Eastern Europe. The best casinos for tourists are obviously the ones located in hotels. Casino Metropol is part of the five star Hotel Metropol, which is not only one of the most elegant casino hotels in the area but it is also conveniently located in the center of Moscow within a walking distance from the Red Square and the Kremlin. The lowest minimum table requirement is 25 dollars and a night at the presidential suite will cost you 2,000 dollars.

3) Baden Baden Casino, Baden Baden, Germany:
The veteran European casino was founded in 1809 and although it has changed several ownerships since then, its reputation as one of the finest casinos in Europe in general and in Germany in particular has not change. Nowadays, the Baden Baden Casino is one of the city's landmarks along with the famous thermal baths. If you ignore the table games and the slot machines, walking through the 32,289 square foot casino looks as similar to a visit in an European art museum with permanent exhibits of oil paintings and sculptures.

4) The Clermont Club, London, England:
If you are visiting the UK, you cannot just pop into a casino but have to apply for a membership at least a day ahead. If you plan to follow this procedure, the Clermont Club in Berkeley Square is one of the most reputable gaming clubs around. Set in a 17th century building, the Clermont Club was designed to resemble the Great Hall at Holkham. In addition to its friendly and convenient gaming room, the Clermont Club includes a bar and a clubroom where members and their guests can lounge over a banquet of a vintage bottle of champagne. Note that playing at <a href="http://www.gambling-portal.com">online casinos</a> is legal in the UK, so you can just pop into any internet cafe for online games.

5) Casino Barriere de Deauville, Deauville, France:
The elegant seaside casino resort had inspired Ian Fleming in depicting the Casino of Royale les Eaux in his first James Bond novel Casino Royale. First founded in the 1860s by the Duc de Morny, the extravagant palace is one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. In addition to its gaming facilities, Casino Barriere hosts variety of exclusive entertainment shows as well as cultural and artistic events.

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Finding A Local Florist - Sorting Out the Weeds of Deceptive Flower Shop Phone Listings

You want to send flowers to Aunt Sally in Newark or your sister Susan in San Antonio.  You decide to look up a local florist there, hoping to get more personal service or even save a few bucks by avoiding the "middleman."  Normally, a simple call to directory information or an online search would be all it takes, but in the case of florists, the results could be deceiving.

Many of the online resources are overcrowded with national marketers and wire services rather than the real local florists you're seeking.  Some companies have built hundreds or even thousands of web pages referencing various cities across the country just to show up in so-called "local" searches across the country.  Others are simply paying to be on top.  This makes life difficult, as it is very hard to tell the difference between a genuine family flower shop and a national fictitious "florist" with local phone numbers which are actually forwarded out of state. 

While these deceptive phone listings have officially been banned in many states as intentionally misleading, the laws are all too often not enforced.  As a result, fictitious florist phone listings have become commonplace, especially with the growth of online yellow pages.  Flowers With Gifted Elegance of Randolph, NJ and All American Flowers of Mount Laurel, NJ are two of several telemarketing companies employing this tactic to make money while providing a disservice to unsuspecting consumers.  By purchasing local phone listings under many different names, they hope to lead customers into using their services.

The strategy first surfaced in the mid-nineties.  States such as Virginia and Delaware recognized the threat and took action. Other states have followed, but the practice continues today relatively unhindered. Companies in New Jersey, Wisconsin, and the state of Washington purchase phone numbers all over the country, and place those numbers in local white and yellow pages. The listings usually have the name 'Flowers Of (Town or City)' or 'Flowers in (Town/City)', with a local area code and phone number but either no address or a bogus address.  Consumer groups agree it's misleading at best and usually a ploy to con people into ordering.  In the end, customers may face unnecessary extra charges, poor quality, or both.  Here's how it works and what you can do to avoid it.

<b>The Phone Listing Scam</b>

Take a quick trip over to whitepages.com. Do a search for business type "florist springfield," and don't even both entering any city or state.  You'll see that about five of the first listings are for "Florist in Springfield" or "Florist of Springfield" in Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Missouri.  They all display local phone numbers, but none of them list an address, a common indication of a deceptive listing.  To find out more, we called each of the numbers.  Four were answered by a recording referring to "Our Flowers with Gifted Elegance."  The fifth was answered by a similar operation which refused to provide a physical address and claimed it didn't allow 'walk-in' customers.  In short, all five were bogus.  The problem isn't limited to Springfield.  One florist we interviewed knew of at least seventeen misleading florist listings in its local yellow pages.

According to customers, the real disservice isn't the false listing; it's the poor service.  These companies often charge between $8.99 and $14.99 for taking each order and redirecting it to a real local florist.  The service fee is on top of the flowers and local delivery, or worse yet is deducted from them without the customer's knowledge.  The Better Business Bureau report on Flowers with Gifted Elegance, at bbb.org, notes an unsatisfactory record due to unanswered complaints.  A search at RipOffReport.com reveals the number of complaints, including reports by people who's flowers were never delivered. 

<b>Avoid Being a Victim</b>

There may be no easy way to recover from being a victim of this kind of advertising deception, but avoiding it is fairly easy.

-  Trust your hometown florist.  Most are seasoned professionals who can deliver your gift almost anywhere, know the better flower shops in other areas, stand behind their service, and guarantee your satisfaction.  In the unlikely event any problem does arise, you'll be glad you're working with a reputable local business that wants your continued patronage.

-  If you shop online, choose a nationwide florist that proudly displays a toll-free phone number, contact address, customer satisfaction policy, and industry credentials.  Check for a secure order form with "https" in the address, and consider placing your first order by phone to ensure customer service people are easy to reach.

-  Get advice from friends, neighbors, or business associates.  They're often the best source for choosing the right florist.

-  If you do search for local florists online or in phone books, be sure to avoid those with generic names that include the town or that can't give you the address and directions to their local store.

The vast majority of florists are hard-working, family-owned businesses dedicated to serving you.  So, you can send flowers with confidence when you turn to the local florists you know and nationwide florists you trust.  Most can deliver your bouquet around the corner or across the country, within 24 hours or less.  No wonder, flower delivery is still one of the most reliable and popular ways to show you care.  Still, like any industry, the flower business has its share of 'bad apples.'  So, think twice before you play Russian Roulette with the phone book.  Count on your local hometown florist and the established nationwide florists online.

Courtesy of  <a href="http://www.flowers-delivery-florists.com/">Flowers Delivery Florists</a>, an online guide for fresh flowers, florists online, and floral information resources.

Permission is granted to republish this article in its entirety on the Internet, as long as the link and credit above are included.

Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Free Poster Takes Kids Into The Wacky World of Dreams

Proper amounts of sleep are important for everyone, especially children. Unfortunately, in today's busy world, many parents do not think to explain the importance of sleep to their kids.

But now, American Innerspring Manufacturers, a national nonprofit group, is underwriting the free distribution of an out-of-the-ordinary youth poster to teachers and parents.

Designed to appeal to 12- to 15-year-olds, the poster, called Underwear, Zombies & Monkey Kung Fu, takes a look at the weird world of dreams, while it subtly reinforces the importance - and "coolness" - of a full night's sleep.

"So much is going on with kids in this age group, and many parents don't realize how important sleep is for success in numerous areas," said Arthur Grehan, executive director of AIM.

The poster is written in an unconventional style designed to engage the target age group.

"We thought the idea of doing a funky and engaging poster on dreams would be a great way to promote deep sleep to this skeptical audience without sounding like a textbook or a filmstrip," Grehan said.

The poster offers information about deep sleep, delves into the possible symbolism of dream topics and even suggests keeping a dream journal.

For the development of Underwear, Zombies & Monkey Kung-Fu, AIM turned to Red Deluxe, a Memphis-based firm with numerous award-winning posters under its belt.

AIM is making copies of the poster available free of charge to any teacher or parent.

The group is making the offer in hopes that parents will take a break from their hectic schedules and give some real thought to the important role of sleep for children in this age group.

Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Fly Around the World Reviewing Casinos

Do you have a story of something that happened in a casino that is so unbelievable that no one believes you when you tell it? If so this contest is for you. The more bizarre the story, the better your chances of winning the contest will be, but all stories must be true.

Online-Casinos-789.com started an Unbelievable Tales from the Casino contest. All you need to do to enter is E-Mail your story of something odd, funny or unbelievable that happened to you or someone you were with in an online casino or casino during 2007 and you could win an all expense paid for two to Las Vegas for five days and four night at one of the strips 5 star hotel and casinos.

All you need to do to qualify is to be over 21 years of age and submit your story about what happened to you in the casino and Online-casinos-789.com will post the best ones on their site. At the end of the year you, the reader will be able to vote on the best submission and the winner will win the trip to Las Vegas and be offered a glamorous job involving flying around the world and reviewing all that the worlds casinos have to offer.

Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

Firefox 2 Review

Mozilla Firefox 2 (formerly known as Bon Echo) builds on the strength and the security demonstrated in Firefox 1.5 by adding several new features. Like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 includes built-in antiphishing, but overall, Firefox 2 is much better than Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Firefox 2 offers forward-looking features, such as Live Titles, as well as practical here-and-now tools, such as search engine suggestions, session restore, and inline spell-checking. Despite its many improvements, Firefox 2, like Internet Explorer 7, still does not pass the Acid2 Web Standards test, although, unlike Microsoft, Mozilla says it is working toward full compliance. Given its many pros and relatively few cons, Firefox 2 receives our Editors' Choice award for best Internet browser. For a look inside, see our Firefox 2 slide show.

You can download Firefox 2 for free, and unlike Internet Explorer 7, Firefox is available on a variety of operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are also a wide variety of localized language versions, including Basque and Byelorussian. Again unlike IE 7, Firefox 2 does not require that you shut down antivirus protection nor does it perform a system reboot.

Unlike IE 7, which has reorganized its toolbar, Firefox 2 changes only the look and feel of its buttons. The new shiny-glass look is much more sophisticated, as are the rounded tabs and the hairline borders around the address bar and the search engine box. Missing, however, is Places, a side panel feature we saw briefly in alpha builds; Places organizes bookmarks, RSS feeds, and history in one place, much like IE 7's Favorites Center. The good news is that Places will return in Firefox 3, which is currently under development.

Tabs have long been a part of Firefox. Now, with Firefox 2, you can open any number of tabs, rearrange them, and reopen a previously closed tab using the hot keys Ctrl-Shift-T. With another feature carried over from Firefox 1.5, you can also save active tabs as a bookmark so that you can open the entire set of tabs at a later time. Missing, however, are thumbnail previews of each tab (still available only as an extension).

At the far right of the Firefox toolbar is the search engine box. Firefox 2 now includes suggested search terms from the search engine itself; for instance type fire and Google returns Firefox among other suggestions. Firefox 2 provides several built-in search engines, such as Amazon and eBay--far more than provided by IE 7--with the option to add even more search engines.

Should you decide to remove Firefox, you'll be disappointed. Despite the speed we witnessed upon instigating uninstall, the uninstall feature left behind several folders and far too many registry entries. Thus, if you want to clean out your Firefox completely or you attempt to load Firefox 2 as a clean browser, you'll be stuck with your previous bookmarks and preferences, including extensions, intact.

New in Firefox 2 is session restore; if Windows crashes and you have several tabs open in Firefox at the time, you can now relaunch Firefox with all the tabs intact. We found this feature to be very useful during the course of our tests.

Firefox 2 also gives you the ability to correct your spelling mistakes online, just like using a word processor. This is great for typing blogs or posting to a newsgroup. Common dictionary words are checked, with misspellings identified with a squiggly red line. You can add more words and even include dictionaries available in various languages. Once you have access to inline spell-checking, you won't want to surf the Web without it.

Possibly the coolest new feature is Live Titles, formerly Microsummaries, which allows Web sites to stream updated data to your bookmarks. You can add the Live Titles functionality to the Merriam-Webster dictionary site, for example, and once you have done so, when you bookmark a page, you can choose the Live Title option to display the word of the day in your bookmark. When you drop down the bookmark menu or open the bookmark side panel, you'll see the Merriam-Webster logo followed by the word of the day. For news sites such as the BBC's, you'll see the latest headline. Think of Live Titles as RSS-like feeds for your otherwise static bookmarks.

Unfortunately extensions designed for Firefox 1.5 will probably break within Firefox 2. When you install Firefox 2, a handy wizard checks to see if there are new versions of already installed 1.5 extensions available; in our case, some but not all of our favorites had not been optimized for 2.0, but then again, we were testing ahead of public release. In general, the Firefox add-on community is much more robust than that of Internet Explorer.

Security enhancements within Firefox 2 continue. New is a dialog box informing you of cross-domain scripting, a tactic used by criminal hackers to link nonrelated sites to sites you think may be legit. And Mozilla remains very responsive to fixing its vulnerabilities, pushing out updates within a few days of public notice. Microsoft, on the other hand, parses out its vulnerability fixes a little at a time. In the five years since its release, IE 6 has accrued a large deficit, and we see no sign that Microsoft is addressing new vulnerabilities found in IE 7 any faster.

The underlying Web rendering engine within Firefox 2 is Gecko 1.8, and it is largely unchanged from the previous release, Firefox 1.5. The next release of Firefox should include a new rendering engine.

Unfortunately, Firefox 2 does not fully support all the standards supported by the W3C organization, so it fails what is called the Acid2 test, a test designed by the Web Standards Project, although Mozilla is working hard toward full compliance. For comparison, of the browsers tested by CNET, only Opera 9 passed the test; IE 7 fared the worst, unable to render the page in the correct colors or shapes.

Antiphishing technology within Firefox 2 is good, and the technology has steadily improved throughout the various betas we've seen. We tested Firefox 2 on a fraudulent Bank of America site less than one hour old; the program caught the page immediately. For comparison, IE 7 also flagged the same fraudulent banking site. Most phishing sites are removed after their initial 72 hours of existence. In general, we have found that stand-alone antiphishing filters, such as Netcraft's, perform far better at flagging brand-new phishing sites than antiphishing filters bundled with Internet browsers.

There are many enhancements within Firefox 2, making it a worthy upgrade for existing users and a fine introduction for new users. Firefox is truly innovative, yet it's also very practical for everyday use.

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Finding The Perfect Christmas Gift For Her

It's that time of the year once again – there’s a chill in the air and a spring in your step. It's Christmas once again! And while there is music, cheer, fun, and fervor everywhere you are probably pondering about finding that perfect Christmas gift for your special someone.

The wonderful cakes, trees bathed in bright lights, and Christmas carols and the Santa usher in a season of hope and joy, and it's only right that you want to make sure that the special someone in your life loves her gift so much that she jumps with joy and gives you a huge hug as she peels off the wrapper from her present. Yes, there is nothing that quite beats the excitement of opening up presents that have been gifted with love and thought!

While most of us know what we want as a Christmas present, it's never easy to find that perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones. Here on our website, we have several amazing gifts that will remind your beloved of you every time they see it. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for all you men who want to choose only the best gift for that special lady in your life – a gift that’s perfect for her!

A Bright Sparkle: Bijou
When Marlin Monroe sang "A diamond are a girl's best friend" little would she have known that it would become a girl’s anthem! Every woman loves jewelry and if it’s given as a gift, the joy is doubled. If you can’t afford an expensive diamond jewelry piece don’t sweat it. You still have plenty of options from trinkets to baubles to silver jewelry and these won’t pinch your pocket either!

Scent of a woman: Perfume
Perfume... lilting fragrances that can add mystery, sensuality, or style to a woman’s personality. You really can’t go too wrong by gifting a perfume. Whether it’s a branded one or a French perfume, it’s bound to be a smash hit with your lady love.

Oh! But remember not to unwittingly pick up a perfume that smells more of an insect repellant than an enticing, pleasant fragrance. Seek advice of a lady friend to be safe.

Style for Her Feet: Shoes, shoes, shoes!
Paris Hilton has a house full of them, and many other celebrities need a new one each day. Yes, we are talking about shoes. A woman can’t ever have enough shoes! Whether these are stilettos, platforms, wedge-heels, flats, slingbacks, boots, or heels, she’ll always want them all, and more.

So, if you want to gift your lady a gift she will remember forever, then shoes should be on the top of your gift options list. Buy her a pair of delicate, feminine shoes or just beautifully detailed; make sure they suit her personality.

A quick word of advice: buying shoes for someone other than yourself can be tricky, so make sure you buy a size that fits and check with the shop or online mall on their exchange policy and period.

It's all in the Bag: Handy Handbags

A handbag doesn’t really go out of fashion. Women of all age groups and likes would gladly accept a fashionable and trendy handbag or clutch purse as a Christmas gift.

If your lady is young and individualistic then pick up a trendy, stylish clutch purse in leather or fabric. If the gift is for a teenager, a brightly colored tote or sequenced wallet may be a good bet. But if you’re shopping for a mature woman then you should buy a handbag in a larger size and a dark color (black, browns, and grays).

Trendy, Head Turning Eyewear
Branded or designer sunglasses rate high on the style quotient. There is a really wide range of eyewear to choose from. Sunglasses are both useful as well as fashionable and she’s bound to think of you every time she steps out into the sun!

You should try to find a shape that suits her face cut; oval frame for an angular face and squarish frame for a round shaped face. She’s bound to look like a fashionista when she wears them!

Time after Time: Watch
If your lady loves watches (like I do) then she’ll simply adore a stylish, sleek, watch. Not only does a watch make a great budget gift, it will also stay with her for longer and be useful. Just make sure you know what shape, color, and design she likes and freeze that moment in time when she kisses you for this fantastic gift!

Getting intimate: Sheer Lingerie
Big on attitude, comfort, and style sheer lingerie is the sexiest gift you can give her. Not only will she enjoy its feel against her body, but you can enjoy it as well. But sheer lingerie should only be gifted to your wife or partner, and not your crush!

Choose from slinky, ultra-feminine, cute, or just plain sexy…

Dressed as a Diva: Make-up
When picking up make-up or cosmetic item, remember to check the quality. Make-up makes a woman feel pretty, pampered, and prepared. Choose colors she usually wears, and pick assorted items such as kohl, eye shadow, lip gloss etc and have them wrapped in an attractive paper and tie it up with ribbons to make it more personal.

You can never, ever go wrong with…
Chocolates! Yes, it's the thought that counts. So don’t sweat if you can afford the fancy jewelry items, perfume or clothes. Buy her a dozen of red roses, or a bunch of her favorite flower and pen down a romantic poem – your ode to her – and you can be sure this Christmas gift will stay etched in her memory for a lifetime.

Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

Find an Organization that wants your Car

If you have an old car that you are looking to get rid of, you have one of four options.  You can trade it in on a new car, sell it on your own, take it to the junk yard, or donate it to a good cause.

Even though there are benefits that go along with all of these options, the only one that does not have any disadvantages is donate your car.  When you trade in or sell a car you will be putting in a lot of time for little return.  Imagine taking your car to trade it in and being offer a couple of hundred dollars.  Doesn’t sound like too good of a deal, does it?

But when you donate your car to a good cause such as a non profit organization not only will you reap some benefits, but the car will also be put to good use.  These organizations use old cars to give to people that are in need, or to simply make deliveries with them.  They will take the car off or your hands free of charge, and then you can use it as a tax deduction when that time of the year comes around.  It is a win-win situation for both parties.

In order to find an organization that will take you car, you will not have to put in much work at all.  A lot of people pass on this option because they feel that they will have to put in too much time and effort.

You can start your search by simply going online.  In no time at all you should be able to find organizations from one side of the world to the next that are willing to take your car.  From there, all you have to do is narrow down your choices to places that are close to your home.

If online is not working for you, go to your local phone book.  The great thing about this is that you will be able to find a donation center that is in your area so you know that they will be interested.  

After finding who you want to donate your car to, the next step is to get in touch with them and set up the process.  They will give you a date and time of when they will get the car, and tell you what they need from you.  In most cases, all you will need to do is fill out a couple of forms.  When all of the minor details are taken care of they will tow your car away, and you will be set!

Donating your car has many benefits.  If this is of interest to you simply search online and get started today!

Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

Female Vibrators Product Review

Choosing the right female vibrator to suit you can be a challenging and daunting task. Unless you’ve had experiencing with vibrators before, how do you know which one to buy? You walk into an adult shop and are bombarded with fifty different types of vibrators, all ranging with different colours, brands, gimmicks and pricing. Which female vibrators should you choose?

Through market research and testing on many female vibrators for pricing, durability and effectiveness, it all comes down to a simple list of the four best on the market today. The aim is to provide you with the most preferred and reliable choice of female vibrators preferred by thousands of women around the world.

The four vibrators chosen were the iVibe Rabbit vibrator as the most preferred, followed by the Japanese Pearl Boy, the Eclipse Ultra 7 Series and the very pleasurable Muffin Mucker.

The iVibe Rabbit vibrator scored the highest points for its price range. The iVibe Rabbit as seen on  “Sex in City” has become extremely popular amongst adult toy consumers and is the biggest selling vibrators in female history. The iVibe Rabbit itself is very unique, it comes in several colours, red, pink, blue and has a built-in computer chip that controls many functions. The vibrator is very user friendly and has an extremely organic, soft and natural feel.

The next popular female vibrator on the market for its price range is the Pearl Boy. Manufactured in Japan, this vibrator has durability and quality written all over it. Its functionality is very diverse and has a few functions available, making it a real favourite. The device is quiet, powerful and smooth, filling the top qualities looked for by women.

A definite best seller, the Eclipse Ultra 7 series never fails to please. It retails at a cool price making it great value for money. It comes with quite a few features including multi-speed spinning metal beads and a multi-speed rotating shaft for great stimulations. The Eclipse also has a “glow in the dark” interface, great for those intimate moments at night.

Finally, the last vibrator on the list has been on the market for a number of years and continues to out sell a lot of opponents. This is a favourite amongst women. The Muffin Mucker offers simultaneous pleasure by the use of a simulator and a long rotating shaft. The vibrator is also equipped with a multi-speed massage controller for great relaxation.

The four vibrators described above will suite any person for all budgets. Whether you’re shopping for features, performance or price, you can be sure that you will be buying the best in female vibrators. There are many vendors of the product who offer rock bottom prices. For more information, please visit <a href="http://www.female-vibrators.com/">Female Vibrators</a>.

Senin, 15 Maret 2010

E-Banks that Accept US Casino Players

Recently, the US Federal government banned online casinos from operating in America by making it illegal to transfer money to them through any US bank or payment system. As a result of this law, most of the popular online casino networks such as Party Gaming and PlayTech left the United States. Overnight, online casino players found themselves being chased by the Federal government.

But, after a fortnight, the online casino industry came up with a solution and new online casinos started taking root. These began to operate under a different business umbrella, and by doing that, rendered the transfer of money to and from them legal. A major part of this was enlisting electronic banking systems that would accept this new clarification and start doing business with me. Listed in this article are the electronic banking systems that accept players from the United States that wish to play in online casinos.

The Payment Systems You Can Use:
1, 2) MasterCard and Visa:
The most popular credit cards in the world, you can use these for depositing money into your casino account. But, please note that the casinos do not deposit your winning through your credit card. They use one of the other electronic payment systems. This is also the biggest reason why you should refrain from using your personal credit cards today for gambling.

3, 4) Visa Delta, Visa Electron:
These are debit cards that one can use to deposit cash into their casino account. By debit card, it means that the money you pay through the card, is immediately withdrawn from your bank account. This is a comfortable option, but here too, you cannot receive money into it.

5) Neteller:
Based in the UK and traded on the London AIM Stock Exchange, this e-bank company is one of the major independent electronic banking entities in the world, and it allows players to transfer money to and from an online casino.

6) Neteller Instacash
This is Neteller's version of the Debit Card, and, in fact, it is just like any other debit card with one difference. To use, InstaCash, you have to pay a small amount. But, most casinos will offer to pay this for you, so read their regulations.

7) EcoCard
Based in the European Union, EcoCard offers a wider range of electronic banking solutions than the other e-banks. Other than the regular card and debit system, you can decide beforehand how to create a flexible financial account. Because they use a wide network of banks in Europe, transactions made through EcoCard are quick and efficient.

8) FirePay
This e-banking system is solely web-based and carries out its transactions just like a debit card. You place cash into your FirePay account, and then, you can use that money to pay or deposit into your casino account. While it will not cost you a dime to open an account, you will be charged a minimal amount each time you transfer money from your bank account to FirePay.

9) Moneybookers
All you need to open an account is an email address! This e-banking system uses transactions from your credit or debit card or your bank account to whichever company you wish to move your money to. Regulated in the UK and run by Gatcombe Park Ventures Limited, this is one of the relatively new e-finance companies that allow transferring money to online casinos.

10) eWalletXpress:
Owned and run by Navaho Networks Inc, eWalletXpress is a new electronic payment system that has been created to answer the need for US players to transfer funds to online casinos.

11) 900Pay:
This is a completely different e-banking system. Instead of charging your bank account or your credit card, 900Pay charges your telephone bill for all your financial transactions. This is one of the fastest methods of electronic payment because you do not have to go through a long and detailed sign up process. And, if you were wondering, this does work to fund your casino account.

Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

Etiqueta de Poquer

Si eres un principiante en el juego, o mas bien un experto que se ha dedicado toda la vida a apuestas y partidos de Póquer, aprender las normas de conducta nunca esta de mas. Aquí te presentamos algunas reglas no tan estrictas pero importantes a la hora de demostrar tu estilo y profesionalismo.

En el Póquer:
1) No debes mirar ni intentar leer las cartas de los demás jugadores antes de que ellos mismos expongan las cartas en la mesa. No es considerado apropiado.

2) No debes revelar el contenido de tus cartas antes de terminar ese partido o mano. Si lo haces los demás jugadores sabrán si has mentido o como es tu situación. También podrán saber que otras cartas quedan en las manos de los demás jugadores.

3) No debes comenzar la jugada si todavía no llego tu turno. No lo hagas ni en broma, y si lo haces por error, pide disculpas a los demás jugadores ya que es un acto que no es aceptado en el poquer.

4) No debes amontonar las fichas del partido apiñadamente o desordenadamente. Probablemente va a molestar en la mesa a los demás jugadores, e interferir en el reparto de las cartas.

5) No debes ayudar a demás jugadores ni decir cosas que influyan sus a sus decisiones en el partido. Puede causar problemas entre todos los jugadores. Cada uno deberá tomar sus propias decisiones y equivocarse es parte del juego.

6) No debes usar el teléfono celular en el casino. Si estas en medio del partido y debes recibir una llamada urgente pide disculpas a los demás jugadores y retírate del partido hasta que termines de hablar.

7) No debes hacer trampa ni estafar. Pretender que tienes mejores cartas de las que tienes es parte del juego, pero la trapa y la estafa están prohibidos.

8) No debes maldecir o usar lenguaje obsceno en el partido de Póquer. Tampoco debes amenazar al repartidor del juego ni a cualquiera de los jugadores. Es importante mantener la calma a pesar de los resultados del juego.

9) Es importante respetar el partido sin quebrar, llorar, estropear las cartas a la mesa o a las fichas.

10) Finalmente, no traigas objetos electrónicos como cámara fotográfica o filmadora, radio, etc. Son artículos inapropiados para mantener el estado neutral en un partido de Póquer.

11) No debes fumar deliberadamente en medio del partido. En muchos casinos esta prohibido, y si juegas con amigos asegurate que no moleste a ninguno.

Todas estas normas, como mencione previamente, no están escritas en ningún reglamento del Póquer pero si son importantes de respetar y recordar a la hora que te propongas jugar. Disfruta tu juego y buena suerte!

Sabtu, 13 Maret 2010

Electric Scooters For The Mobility Impaired

A serious illness or injury which limits a person’s power of mobility can have serious detrimental effects upon both the individual whose mobility has suffered and the family of the individual. Thanks to advancements in the technologies of mobility, however, these injuries no longer mean an individual is destined to spend most of their days indoors.

One major development in mobility technology is the advancement of the electric scooter.

Scooters are ideal for elderly people, who still have reasonable mobility around the house or on very short walks but who find shopping trips or walks over more than a block unmanageable.

There are three major types of electric scooter: the travel scooter, the mid-size scooter, and the outdoor scooter.

The travel scooter sounds like it would be the most advance of the three, but in fact it is intended for lighter use. The travel scooter comes in three- or four-wheel designs, and is meant for indoor use or outside on hard, smooth surfaces. The small wheels on the travel scooter are ideal for maneuverability in enclosed spaces, around furniture and other items around the house. They are usually designed to be collapsible for easy vehicular transportation, and generally have a low battery capacity as they are not meant for longer excursions.

The mid-size scooter and the outdoor scooter are considered to be “daily use” scooters. They are for individuals who enjoy doing their own shopping and longer excursions.

The mid-size scooter is available in three- or four-wheel models, and has a large wheel size that is suitable for use outside. The maneuverability is not as fine as with the travel scooter, but still allows for good use in coffee shops, stores, restaurants, and malls. Mid-size scooters are not made to be dismantled, so a van or truck is needed in order to move the scooter from one location to another. Mid-size scooters can come with a large variety of options, including power seats, headlights, turn signals, and suspension.

The outdoors scooter is the SUV of the scooter family. These scooters are for individuals who are highly committed to large amounts of time outdoors over al kinds of terrain and will not be held back by their limited mobility. They outdoor models usually come with four wheels, in order to gain maximum stability on rough terrain, but three-wheel models are available. A larger battery allows the scooter to be used for longer distances and time periods, and the outdoor model scooter can also come with suspension and light packages. The outdoor scooter is not very maneuverable indoors, and it also requires a large vehicle equipped with a lift to transport.

Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Electric Linear Actuators - The Rotary Motion Producer

Mechanical energy is an area of science that is making strides every day. The study of how actuators produce mechanical motion by converting various forms of energy into mechanical energy is a source of great exploration. Science finds new ways to make use of actuators every day including for medical purposes. Many scientists believe that the more they study these seemingly simple machines, the more they will discover ways of helping mankind.

The way in which a linear actuator works is that there is a motor that rotates a drive screw using a synchronous timing belt drive. Some linear actuators can also use a worm gear drive or direct drive. Which ever the choice, the turning of the screw pushes a drive nut along the screw, which in turn pushes the rod out and the rotating the screw in the opposite direction will retract the rod. According to the Association of Sciences, the drive screw is either an ACME or ball thread or is belt-driven which is what gives the machine its motion. A cover tube protects the screw nut from environmental elements and contamination thus allowing for the machines use continually without the chance of it getting gummed up. Radial thrust bearings permit the screw to rotate freely under loaded conditions and gives the linear actuator its strength.

Linear actuators usually serve as part of motion control systems. These days most are run by computers. Control systems, a device that you find linear actuators in, move or control objects. This is made possible by the actuators.

There are various forms of energy that run actuators. These forms of energy include, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical. Linear actuators are used a lot in robotics and factory automation.

Linear motion is when an object moves in a straight line. This is the basic concept that drives the linear actuator. One has to stop and consider when choosing a linear actuator which type they need to fit the purpose of their project. Some things to keep in mind are the speed, stroke length and load rating of the actuator. Programmability of the actuator is also a factor especially when the application will be one that requires specialized detail. A linear actuator can be used in just about any forum. Ask yourself some questions when attempting to choose the right one for your project such as are there particular safety mechanisms required, environmental concerns to be addressed or space issues?

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

Easy Games to Play for Fun

Get acquainted with a practical guide on the easiest games that you can play online. And once you read this article, you will find that you have at least stopped losing all your money. If you follow the advice well and to the dot, you will also learn how to start winning cash from other players or by beating the casino. Sounds interesting? It is.

Note that the games you must look out for are those where the house edge is very low. If these are hard to find at the casino you have entered, look for those games that depend more on skill than on luck. Some of these include blackjack and poker. The games to avoid because they depend solely on luck are any of the slot machine games such as Caribbean Stud or the regular or progressive slot jackpots. These rely only on luck and the house edge there is against you.

What is a House Edge?
Since the casinos and betting establishments are in it for making money, they have created an artificial method to gain leverage over the players. This is what they have termed house edge. What it means is that over and above what you win, the casinos deduct a certain amount for themselves. It is something like insurance but only for them and not for you. But the casinos do not actually do this. Instead, they have inserted these odds into the game winnings so that you do not notice it. When you win, you are paid according to the newly calculated odds and you are no wiser.

For instance, if you walk over to a casino and place a bet of ten dollars on a roulette table. (For arguments sake, let us also suppose it was an American roulette table.) If you win, you should be given three hundred and seventy dollars because the true odds is thirty-seven to one. Instead, you will only get three hundred and fifty dollars according to the odds of thirty-five to one. This is what I was referring to in the previous paragraph. What has happened is that you have lost twenty dollars to the casino as part of the house edge.

Playing Poker:
Pick and play this exceptional game because ,here, you are not competing against the house at all. It is other players like you who you are up against. Do battle against them and defeat them for cash. No house edge comes in the way here, but you do pay a small part of the money you win to the casino as a commission. This winning commission is called rake, and its so minute that you do not feel it pinch your pocket.

In addition, this is one of the best games to play if you are good at it and if you have razor-sharp skills. You will be able to mint money like crazy if you can read other expressions and count the cards well. You can also pick from a variety of game variations such as <a href="http://www.gambling-portal.com/red-dog-poker.html">Red Dog Poker</a> and Texas Holdem.

Playing Blackjack:
This is one of those games that the casino does not like you playing. If it was up to the betting establishments, they would remove these tables altogether. Why? Because the edge for them is only a half percent! Thus, is you play well by remembering that you have to beat the dealer and not reach 21, you stand a big chance of accumulating a large sum. I also suggest you brush up on your mathematical skills.

If you wish, learn how to count cards, but be careful. Because card counting works, casinos have banned it. All you have to do is count the colored cards (the cards that are ten and above). Then, it will be easier to decide which bet to make and which not to make. Practice again and again at home because you not only have to master this skill but you also have to learn to do it silently so that the casinos do not catch on.

Video Poker:
This is a game very much like one of the many regular and progressive slot machines games you will run into at a casino, but it is different. Unlike slots, skill plays a big part in the results, and thus you have a bigger chance of winning than at one of the slot machines.

But, before you begin, glance at the payment structure pasted on the machine. You should make your gaming decisions based on the house odds and payment structures of the machine.

Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Double High Air Beds

In recent years, air bed design has begun to transcend to accommodate the ever-growing demands of consumers. One significant change in air bed design has been the adoption of a double high design. Since the average person is accustomed to sleeping several feet off the floor, air bed manufacturers have started making air beds that mimic the height of a traditional mattress.

Raised, or double high air beds, offer several advantages over shorter air beds. To begin with, their increased distance from the floor allows for a warmer sleeping experience. Since shorter air beds are closer to floor (which tends to be rather cold during the night), they can cause sleep interruptions and thus a poor sleeping experience. Raised air beds eliminate these minor yet irritating problems.

The increased height which raised air beds have to offer also works to ease the burden on those getting in and out of bed. Older citizens and those with back problems have always had issues getting in and out of air beds. This has come as a result of the beds' small distance from the floor. Raised air beds remedy this issue and allow for easier maneuverability in and out the bed.

Finally, raised air beds can save you time and anger by dampening the effects of air loss. Raised air beds store almost twice the volume of air that traditional air mattresses carry. This extra air works wonders in terms of reducing the effects of air loss. A twenty percent loss of air is much less noticeable in a raised air bed than it is in a typical air mattress. Thus, when such air loss occurs in raised air bed, owners don't need to be as diligent in refilling it. On the other hand, those with a typical air mattress may have to awake in the middle of the night to re-inflate their bed.

Now that you're in the know of all the benefits raised air beds have to offer, you can go ahead and purchase one! Although it may cost you more upfront, it will surely pay for itself in the future.

Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

Does the American government see its citizens as its children?

In Americas 230 year history the government seems to have forgotten that there job is to run the government as the people see as best and not the government telling the people what is best for them.

The most recent example is the Internet gambling Ban signed into law last week by President Bush. The bill makes it illegal for banks and credit card companies to transfer money to casinos for the purpose of wagering on sports or games of chance, like roulette, blackjack and poker.

These games are harmlessly enjoyed regularly by millions of Americans everyday, but some people become addicted to these games so the government is telling all of its citizens that no one is allowed to play these games in an online casino.

This is not the first case of the government going against the wishes of the people, in the early 1900’s the government decided that the consumption of Alcohol should be banned, because some people were developing health and mental problems related to drinking too much. So rather then educating the people on the ill effects of prolonged Alcohol abuse the American government banned Alcohol.

But instead of reducing the consumption of Alcoholic beverages it increased, and because the government was not allowing the production or importing of Alcohol, organized grime got into the moonshine business, and eventually the Government saw the error of their decision and repealed the law.

Another great example of a failed policy to protect the people is the war on drugs that the government has been aging since the early 1980’s Billions of tax dollars a year goes into the war on drugs, but what are the results?

The price of drugs has risen, and to support their habits many drug addicts have had to commit acts of robbery and murder to get their drugs.

The American prisons are packed full of people whose only crime was possession of these illegal drugs.

Instead of being an industry that is regulated and controlled you have people selling these drugs to kids in school playgrounds, and shooting each other to protect their territory.

Had the government decided not to criminalize drugs but make it a heavily controlled industry, they could use the tax money for social programs like schools ad to give Americans universal health care.

Please do not misunderstand me I am not in favor for legalizing hard drugs, but the current system is not working at all, but I am all in favor for legalizing online casino gambling.

If I choose to play some hands of blackjack or poker from the comfort of my home what rights does the government have to tell me not to, and what sense does it make that I can not play in a casino over the internet, but I can drive down the street to the local casino and play there.

To enforce this ban millions if not billions of dollars of software and computer hardware will be needed to monitor all of the banks transactions and that money will come from taxes instead of the government taxing online casinos or even having all the online casinos government controlled then they get all the profits to be used to improve the lives of the American citizens, millions of which are bellow the poverty line if not homeless.

The American government needs to start re-thinking its policy of treating its citizens like small children, or the American people need to demand a new government.

Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Discount Roses by Next Day Air

<b>Sending Roses and Saving Money with Overnight Flowers Shippers</b>
Sending beautiful roses at a significant discount is easier than ever, thanks to a variety of direct-ship flowers sources on the Internet.   These innovative flower companies import the best rose varieties and colors fresh from growers around the world.  Then, they deliver them by overnight air direct to your special someone.  The result is often fresher, longer lasting flowers, all at substantial savings.  While overnight flowers arrive unarranged and don't offer the finished touch of a local florist delivery, they're fast becoming an extremely popular and reliable alternative for budget-conscious flower-lovers.  We set out to test three of the better sources for flowers by overnight air, placing orders for one dozen red roses at hallmark.com, flowers-delivery-florists.com, and proflowers.com.  All three orders arrived as promised on the morning of the appropriate day.  All three were well packaged with quality roses that opened nicely and lasted the better part of the week.  Which one was the best?  You decide.  Here is what we found.

When the Hallmark flowers arrived some people thought they looked a little unimpressive due to a dark color and tight buds. They hadn't opened much yet, but when they did two days later they had a pretty shape. The heads were firm, indicating healthy blooms and good hydration, and they lasted all week. Including a vase and shipping, our purchase came to $60.94. The vase was metal and didn't appeal to everyone in our office but served surprisingly well for displaying the roses. The bouquet included a couple of sprigs of Babies' Breath that didn't add much. The purchase also credited us with 500 Gold Crown points that we'll probably never use.  Ordering was easy with a choice of available gift cards displayed online.  The flowers arrived with a packet of flower food, and the whole box was decked out in an eye-catching purple color scheme.  On the whole, this was a great product, even if it did come at a premium price.

Total Cost:  $60.94 Delivered
Summary:  The highest price, a stylish vase, the most attractive packaging, and roses that arrived a bit tight but lasted all week.

<b>Flowers Delivery Florists</b>
The roses from flowers-delivery-florists.com were quickly hailed as the office favorite due to their vibrant red color and large blossoms.  At only $40.90 total, they were also the best bargain of the bunch.  The stems were thick and sturdy, indicating healthy, well-developed flowers.  After a few days the roses were still going strong, although one bloom may have been damaged in shipping as it was beginning to drop petals.  Cliché Babies' Breath was not included.  Instead, there was some tasteful foliage to complement the flowers.  While basic, the free glass vase made displaying the flowers quick and convenient.  The packaging was nice, and the roses were the only ones to come with cold packs to help preserve them during shipping.  This bouquet was an eye-catcher for five to six days.  So, at 30% less than the first order, it was definitely our pick for the best overall value.

Total Cost:  $40.90 Delivered
Summary:  The lowest price, best blossom size, and most impressive flowers upon arrival, still lasting most of the week.

The roses from Proflowers arrived before noon, which made us glad we didn't spend the extra money for "guaranteed morning delivery."  The flowers themselves were pretty, with ample fluffy white Babies' Breath included.  The price was reasonable at $44.97 delivered, but the roses arrived without any container, which made us wish we had spent the extra $9.99 for a vase.  The flower heads seemed a little soft.  After two days they looked fine, but by the end of the week they were in the poorest condition.  Ordering was easy, although we didn't like the fact that our total purchase amount was not clearly displayed until the end of the process.   The light green packaging was compelling, and flower food was included.  On the whole, the Proflowers roses were definitely good quality but just not quite as nice as the other two.

Total Cost:  $44.97 Delivered (vase not included)
Summary:   A quality product at a reasonable price that was very satisfactory but not the most economical or long lasting.

While our test is just a one-time sampling, it dramatizes how easy and inexpensive it is to send a message of love, congratulations, or thanks with roses.  All three sources performed exceedingly well, delivering superior flowers on time and without a hitch.  The stems had to be cut and dropped in water, but that was relatively easy, and all the bouquets were beautiful for at least five days.  Hallmark's flowers were particularly  long lasting, as they arrived with tighter buds, but <a href="http://www.flowers-delivery-florists.com">Flowers Delivery Florists</a> was our favorite due to its strikingly vibrant flowers and particularly low price. All three online services offer a wide selection of bouquets, vases, and delivery options.  So, check them out.  Regardless of which you choose, you're sure to find the perfect gift for someone you love.

<i>This article was written by John E. Williams, a writer and flowers lover in Chicago, Illinois and may be republished in its entirety on the Internet as long as this credit and the link above are included.

Minggu, 07 Maret 2010

Discount Perfume

Buying perfumes is expensive and buying a designer perfume is even more so. The fragrance business is a multi-million dollar industry, and with most people looking out for something special, it is not surprising that everyone is constantly searching for perfumes at a discount. If you know where to look, you can be certain to get a good bargain instead of paying too much for a small designer perfume at some up-market boutique or department store.

The general assumption is that a discount perfume means that the product is old or used or is an imitation. This is not true. Now you can get the same designer fragrances you find in department stores for sale at certain online stores. The average shelf life of most fragrances is three to five years, and some sites guarantee that their products are "fresh" and fall within the recommended shelf life.

While there are some really low prices online, buyers must check that they are purchasing authentic perfume. A low price may mean that the perfume has been diluted with water or is not originally blended by the company that manufactured the product. To ensure authenticity, only buy from sites that are already established and reputable. A common mistake is not looking at the currency for which the discounted perfume is being sold. Once converted into dollars with shipping charges added, it might not be such a bargain after all.

A good shopper will be aware about upcoming sales where there can be up to 20% discount on perfumes, sometimes even more for old stock. These kinds of sales are especially advantageous for bargain hunters, as they are definitely safer than buying perfume online. Make friends with the salesperson at a store you frequent and ask for updates on upcoming discounts on perfume. Get your name added to the company mailing list and avail yourself of discount promotions on perfumes as soon as they notify you through the mail.

Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

Die ECOOP II und ihre Millionen Chancen

Die EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP OF ONLINE POKER, ist eine Veranstaltung, die zum zweiten Mal in Europa stattfindet. Abgekürzt ECOOP II ist ein Poker Turnier, der online stattfindet. Mit großer Spannung wird die ECOOP II, anch dem großen Erfolg seines Vorgängers ECOOP, erwartet. Nur weniger Online Poker Turniere sind so beliebt wie das ECOOP II.

Im Vorjahr in Dezember 2007 sollte die ECOOP zum ersten Mal stattfinden und seine Anfänge im Poker Community machen. Doch schnell sollte sich die ECOOP als ein voller Erfolg heraus stellen. Spieler aus der ganzen Welt haben sich vor ihren PC gesetzt und gegeneinander Poker gespielt. In nur zehn Tagen wurden insgesamt 2,500,000 Dollars von verschiedenen Gewinnern einkassiert.

Die Veranstalter erwarten auf der diesjährigen ECOOP II einen noch größeren Event, mehr Spaß, mehr Spieler und natürlich viel größere Gewinne! Auch dieses Jahr findet die ECOOP ganze zehn Tage statt, mit verschiedene Poker Turniere, verschiedenen Poker Varianten und verschiedenen Poker Spieler.

Dieses Jahr wir das ECOOP II vom 23. Mai bis zum 1. Juni stattfinden. In diesen zehn Tagen haben wieder die Spieler die große Chance hohe Beträge zu gewinnen. Diesmal gibt es ganze 3,600,000 Dollars zu erspielen. 

Also Bonus können die 100 besten Spieler nun auch kostenlos beim 50,000 Dollar Freeroll von ECOOP II mitspielen.

Die europäische Meisterschaft des Online Pokers findet dieses Jahr zehn Tage statt, aufgeteilt auf verschiedene Poker Turnier Runden. und soll ihren Vorkommen übersteigen.

Die Turneire sind dieses Jahr auf folgende Zehn Tage verteilt.

Am Freitag, den 23. Mai 2008, findet die ECOOP NL Hold'em statt. Gespielt wird um 250.000 Dollars, bei einem Buy-In von 200 Dollar + 15 Dollar.

Am Samstag, den 24. Mai 2008, kann man 100.000 Dollar bei der ECOOP PLO Hi-Lo R/A gewinnen, bei einem Buy -In von nur 100 Dollar + 9 $

Am Sonntag, den 25. Mai 2008, wird beim ECOOP NL Hold'em um ganze 500.000 Dollar gespielt! Der Buy-in beträgt 300 Dollar + 20 Dollar.

Am Montag, den 26. Mai 2008, findet die ECOOP PLO Rebuy statt. Mit einem Buy-In von 100 Dollar + 9 Dollar kann man ganze 150.000 Dollar gewinnen.

Am Dienstag, den 27. Mai 2008, kann man 300.000 Dollar gewinnen. Mit einem Buy-In von 750 Dollar + 50 Dollar kann man beim ECOOP NL Hold'em mitspielen.

Am Mittwoch, den 28. Mai 2008, wird beim ECOOP NL Hold'em 6 Max um 200.000 Dollar gespielt, bei einem Buy -In von nur 200 Dollar + 15 Dollar

Am Donnerstag, den 29. Mai 2008, findet die ECOOP Limit Hold'em statt,in der man 100.000 Dollar bei einem Buy-In von 200 Dollar + 15 Dollar gewinnen kann.

Am Freitag, den 30. Mai 2008, findet die ECOOP NL Hold'em Rebuy statt. Gespielt wird um 300.000 Dollars, bei einem Buy-In von 100 Dollar + 9 Dollar.

Am Vorletzten Tag, dem 31.Mai 2008, wird noch mal um 150.000 Dollar gespielt. Wer beim ECOOP PL Omaha mitspielen will, braucht einen Buy-In für 250 Dollar + 18 Dollar.

Am letzten Tag, am Sonntag den 1. Juni 2008, können Spieler mit einem Buy-In von 1000 Dollar + 60 Dollar ganze 1.500.000 Dollar gewinnen. Dieser abschließende Meisterschaft heißt ECOOP MAIN EVENT NL Hold'em.

Als Zusatz findet am Mittwoch, den 4. Juni 2008 findet beim  ECOOP II  MVP Freeroll NL Holdem ein Freeroll statt, wo man noch mal zusätzlich 50.000 Dollar gewinnen kann.

Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Designer Handbags

With the urban rich adopting the attitude, “have money – will spend,” premium luxury brands are making a beeline for the high-end segment. Ladies are increasingly investing in fashion accessories, particularly designer handbags.

With an increase in disposable income, the potential is enormous. The biggest draw, though, is what the industry terms the image factor. Brand image has different connotations for different people. For young, it's being “in”; for the upper middle-class segment, it’s creating pockets of wealth in their lives; and for the affluent, it's an assertion of their class.

“When we establish a physical presence in any country, our target is long-term success, and not immediate returns; but we usually develop a strong customer base within a short time,” comments Prasanna Bhaskar, Retail Manager, Louis Vuitton. “About 300 Suhali Goat Leather Handbags priced at $2,893.96 were dispatched to a burgeoning market like India, but it turned out to be a gross underestimate of the demand; the entire collection sold out within two months.”  Bhaskar attributes this to the desire to associate with a well-known, high-end brand.

Another hot seller is a Marc Jacobs Quilted Venetia handbag in vintage-inspired quilted leather. Priced at $1,200.00,  the leather is complemented by brass hardware and luxe-suede interiors. The young at heart are snapping up Marc Jacobs Quilted Denim Large Hobo Banana priced at $875.00.  Everything about this Italian hobo, from the chunky brass straps to the slant zip pockets, makes it irresistible; the quilted denim is teamed with topstitched leather and signature hardware. Prada Lock Tote is in demand, too, and is characterized by antique leather trim, front flap, signature lock closure, and magnetic-snap front pockets.

Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Craps Tournaments: Winning Tips and Guidance

Craps tournaments popularity is increasing lately. If you are a novice craps player who is still intimidated by the great selection of bets or you find the fuss around the craps tables too loud, you might not be able to enjoy playing craps tournaments. If you are an enthusiastic craps shooter, taking part in a craps tournament is a great way to enjoy a more intensive craps playing experience, meet other craps fans and, of course, a chance to win bigger cash prizes as well as the desired title.

Many casinos hold different types of craps tournaments to suit the different levels of skills and budgets of the players. Here you can find tips on the different types of casino craps tournaments including tips on how to choose the most suitable and enjoyable craps tournament as possible. In addition, you can find here tips on how to win in craps tournament.

Choosing a Craps Tournament

Cost: The cost of playing in a craps tournament can range from a free entry and a low buy in to an expensive entry fee with a high buy in. The prizes, needless to say, are corresponding; the higher the entry fee the larger the grand prize. The free tournaments are usually held on a weekly basis for promotional purposes while the high stack tourneys are pre scheduled, last for more than one day and their expensive entry fees include a cocktail party, free accommodation and other freebies.

Competition: Evaluating the level of the competition you are going to face in advance can be tough. However, the number of entrants allowed to take part in the tournament can give you a basic indication on the level of the competition.

Rules: Casinos often set different rules in craps tournaments. For example, some casinos require players to place a pass or dont pass bet each play on top of any other bets or limit the proposition bet to 25 dollars.

Winning a Craps Tournament

The main difference between playing a traditional craps game and a craps tournament is that with the latter you suddenly find yourself surrounded by competitors. While in a regular craps game you are used to compete against the house, in a craps tournament you are playing against the other entrants and especially against those who have managed to accumulate the biggest amount of chips. Therefore, playing craps tournaments requires amending of you strategy. Primarily, you can no longer ignore your opponents; you must keep an eye on their moves!


Always pay attention to your opponent’s chips; bear in mind that they might have been hiding chips to confuse the other players.
Pay attention especially to your closest opponents; watch their moves and conclude your future bets so you will stay far behind.
Start by playing conservatively; place small bets on pass and come bets.
When an opportunity comes up, for example after making two consecutive points change your pattern and make dont pass bet.
If during the final rolls you are still not leading, it is time to play aggressively; place large even bet your entire bankroll on one number and then hope for the best.

Have fun.

Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

Corona system for label presses

Vetaphone has developed a compact corona treating system which consists of a small electrode-unit and a remote controlled generator with a built-in HP-transformer. The size of both generator and electrode-unit has been kept to a minimum, allowing the electrode-unit to be mounted directly in-line on narrow web presses, while the remote controlled generator can be hidden away behind the press. The remote control operating panel can be placed conveniently at the main control panel.

The range of the compact system is treatment widths of up to 500mm and an output power of up to 2000 watt, which is sufficient to treat almost any type of substrate. The stations are furnished with durable ceramic tube electrodes for treatment of both electrically conductive substrates (i.e. metallised film) and non-conductive film (PP, PE, etc).

For easier cleaning and maintenance the new narrow web stations have been through a re-design process where many improvements have been added. Among these is a pneumatic parallel sliding system that lifts the hood/electrodes away from the backing roll. This not only makes it easier to access the electrodes for cleaning, but it also makes it easier to load the film.

The control panel can optionally display the power level as either the actual generator power output in KW, or the energy delivered to the substrate in Watt min/m2. The Corona-Plus generator is fully computerised and an optional interface is available for central computer control.

Selasa, 02 Maret 2010

Consejos Sabios para Llenar el Alma

Aquí te presento una lista de consejos para que no te sientas vació, y observar al pasado con una sonrisa. Las he obtenido de una persona que estaba al final de su vida y sintió que hubiera hecho muchas cosas diferentes y ha recetado una serie de consejos para aquel que este interesado en cambiar.

1) Habla menos; escucha más.
2) Escucha a las historias de tus abuelos a cerca de su juventud. Cuando ya no este, revivirás sus llamas por sus memorias.
3) Invita a amigos para cenar o picar algo, a pesar de que tu casa no este en condiciones.
4) Come mucho chocolate.
5) Invita amigos con chicos a tu casa a pesar de que hagan lió.
6) Siéntate en el pasto a pesar de que ensucie tus pantalones.
7) No compres algo solo porque durara mucho tiempo o porque es practico, hazlo porque quieres.
8) Quédate en cama relajado si te sientes enfermo y no pretendas que el mundo no puede continuar sin ti por un día.
9) Prende las velas que tienes de adorno en el salón y déjalas encendidas. No las dejes sin uso en el armario.
10) Comparte responsabilidades de la vida con un compañero, no solo las expensas.
11) (Para las mujeres) En vez de esperar al embarazo a que se termine, disfruta cada momento en tu corazón. Aprende que la vida dentro de ti es la única oportunidad que tienes de ayudar a Dios a crear magia.
12) Deja que tus hijos de abrasen y besen cuando quiera que lo deseen. No los detengas por ninguna razón como: "mas tarde", "ve a lavarte las manos", "deberemos comer" o demás.
13) Di las próximas dos frases lo más seguido que puedas: "Te Amo" y "Lo siento."
14) Deja de preocuparte por quien te quiere o no te quiere, o que tiene quien o no tiene.
15) Valora todas las relaciones humanas personales.
16) Juega con una mascota cuando puedas. Riete y corre con ella y toma parte en sus juegos.
17) Pasa el mayor tiempo posible con la gente que te quiere.
18) Deja de transpirar por todos los pequeños detalles y problemas sin sentido de la vida.
19) Toma cada momento, míralo y déjalo. Nunca volverá de nuevo.

La persona que escribió estos sabios consejos se llamaba Susana, y tenia una hija de seis años. Susana enseño estos ideales básicos a un conocido mío y yo los he tratado de seguir también en honor a su memoria. Creo que puedo decir que convertirá a quienquiera que lo haga en una mejor persona, un mejor esposa o esposa, y en general  una persona mas feliz. Inclusive ahora creo que D'os ha bendecido a cada uno de nosotros, y deberemos aceptar estas bendiciones e intentar buscar sentirnos mas fuertes físicamente, mentalmente, y emocionalmente. Recuerda que todos tenemos la suerte de estar aquí, y aprovechar vivir la vida de la mejor manera posible, así que consejos para esa receta nunca están de mas.

Senin, 01 Maret 2010

Conoce a la Realeza y Aristocracia Europea

Una de las maneras más fáciles para conocer a tu príncipe o princesa es en los prestigiosos casinos de Europa. La realeza y Aristocracia salen a divertirse en cinco casinos en especial, y si estas adentro puedes hablar con ellos. También podrás jugar con ellos, y en contra de ellos, y si eres lo suficientemente bueno, podrás ganarles. Es emocionante la idea de haberle ganado a un rey. Estos cinco Hoteles Casinos te dan esta oportunidad.

Aquí deberás ir vestido elegante con traje o chaqueta y moño y zapatos elegantes, solo así te dejaran entrar y ser parte de la aristocracia europea, para jugar a un partido o dos de bacará con ellos.

Los Casinos alistados aquí son los mas grandes y lujosos en Europa. Su clientela no es de turistas de la temporada, sino la alta sociedad. Así que si estas buscando una forma lujosa de pasar un tiempo en el casino jugando a Dados u otro juego, puedes tirar los dados en uno de los casinos alistados aquí mientras que tus compañeros de viaje se relajan en la rivera francesa, o hacen compras en las casas de renombre en Londres o Moscú.

1) Casino de Monte Carlo, Mónaco:
Este es el sitio favorito de los ricos y famosos en Europa por mas de 150 años con el primer casino fundado por el Príncipe Carlos III de Mónaco en 1863. EL Casino de Monte Carlo es un complejo de cinco casinos "posh" ubicados en la costa decorados con un etilo rococó francés con columnas enmarmoladas, ornamentos de oro y candelabros de cristal. El ambiente te hará sentir como un participante en una película de época francesa.

2) Casino Metropol, Moscú:
La Federación Rusa tiene la mayor cantidad de casinos y maquinas tragamonedas en Europa del Este. Los mejores casinos para turistas son desde ya los que están ubicados en los hoteles. Casino Metropol, que no solo es uno de los mas elegantes en la zona sino que también es conveniente localizado en el centro de la ciudad de Moscú a solo unos minutos del Kremlin. El monto mínimo para las apuestas es de 25 en cada mesa y una noche en la suita presidencial cuesta 2,000 dólares.

3) Baden Baden Casino, Alemania:
El casino veterano europeo fue fundado en 1809 y a pesar de que ha cambiado varios dueños desde entonces, su reputación como uno de los más finos en Europa y en Alemania especialmente no ha cambiado.  Hoy en día, el Casino Baden Baden es una de las atracciones principales en la ciudad junto con los famosos baños termales. Si ignoras a los juegos de mesa y las maquinas tragamonedas. Caminar por la enorme sala se siente similar a una visita a un museo de arte europea, con exhibiciones permanentes de óleo y esculturas.

4) Clermont Club, Londres Inglaterra:
Si visitas Inglaterra, no puedes solo ir a cualquier casino sin ser miembro previamente. SI decidas seguir ese procedimiento, el Clermont Club en Berkley es uno de los clubes de apuestas con mejor reputación alrededor. Construido en el siglo 17, fue diseñado para parecerse al Great Hall en Holkham. También, el casino Clermont Club incluye una sala de apuestas amistosa y conveniente, con un bar donde los miembros y sus invitados pueden disfrutar de un banquete con una botella de champaña de estilo. Recuerda que jugar en casinos en línea es legal ahora en Inglaterra así que puedes hacerlo desde cualquier café online.

5) Casino Barriere de Deauville, Francia:
El elegante casino resort ha inspirado a Ian Fleming en su primera novela de James Bond Casino Royale. Fundado en 1860 por Duc de Morny, este extravagante lugar es uno de los hermosos <a href="http://www.gambling-portal.com">casinos</a> en el mundo. Además de sus facilidades en apuestas, Casino Barriere ofrece variedad de entretenimiento exclusivo, espectáculos y eventos artísticos.