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Keeping Current With Home Wiring Projects

Some people get a charge out of doing their own home electrical work. Others fear getting zapped or creating even bigger repair problems. No matter which category fits you, there's a handy guide that lets you get current with the latest techniques-which could save you a bundle on service calls, as well as increasing the wattage of your smile.

"The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Home Wiring: 3rd Edition" (Creative Publishing International, $24.95) expands on the popular volume that has sold more than half a million copies, with tried-and-true projects and the latest fixtures-and enough information to help do-it-yourselfers meet the requirements of the 2005 National Electrical Code.

For example, one of the biggest challenges facing homeowners today is hooking up the many electronic components they own-computers and printers, home theaters and surround-sound systems, CD and DVD and DVR units, to name a few. Getting electronics to operate together correctly has its own dedicated chapter on how to solve this common source of frustration. You'll learn everything you need to know about home media connections, including how to create a high-definition home theater with surround sound. The book also includes:

• A full range of repair and upgrade wiring projects;

• Special circuit maps that take all the guesswork out of wiring lights, switches, receptacles and appliances;

• A dedicated chapter on connecting and networking home electronics; and

• Descriptions of how to use state-of-the-art wireless technology, such as "Bluetooth" and "wi-fi."

This last item is essential because technology is helping create homes with fewer and fewer wires and greater and greater freedom of movement and communication. The final chapter in the book covers this exciting technology, and will show you how to integrate computers, printers, telephones, audio and video equipment and more-all with no wires attached.

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Quest for the Source of Darkness - Book Review

Quest for the Source of Darkness, Patricia Perry’s first novel, has an action fantasy story line with a strong mystery theme and an interesting romantic twist. This is no short novel, at 422 pages you’ll be kept entertained for quite a while.

The main hero character is a strong and gifted woman who is stricken with a form of memory loss. Little flashes of memory come to her, but she is frustrated with not knowing who she is and what her origins are. All she can remember is her name, Ramira.

Baffled in a tumultuous world of elves, dwarves and desert nomads, whose inability to co-exist peacefully could spell doom for all. They are forced to work together to battle the evil Mahn and his minions, a variety of demons from the low demons called Kreetch to the terrifying Vox, who are capable of possessing a body and torturing its soul for centuries.

The Elf Kings, Alyxandyr and Gard, and their royal peers - the Dwarf King, Seven, and the rulers of the Herkahs, Zada and Allad - converge together at the gates of grand city of Bystyn. Together their people find solace in numbers while they prepare to battle the sourcerous evil. Ramira discovers her power and learns that she is not meant to be alone. There is also a powerful seer and the hidden elf magic to aid her – but they all must grow in strength if there is to be any hope at all.

Patricia does not explain things in this novel. Instead, the book expertly unfolds little tantalizing bits to the reader at just the right pace. Quest for the Source of Darkness is a larger-sized book that will take the reader on fantasy adventure for many days.

ISBN#: 141377427X
Author: Patricia Perry
Publisher: Publish America

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The Island off Stony Point - Book Review

Keith Sinteris and his wife Malena (the brains of the operation) hire three skilled accomplices (Stony, Bartolo and Duane) to kidnap three hostages from a monastery along with the holy tabernacle containing consecrated "bread". For all her planning, Malena had no way of knowing just how awry the hostage taking could go.

Detective Jessica Harding and FBI Agent Rob Dexter are on the case. Strong willed and quick witted, Jessica puts the FBI agent in his place from the moment the two were introduced. Intrigued, Rob cannot get her out of his mind. With so few clues, the odds are stacked against the two "good guys", yet they struggle on while the immense ransom demands continue to haunt the Catholic Church.

This is a well-told story line involving a mysterious home on an island that has a distinctive secret. The author uses scenes such as the fantastic cave hideout, the lung-busting chore of stashing loot and a magnificent storm to heighten interest.

There are several unique aspects to this suspense-filled novel over others in the adventure crime thriller genre. For one thing, the two women are the strongest characters - both leaders and quick thinkers, but on opposite sides. The Island off Stony Point certainly conveys the inherent goodness of people but also shows the great lengths that desperate and driven people will pursue. I also thought it was interesting that this is actually the second novel involving the leading hostage character, a Father Martin – who was in Regis’s first novel, The Oculi Incident.

Kudos to author Regis Schilken for this excellent novel!

Author: Regis Schilken
Publisher: Bridgeway Books
ISBN#: 1-933538-13-9
Pages: 220

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Peter Kent: Search Engine Optimization for Dummies (Book Review)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a field overshadowed by sensational claims and sometimes dubious practices. If your business has a website, you naturally want it to obtain high rankings in the major search engines so that potential customers can find you. Yet you might be suspicious of companies that promise to catapult your website to #1 ranking in almost no time ot announce that they will submit your site to thousands of search engines and web directories.

Peter Kent's book in the For Dummies series offers a useful introduction to search engine optimization. He starts out by surveying the various search sites and search systems and explains who gets results from whom. He then suggests how yo give your website a quick makeover to give it greater visibility.

Throughout the book, Kent repeatedly emphasiszes functionality over slick web technologies that might actually hinder search engines in finding your site. His second emphasis is on content as a lure for search engines.

Kent uses a fictitious website on "rodent racing" to give the reader very specific advice on picking the right keywords, getting into search engines, optimizing code, finding specialized directories, and much more. With over 350 pages (and a detailed index), this book offers you a wealth of suggestions and useful advice, whether you want to improve your website's ranking by yourself or hire a SEO firm to do it.

While the "For Dummies" series of books varies quite a bit in quality, this volume can be recommended. What is particularly useful is the associated website that contains all the links mentioned in the book.

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Your Flight Questions Answered

Whether you are an experienced air traveler or a novice, John Cronin's book, "Your Flight Questions Answered," has a little bit of something for everyone.

Written more as a reference guide, Cronin's book covers the many questions the flying public can have before, during, and after flight. Cronin divides his book into seven sections each containing several questions with detailed answers: flight cancellations and delays, baggage handling, weather, air traffic control, airports, airliners, and pilots. His questions are written in basic form, much like the questions a concerned passenger would ask who is unfamiliar with flying. For example, one question he covers: what are those tiny pieces of metal sticking straight up from the wing? He details his answer with the explanation that they are vortex generators, which create a vortex that prevents air from separating from the wing or other surface area on an aircraft. Cronin breaks down his explanations further with additional details and often includes a supporting picture or graph to visually stress the answer.

For those who frequently take to the air, Cronin covers a number of the more difficult questions regarding aircraft instrumentation, airport markings, and cabin pressure; these are things that we probably know something about but may be unable to give a satisfactory answer to the inquiring passenger. Although the questions may seem more directed toward passengers flying on an airliner, business aircraft crew may find Cronin's book a handy reference to have available to their passengers as well.

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The Letter Writer: Book Review

I enjoyed reading this book. The characters were portrayed very well. Jack, a multimillionaire who experiences mid-life crisis and ends up finding meaning to his life – but it costs him millions of dollars and emotional pain. Adele is a heavy-drinking, free-living, multimillionaire with an independent mind and a sense of humor. Wendy, a single mother who finds the love of her life. Mixed up educators playing with their students’ lives in their conquest and the retiring professor who resists this plot has a big secret. A married advisor carries on an affair with another man and when he is discovered, he thinks his world has ended.

I would say this fiction is a light comedy that is quite entertaining and has some romance elements as well. Author Robert Mercer-Nairne brings attention to common human frailties with a sense of fun. He clearly reveals the desire to ‘get rich quick’ in North American Society. Members of this society tend to hear what we WANT to hear and perceive the greener pasture out there somewhere – rather than in the here and now.

Readers are shown the foolishness of following others blindly and the danger of where our greed can take us. Innocents can have their life irrevocable altered by someone else’s desire to climb a corporate or social ladder. The benefit of spiritual leaders to help ground the characters in this novel, helping them learn to forgive themselves and move on in life is used at several points in the story.

I recommend this book for anyone looking for a light, entertaining read.

ISBN#: 0974814105
Publisher: Gritpoul, Inc
Author: Robert Mercer-Nairne

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Fire in the Ice: Book Review

An excellent novel that will wring tears of frustration and pain and then tears of joy from the reader.'Fire in the Ice’ is a perfect title for this book.

The passion, confusion and anger that the main character (Deedra) felt, along with her pain over the loss of her parents and the death of her young husband caused her to cover her heart, lock it away and live only through a deep survival mode. (Thus the "Ice".) Encountering Josh, she became filled with fear at what could be her first experiences with real love and true passion and she nearly loathed him for disrupting her carefully constructed world. However, Deedra was not along in her fear of feeling – Josh too lived through a horrendous relationship that left him wary of commitment. Her constant rebuttal was hard on Josh, who was used to getting what he wanted, but his persistence and love released her from her own prison and helped Deedra realize that she had never really lived at all – but only existed. None of Deedra’s journey through her Self was possible without the loyal support of her dear friend, Marcy.

This romance novel had some very steamy parts (the "Fire") that, though not over-used, were certainly so well written that this shy reviewer was blushing furiously while reading them – much to the amusement of my husband!

Katlyn Stewart has done an excellent job pulling the reader into the lives of her characters and feeling their pain and elation. I would not hesitate to pick up another title authored by Katlyn.

Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
ISBN#: 141373278X
Author: Katlyn Stewart

Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Silent Lies - Book Review

Silent Lies is an action romance saga, that takes the reader through decades of a tumultuous time between the end of World War I and the beginnings of World War II. Excellent and intelligent use of actual historical events makes this piece both educational and entertaining.

Leo, a young Hungarian boy who sees too many horrors and deceit, barely survives while family and friends are slaughtered. He finds himself alone, again and again. Subsisting on his uncanny ability to mimic behavior and languages, a gift that keeps him alive – and in serious trouble, he travels from Hungary to Paris. Leo is innocently trapped by very ruthless and influential people and he is forced to run for the sanctuary of Shanghai. There, both his greatest hopes and greatest fears come true.

This is an endearing story of a love that many can only experience in dreams. It is about self-sacrifice – of enduring when all hope is gone and strength is fading. Readers witness the consequences of the political and personal choices that Leo is forced to make. Personally, I had to brush away a little water from my eyes a few times in the story.

Without hesitation, I give Silent Lies high ratings because the author has provided an exceptional piece of work. I look forward to the second book to find out what else will happen in Maggy and Leo’s adventurous lives.

ISBN#: 1563527502
Author: M.L. Malcolm
Publisher: Long Street Press

Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Dragon Tales - Review

Dragon Tales by Mary C. Fairbanks is truly and entertaining book, chock full of twenty-four dragon stories. Perfect for youth from the age of five to fifteen, even adults would be charmed by its pages. The images are unique and interesting, with a style that left me with the impression they were created on a computer.

Caregivers are likely to find the morals to each story helpful to deal with youth problems with social interaction, self-image, overcoming self-absorption, understanding others and more. The author tackles many issues through her lovable, yet egotistical dragons or even through sad and lonely dragons. She shows the importance of freedom and dictates communities working together to solve problems peacefully. The confusion between the way that dragons and humans view each other in this book will aid against racism. Her characters learn to not passively accept what everyone else believes and live by another’s prejudices. Instead, Mary has the characters find out for themselves what is the truth. Often, the young characters have to ‘think’ their way out of a situation or learn to ask the right questions - rather than fighting it or running away from problems.

I would recommend this fictional, children’s book of short stories to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

ISBN#: 1554102545
Author: Marie C. Fairbanks
Publisher: Zumaya Otherworlds

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Moon Child - Book Review

Moon Child by Simone Maroney is a larger sized adventure, fantasy novel with 55 chapters. The story line involves complex relationships between six main characters, which are delicately balanced leaving room for intrigue.

Hanna, the chief character, was selected from birth by the Goddess, given special training and endowed with ‘gifts’ the elders call the ‘Memories’. As Hanna goes through many travelling adventures, she becomes respected and known as the ‘One’ a ‘Reader’ and a ‘Healer’.

Her father, a priest and a shaman in the village tries to protect her while making Hanna learn to stand on her own. Manon, a dear friend and fellow ‘Healer’, helps Hanna find a position in the same village that tried to kill her. Raer, her childhood friend, whose brain was inadvertently injured during play, becomes a valuable aid to Hanna and her adopted village. Janna, Hanna’s archenemy, keeps people at attention with her evil and treacherous behavior. A little romance is thrown in with Jio, also known as ‘Maih’, who is actually Janna’s brother.

So much is going on in the book that readers may find themselves stopping to retrace a few pages. I enjoyed reading this novel and found that it reminded me a little of Clan of the Cave Bear – because of the tribal differences, traveling and ‘gifts’ the chief character endures. Sometimes being selected by the Gods brings a tumultuous life!

ISBN#: 1933157046
Author: Simone Maroney
Publisher: Draumr Publishing

Senin, 21 Maret 2011

I Hear Gaea - Book Review

I have to say that I found this work simply breath-taking from the first poem on. Tessa Crigger focuses on issues of conscious living, anti-racism, natural resource consumption, the necessity of finding alternatives and the importance of the individual. At the end of the book, she gives readers a glimpse into her personal life, which I think was helpful in understanding the author.

Her unique style made me feel teleported to a warm night, a warming campfire and sitting quietly while listening to ancient stories and lessons orated by elders. It was a wonderful feeling.

Tessa insists upon the power of the individual: "act upon these things and turn no more blind eyes, become what we were meant to be and at least give it a try". Her passion for the health of the planet is quite admirable.

I was honestly so taken with what Tessa had to say, I even wrote the following quotes out for my bulletin board: "Nations are built upon it and wars are fought to keep it, when all along we should be looking for a way to heal it" and "The children must be given more than a picture or a museum, the nature of our planet cannot be found in a coliseum".

Though a little long, her poems had many valuable thoughts to share and did not seem to ramble or get redundant. I truly believe her work will help influence others to make an effort for a positive change. Just like ripples in the pond, each one of us can have a very real and important impact, even with the smallest of actions.

Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Barbecue Is The PITS! New Book - Gets Grillin' NASCAR Style

Want the inside track on what fuels the stars of NASCAR? Get it straight from the winner's circle with grill master, Big John Youk. Big John changed the way NASCAR eats by making winning food for champion drivers. In his new book BIG JOHN'S SPEEDWAY GRILL: Racing Tales & Sizzling Recipes from the NASCAR Tracks, he brings his straight-shooting techniques for great barbecue from the speedway to your driveway.

BIG JOHN'S SPEEDWAY GRILL is more than just food. The book is an inside look at NASCAR literally straight from the gut with stories and anecdotes about stars like Kyle Petty, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart alongside the food they love to eat. Foods from In the Pot-Hole Chicken to Teach Those Brats a Lesson to Swimming to Freedom Swordfish to Dumpster Divin' Pecan Bars (named for Kyle Petty who literally dumpster dove for them), Big John Delivers.

Big John puts tailgating and backyard bashes on track with his surefire recipes, all of them easy to prepare and hearty enough to satisfy a fierce appetite. The recipes contain no obscure ingredients. This is grilling for the everyday barbecue chef, without any complicated maneuvers. "Big John's Speedway Grill" serves up sizzling platters of easy, crowd-pleasing winners like these:

• I Want My Baby Back Ribs: Big John shows how to grill 'em to perfection-so tender the meat is falling off the bone, with every bite delivering the sweet-and-sour flavors of brown sugar, onion and garlic.

• Oh Say Can You Sea Lobsta & Steamas: A turkey fryer becomes a lobster pot.

• Holy Cow Ribeyes & Spuds: The secret is to start marinating the meat hours in advance, and give the potatoes plenty of grilling time.

• Barbecue Beef Sandwiches: Chuck roast, Louisiana hot sauce and onion buns are the trifecta in this juicy speedway favorite.

• Dumpster Divin' Pecan Bars: They're so good they sent Kyle Petty bounding into a Dumpster to retrieve a batch tossed out by mistake.

Categorized by region, from the Carolinas to the Great Lakes and the Southwest, with stops at world-class tracks in between, "Big John's Speedway Grill" is also packed with insider NASCAR memories that readers will relish while they're chowing down.

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Ten Times Guilty - Book Review

Brenda Hill’s passion for the world of writing and her experiences as an editor, proofreader and educator have definitely worked exceptionally well together to develop her book - Ten Times Guilty. This suspense thriller is truly an outstanding novel. I do not mean to sound clichĂ© when I say that I had difficulty setting aside this review project. In fact, for two days I had forgotten about lunch entirely!

Sergeant Reese and his partner, Captain Cooper, are on the case of a serial rapist and stalker. Tracy Micheals, a young single mother from a neglected childhood, is struggling to make a better life when she is brutally assaulted and terrorized by a stalker. Sergeant Reese suspects Tracy’s attacker is the same man he is hunting for – but so far, none of the surviving victims are willing to break through their terror and help the police bring the mad-man in. Tracy knows in her heart that Reese is the only one who can save her life and lovable Suzy Banning is the one person who can save her mind. But does she dare to let them help her?

The author displays her skill right from the first few sentences, which really grabbed hold of me, dragged me into the story and would not let me go. The novel has incredible insight to the daily troubles that rape victims endure. From medical procedures and healing – both physically and mentally – all were well done without being too technical. Historical and present-day societal views of rape are discussed with clarity and understanding. I loved how she portrayed the support systems and enjoyed following along with the police who chased clues along the trail. The level of suspense was consistent throughout the book and each character’s inner battles were clearly portrayed. Brenda Hill certainly deserves to sit among the ranks of best-selling writers like Nora Roberts (Carolina Moon), William Diehl (Thai Horse) and Trevanian (Shibumi)!

ISBN#: 142410089
Author: Brenda Hill
Publisher: Publish America

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Shadow of an Indian Star - Book Review

Shadow of an Indian Star is a 500-page historical fiction set in the early 1800’s. It accurately brings life to a fascinating era of gun slinging, saloon drinking, hard work, rough living and bittersweet romance. The exploits of heroes, villains and those just trying to survive during this tumultuous era are certain to keep readers aching to turn the next page.

A rich family lore, with momentary appearances of well-known historical characters such as Billy the Kid and General Custer, was remembered and passed on to each new generation until Bill Paul and his wife Cindy became curious enough to determine the accuracy of the tales. As it turned out, the stories were true!

Map-lovers will enjoy the insert within the first few pages, which depicts the area that this story takes place in. Three generations of the Paul family history and their bitter feuds are divided into segments, one for each generation. A simple family tree is provided on the last page.

Little known facts of the Native Indian tribe known as the Chickasaw Nation along with the life of early settlers in Oklahoma could be excellent reading for history classes. Readers will witness the Trail of Tears and learn about callous and greedy settlers and a corrupt government. Readers will also see the grace and pride between both peoples in their uninhibited generosity, genuine grief for each other and intense inter-racial romances.

Authors Bill and Cindy Paul are both well educated individuals. Bill holds a degree in animal science, while Cindy has degrees in biology and environmental science. The couple resides in the very same valley and maintains the family graveyard that is written about in their first novel, Shadow of an Indian Star.

I am completely in awe of the authors’ talent and superb story-telling capabilities.
This tale was amazing and I enjoyed the ride immensely. There is no doubt in my mind that this book needs to be seen by movie or TV series producers.

ISBN#: 097559222X
Author: Bill and Cindy Paul
Publisher: Synergy Books

Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Reality Checked - Book Review

Reality Checked – Life through Death, is a moving saga about finding meaning in a world of suffering and pointless hate based on the color of skin. Former school teacher and Theologist, Victor Waller has incorporated many of life’s issues through the lives of his characters who were forced to make decisions in hopeless situations. Racism, revenge and hate are rampant in this book. Domestic abuse and the dangers hidden within our society’s foster care system are also addressed.

There is only one main character – Catherine Brown – along with a host of supporting characters. Catherine grows up under the terrible threat of racism - which many use simply as an excuse to harm another human. In fact, her father and uncle were orphaned at a very young age through a racist attack. The fairy-tale romance of her parents slid away as fears of her father’s suspected infidelity enforces her mother’s accusations that she is being poisoned. Never really knowing the truth, Catherine stumbles through her youth and into adulthood.

Unfortunately, a disturbed individual brutally murders her family and Catherine is dragged away by the police and incarcerated for many years. She survived the harsh environment through the friendship of her cellmate – and their hunger for revenge.

As an old woman, Catherine is only free from the bars of her prison. Her body is now her jailer – it is discovered that she inherited her mother’s mysterious illness. Thinking she had no family remaining alive, Catherine is surprised when she is invited to a family reunion. This reunion proves to be one of Catherine’s greatest challenges. As she seeks to repair the family discord, she is contacted by a person from the past and her chance for revenge is handed to her on a silver platter.

Victor Waller has created an important and meaningful story in Reality Checked. In fact, the work is well titled. The novel provokes the reader to question their own choices in life - and possibly, to release some of the pessimistic inner voices which influence their decisions.

I give this 377 page novel the highest of ratings with no hesitation, what-so-ever."

ISBN#: 0976498103
Author: Victor Waller
Publisher: Turn Key Press

Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

The Road of Silk: Book Review

The Road of Silk is an adventure fantasy, with mystical and magical elements and a high energy feel to it that any reader will enjoy. Although this novel is written for an adult audience, I believe anyone over the age of 10 could easily become immersed in its pages. This is a co-written work between Matt Afsahi and Barbara Dysonwilliams, who have written many of their own books in the past. In The Road of Silk, they successfully combined their wide range of knowledge in journalism, art, archaeology, literature and languages into a wonderful piece of work.

Six main characters play important parts in this battle of good against evil - where there is little hope of survival. Running is not an option, as it would only result in a gruesome war. Queen Yasmin, a stunningly beautiful young woman, is more than willing to sacrifice herself and marry an evil King whom she cannot love for something bigger than herself - the safety of her people. For her, war is a tragedy to be avoided at all costs, even if it means sacrificing love and happiness.

Queen Yasmin finds love where she did not expect it, and learns hidden family secrets that alter her future forever. She discovers a great power within herself and the journey helps her to find the strength and confidence that will help her rule justly and wisely. Along the way a deep friendship develops between unlikely characters that breaks through belief systems and ingrained feelings of duty.

Forced to make choices in challenging situations helps the six main characters grow into better (or sometimes worse) people. They all end up facing their greatest fears and their choices will determine their fate.

The Road of Silk was definitely an entertaining read. It had a smooth story line with interesting characters and had a sense of fun and energy to it throughout. I felt the authors were trying to tell readers that friendship and honor will seek us out when we live consciously. Living is about choices, after all – and few of the choices are easy.

ISBN#: 0974764469
Authors: Matt Afsahi and Barbara Dysonwilliams
Publisher: Synergy Books

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Valerie Hector: The Art of Beadwork: Historic Inspiration, Contemporary Design

Valerie Hector's The Art of Beadwork: Historic Inspiration, Contemporary Design (ISBN 0-8320-0307-8) is an interesting combination of the historical and cultural analysis of various beadmaking traditions and the presentation of works by modern designers who were inspired by these traditions.

There are numerous books on contemporary bead designs, as well as many histories of beadmaking (which may go back as much as 75,000 years, see http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news

The book looks at a number of ethnic and historical beadwork traditions:

- Han Beadwork (Mainland China)
- Ancient Japanese Beadwork
- Kathi Beadwork (Guajarat State, India)
- Sa'dan Toraja Beadwork (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
- Straits Chinese Beadwork (Penang, Malaysia)
- Kenyah Beadwork (Indonesian/Malaysian Borneo)
- Ambai Island Beadwork (Indonesian New Guniea)
- Ancient Egyptian Beadwork
- Yoruba Beadwork (Nigeria)
- Maasai Beadwork (Kenya)
- Dinka Beadwork (Sudan)
- Xhosa Beadwork (South Africa)
- Ndebele Beadwork (South Africa)
- Msinga (Zulu) Beadwork (South Africa)
- Seventeenth Century English Beadwork
- J. M. van Selow Beadwork (1760s Germany)
- Wiener Werkstätte Beadwork (1920s Austria)
- Funerary Beadwork (France)
- Plains and Plateau Beadwork
- Achomawi/Atsugewi Beadwork (California)
- Huichol Beadwork (Mexico)
- Chimu Beadwork (Peru)

Each chapter has a short description of the historical beading tradition, sometimes with fascinating anecdotes (I liked the one about the "bead trees" that beads supposedly come from), followed by projects by contemporary bead artists based on each of these traditions. Each project is shown with photos and detailed diagrams.

The overall impression is one of awe at the incredible creativity of the human mind that has turned these small objects into dazzling and amazing creations in so many cultures and so many periods. Even if you are not interested in recreating any of the designs presented here, The Art of Beadwork is a fascinating book that you will most likely return to again and again.

Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Add Years To Your Life With Whole Grains

Recent studies conclude that whole grains can boost weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduce risk of diabetes and cancer, and increase overall heart health. In addition, over 600 new products containing whole grains were introduced by food companies in 2005-a sure sign that the whole grain revolution is upon us.

Yet a recent study from the Whole Grains Council found that 68 percent of Americans are unaware that they should be eating three daily servings of whole grains. Forty-seven percent said they were looking for practical ways to incorporate whole grains into their everyday diets.

A new book called "The Whole Grain Diet Miracle" (DK Publishing, $24.95) may help. Written by Dr. Lisa Hark and Dr. Darwin Deen, it explains whole grains-and how to easily add them to your diet-in an understandable way. The book provides scientific facts, easy-to-understand overviews of the "16 miracle grains," a two-week jump-start menu, four-week whole grain diet and 50 delicious recipes.

The book advocates what its authors refer to as a sensible eating plan that promotes better health without deprivation. Instead of telling readers to stop eating a whole category of foods, Drs. Hark and Deen encourage them to eat more whole grains by providing a number of whole grain food options. For instance, readers are encouraged to experiment with the more exotic (but still readily available) grains such as amaranth, quinoa, and millet, while basic cooking instructions and simple recipes help even the most skittish cook take the whole grain plunge.

The result, according to the authors, is a "pain-free" way to improve overall health, lose weight and stave off disease.

In addition, the book answers some basic but common whole grain questions including: What are they? Where are they found? What will they do to my body? How much do I need to eat to get the health benefits? Are whole grains "good carbs"?

Dr. Hark says with the book's help, readers will find it easy to fit in the three servings of whole grains recommended by the 2005 U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Living in Darkness - Book Review

Award winning author John Roynesdal, is a retired English teacher who has written for more than 15 years and produced 3 books for his Phillip Michael Carnegie Mystery series. Throughout the series, John focuses on issues that prevail on mankind: greed, prejudice, poverty, dysfunctional families and the conflict between traditional and modern societies. Living in Darkness, a 265-page mystery novel, is the third book in this series.

Here, we have a serial killer at large. Detective Carnegie and his coworkers Paul and Nick are out to solve the case. Clues point to many possibilities and keep the team working hard. Is it the work of a homophobe? Or a case of mad revenge? Or pointless youth rage? Juliana, their insightful and caring friend has often aided in cases in the past – and this one is no different. Inspired by the work of another man, Juliana is attempting to open a safe house for runaway gay children but she is obstructed by zealous religious leaders.

The boss, "Fats", wants to see the serial killer case closed and it seems that it should be – but Detective Carnegie feels something is not quite right. He continues the investigation without consent and stumbles on some clues that change everything.

This book promotes freedom and a willingness to live and let live regarding sexuality. Good points were made about prohibition making various sexual urges into something secretive and devious. I felt that John did a wonderful job depicting the stresses of the homosexual. Readers are shown the stigma that is placed on them as soon as they are known as "gay". The reaction of employers and family was interesting and the prejudice homosexuals endure was enlightening. The story line definitely brings awareness to the hateful and disgusting crime of gay-bashing.

ISBN#: 1411626702
Author: John A. Roynesdal
Publisher: Lulu Press

Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Violet the Pilot in Hawaii - Review

Violet the Pilot in Hawaii is the third book of a children’s series written by author Bettina Bathe. One of the very first striking aspects of this book is the illustrator’s use of bright colored fish and birds, a flowery helicopter, tropical scenery and agriculture within the Hawaiian Island region. The illustrations by Barbara Fortin (www.bellocchioillustration.com) also reveal lush forest and wildlife scenes including a myriad of creatures that dwell in the waters surrounding the islands.

This adventure begins when two Hawaiian youth, Kimo and Malia, request a scenic tour ride in Violet’s purple helicopter. As always, safety comes first for Violet, and they spend a few moments discussing air currents and looking at maps before starting out.

Violet and her passengers are accompanied by as they fly above tropical forests, a beautiful waterfall, interesting volcanoes and agricultural fields. The adventure is interrupted when they are called upon to help rescue a baby whale. Thanks to Violet’s confident pilot skills and her loyal animal and insect friends, the frightened whale is returned to her pod. These unlikely heroes arrive to their destination safely and celebrate with a Luau and a feast. This is no ordinary feast – the table is laden with all kinds of Hawaiian foods. And later, they are entertained by Hula Dancers and Violet plays her Ukulele.

The author incorporates real life terms in her books, yet she is able to explain things in a way that young people can clearly understand. The last page has an illustration with all three of the flags from the countries Violet has worked in so far. These could be excellent teaching and memory tools for the reader to use with children. However, Violet the Pilot in Hawaii offers more than entertainment and education - the author has also dedicated a portion of the sales of this book to the Canadian Red Cross. Additionally, Bettina’s website (www.violetthepilot.com) offers contests and awards for young readers for her young readers to enjoy.

ISBN#: 0-9738290-1-X
Author: Bettina Bathe
Illustrator: Barbara Fortin
Publisher: Violet the Pilot Enterprises, Inc.
Published: January 2006

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Buddha in the Boardroom

Recently chosen by Writer’s Digest magazine as one of the best new self-published books of 2005, ‘Buddha in the Boardroom’ is a clever and entertaining blend of business challenges and Buddhist philosophy.

“What a charming book! MacConnell and Mosher have successfully juxtaposed wonderful, simple Buddhist wisdom with the everyday ordinary, focusing on work life. Indeed, why not have a Buddha in the Boardroom. For that matter, simple Buddhist wisdom is helpful anywhere…This is an easy, very pleasant read - with great substance.”

Writer’s Digest magazine

Learn the secrets of the original self-help Guru. Over 2,500 years ago The Buddha shared with his followers what Western medicine has realized less than 200 years ago: emotional suffering can be just as painful and debilitating as physical suffering.

Buddhism teaches us that if we learn to handle our relationships properly our life will be easier. Learn how your chaotic and stressful workplace environment is really a series of relationships, whether it is with your boss, co-workers, customers, salesmen, competition, or suppliers. Each chapter shows how by learning to handle these workplace relationships properly, you not only increase your chances of success, but your job can actually becomes less stressful and more enjoyable.

“You will see yourself and everyone you know in the chapters of this book.”
Heather McGough

Sometimes funny and sometimes serious, discover for yourself why ‘Buddha in the Boardroom’ has been called ‘the business book that is inspirational.’ Chapters include: competition, conflicts, controlling anger, risk taking, ethics, handling change, teamwork, goal setting, time management and many more in 30 chapters and 138 pages.

Buddhism is universally accepted because it is not in conflict with any religion nor with science. See for yourself why Buddhism is not for everyone, it’s only for those who want to live a happier and more productive life.

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Pumping Your Muse - Book Review

Pumping Your Muse is a 136-page non-fiction, self-help writer’s manual that is conveniently available in both electronic and print format. The hardcopy is coil-bound – perfect for an inviting workbook.

Published just recently in June 2005, this book belongs on every writer’s reference bookshelf. Donna Sundblad’s goal for her manual has certainly been met, as Pumping Your Muse is able to stretch the readers’ creativity beyond their normal limits by developing skills and focusing creative energies in new directions.

The author focuses on the ability to build worlds through a variety of exercises including reflections, perspectives, balance, using multiple sensory tools and expanding thinking patterns. Readers will learn about tracking implements such as cards, journals and maps that help develop a detailed world for the reader and make the book a whole experience.

Following every exercise like a home-school class will take several weeks and will definitely improve creative writing skills. Pumping Your Muse could also be used as a refresher course, a tool during the proofreading processes of a manuscript, or to get past writer’s block.

Donna Sundblad keeps the continuity flowing at an interesting pace and has allowed space for notes at the end of every chapter. Her useful manual also includes a number of excellent writer’s resource websites.

I recommend that readers review the entire manual and then return to chapter one before they actually begin the program. In this way, the reader will be more familiar with the reasons and goals for each exercise. I’ve been anticipating my return to chapter one since I began the reviewing process of this book and have no doubt that my skills will be improved because of the exercises in this manual.

ISBN#: 0970863578
Author: Donna Sundblad
Publisher: ePress-online.com ~ Writopia, Inc.

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How to Write a Summary

Read the paragraphs carefully. Determine its structure. Identify the inventor's resolution in literature. (This will help you to distinguish between more worthy and less high-ranking word.)

Reread, label, and underline. This time division the piece into sections or time of held. The author's use of will often be a suitable influence. Label, on the corridor itself, each section or time of said. Underline key way of thinking and terms.

Write one-sentence abstract, on a autonomous sheet of paper, of each of alleged.

Write a thesis--a one-sentence summary of the unqualified growth. The thesis express the crucial idea of the part, as you have resolute it from the preceding staircase. You may find it effective to keep in mind the material limited in the lead sentence or column of most newspaper stories--the what, who, why, where, when, and how of the matter. For winning passages, digest in a sentence the essayist's conclusion. For colorful passages, show the follower of the report and its key countryside. Note: In some assignment a apposite thesis may before now be in the original passage. If so, you may want to citation it clearly in your summary.

Write the first waft of your summary by (1) combining the thesis with your list of one-sentence abridgment or (2) combining the thesis with one-sentence digest plus important facts from the channel. In either case, abolish repetition. Eliminate less crucial statistics. Disregard secondary details, or generalize them. Use as few text as conceivable to take the main point of view.

Check your summary against the original enactment, and make whatever correction are essential for exactitude and completeness.

Revise your summary, embedding provisional dispute and expression where necessitous to ensure unity. Check for style. Avoid succession of short, shifting condemnation. Combine judgment for a easy, commonsense flow of ideas. Check for right exactness, punctuation, and presage.

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Cremator's Revenge - Book Review

Author, Margaret LeNois demonstrates excellent story-telling capabilities in her 272-page fiction novel, Cremator’s Revenge.

The title was perfect choice for the book. Here we have a very disturbed serial killer working as a cremator at the very graveyard where his beloved grandmother lay. Obsessed with her death, a twisted kind of religion, a benevolent hate for destitute people and being a loner, took a toll on him. It seemed, for a while at least, that refuge could be found in tending his beautiful gardens out in the Florida sunshine.

The author is brutally realistic and shows a true understanding of people in less privileged situations and the life circumstances that brought them there. We are shown how street people, or "streeters", survive the elements, avoid dangers and locate food. The huge benefits that the meals, clothes, showers and comfort that volunteers provide is a gift that cannot be measured for those who have no access to these things. The "streeters" creation of tight and protective substitute families, aid against the prejudice within society. And those that aim for greener pastures face huge challenges.

The heart-thumping pace is kept steady with the author’s skilled use of fear, righteous wrath and revenge - emotions that today’s society can relate to and on some level, even cheer. A tense romance triangle between a feisty reporter, a frustrated cop and a destitute military veteran really spices things up. There were sections of such chilling horror that I shivered, but couldn’t break away from reading just one more page.

I absolutely loved reading this psychological thriller and highly recommend it to readers who like a book that is hard to set down.

ISBN#: 0976773201
Author: Margaret M. LeNois
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

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A Spiritual Journey Sparked By Katrina's Wake

A pilot and reporter who has risked her life on the battlefield has taken on a new target-the human suffering experienced during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

Author Cholene Espinoza's response to what she saw on a trip to Mississippi after the storm-and what she learned about herself-forms the basis for a book dedicated to rebuilding what Katrina washed away.

The book, "Through The Eye Of The Storm" (Chelsea Green, $14.00), is described as a rallying cry for working Americans who survived the storm and an indictment of the public and commercial sources of assistance that failed them.

Espinoza details what she calls the seemingly insurmountable red tape and what she describes as barriers to assistance for people "who have no means to complain or demand better." She sees her book as a story of loss and recovery, of the ravages of disaster and the healing power of community.

Noted journalist Helen Thomas describes the book as "the inspiring spiritual journey of a courageous woman who is dedicated to great human causes."

Said Thomas, "We can all learn from Cholene Espinoza."

Proceeds from the book will help to build and support a community/education center that will serve the Katrina survivors of Harrison County on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. It will provide young adults with GED, computer and other job training that will provide them with the skill to participate in the recovery of their community. Is will also serve the community as an after-school facility. It's hoped the center will eventually provide health care services.

Currently a United Airlines pilot, Espinoza graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1987. In 1992 she became the second woman selected to fly the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft and was awarded the Air Medal for combat missions over Iraq and the former Yugoslavia. She is also a military correspondent for Talk Radio News Service and lives in New York City.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Instead of Roses and Rings

Instead of Roses and Rings is a wonderful tale of love and healing for two men in one university. This is not a "smut" romance – you will not find erotic scenes in this tender, insiders’ view into the life of men who prefer the company of men.

Chris unknowingly haunts Alexis from the moment they meet. Alexis sees things that lead him to believe that Chris has the gift of sight and this intrigues him - yet Alexis also fears an eerie paranormal connection between Chris’s features and an old lover who died in the past.

Innocent of all of this, Chris clumsily struggles to understand his sexuality and the new lifestyle without the aide of having someone there to explain things to him or share his fears with. He selflessly and without pride, adores Alexis with such intensity that it almost destroys them both – yet it ends up being their very salvation.

Torn between emotional scars from the past and society’s expectations, they attempt to maintain composure while dealing with these new and intense feelings. Leering and biased adversaries seem to lurk around every corner, yet good–hearted friends give them the strength and the council to get beyond misunderstandings and face the strong, confusing emotions that come with the beginnings of love. These two men are from the same world, but have come from opposite ends of the spectrum – love soon proves to be blind to all such boundaries.

I would be remiss as a reviewer if I did not mention the myriad of grammatical errors in this book. Sentences were occasionally missing entire words or used the wrong word (i.e. hear instead of here) and the author’s use of incorrect punctuation brought down the quality of my journey in this tale as a reader.

The dream sequences were some of the most unique that I have read. The author decided to refrain from any punctuation of any kind, which once accustomed to, actually brings a real sense of the speed and flashing events that people experience in dreams.

ISBN#: 0-9549992-0-7
Author: P.A. Breinburg
Publisher: Petrojass Publications

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Sporting Clays Book : Dan Schindler's First Book on Sporting Clays : "Take Your Best Shot"

by Daniel L. Schindler
Foreword by
Peter Crabtree British Guild of Shooting Instructors, Chairman N.S.C.A. Level III
Wendy Crabtree - N.S.C.A Level III

Known nationally and internationally, Dan Schindler is a respected teacher. He's also a first-rate writer. Take Your Best Shot represents some of Dan's best literary work. Once again, he's created a superb reference
book for those who wish to understand the basics of shotgunning, and be more consistent in the shooting box.
Take Your Best Shot, step-by-step, helps you get organized before you call for the target--then move the gun into the sight picture that gets the X. In clear, reassuring language, Dan walks you through equipment selection; eye dominance; a proper setup on the target; a strategy that works, and how to choose a dependable shooting method. He also covers safety; recoil; focus; gun mount; sight pictures and much, much more.

We believe readers can honestly relate to Dan's writing because he spends a lot of time in the shooting box, teaching and competing. He speaks the language. Just as importantly, his writing has a unique ability to converse with you on your level. Dan's recommendations not only deliver a broken target, but a much better comprehension of how to break each target thereafter.

You hold in your hand a genuinely useful tutorial that can improve your shooting performance--now--and many years from now. Take Your Best Shot is a rock solid, dependable manual on how to be successful behind the trigger--and your tool-box for when you're not.

The lessons in Take Your Best Shot are invaluable. If your goal is to have more fun shooting, and a score higher, we highly recommend you start with this book.

Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

The Elf Prince - Book Review

Author Todd McClimans is a 5th grade teacher and young father, who lives in Nevada with his family. Todd has been writing short stories for his students for more than 10 years and The Elf Prince is his first novel. Currently, Todd is working on a sequel to this book and has two other book projects ahead in his future.

All the elements for a wonderfully mystical tale for youth, and for those with youthful minds are here in this novel. Haunting dreams, caring creatures of the forest, magical swords, a quest to defeat wickedness and free its captives along with humorous moments and unique characters - truly, it is all here. Each of Todd’s characters is pressed to find their individual strengths, to accept the uniqueness of their abilities and learn respect for things they once held reservations about.

There are three main characters in The Elf Prince. "Tenii" is a half-breed Man-Dwarf and just might be the most interesting wizard readers will have met in a long time. "Petra", a gorgeous young fawn, has a persistent and doggedly determined nature that saves them all more than once. Finally there is "Dantin", the 11 year-old half-breed Elf-Man Prince - who along with his two courageous friends endeavor to break the dominance of Dantin’s cold-hearted, ruthless uncle. They cannot do this alone and are aided more than once by their friends: Tierra, the she-elf Princess and Byron, the leader of a tribe of Dwarf warriors.

I have to say this was an excellent novel. Scene transition moved smoothly from one to the next in a realistic and engaging style. I completely enjoyed each stage of the tale and did not want it to end. The gorgeous book cover is certainly an asset to The Elf Prince, which pictures one of the two intricately carved magical medallions that play a part in the tale.

ISBN#: 1-4137-8553-0
Author: Todd McClimans
Publisher: Publish America

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Living With Kindness And Compassion In Today's World

Whether you are working through a problem with a friend or trying to stay calm about world events, there is a new book to help you understand and work with the world around you.

"When I meet new people in new places, in my mind there is no barrier, no curtain," said the Dalai Lama in "Kindness, Clarity, and Insight" (Snow Lion, $19.95). "In my mind, as human beings you are my brothers and sisters; there is no difference in substance."

For 25 years, the Dalai Lama has shared his philosophy with people in North America. As a religious leader, he has worked toward peace and tolerance in his own and other countries.

As a pop culture icon, he has influenced thousands to reassess the minor and major frustrations in life, to take stock of themselves and to find a centered, peaceful inner self.

As his good friend and the book's translator, Jeffrey Hopkins, said, "His Holiness is calling on all humanity to appreciate the social value of kindness and compassion; kindness and compassion are the fabric that make society possible."

"No matter whom I meet and where I go, I always give advice to be altruistic, to have a good heart," said the Dalai Lama. "This is the essence of religion; this is the essence of the Buddhist teaching."

This celebratory new edition of the very first book of the Dalai Lama's teachings in the English-speaking world is a testament to the kindness, clarity and insight of the material within it.

Twenty-five years after its original publication it remains one of the most readable and wide ranging of his books.

The book's 20 chapters are deftly arranged in a developmental sequence so that readers easily understand the background needed to appreciate more complex topics later in the text.

Taken as a whole, the teachings in this book provide an accessible map of Tibetan spiritual culture. It has been described as both an excellent introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and a clear picture of the Dalai Lama.

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Focusing On The Importance Of Your Feet

For many, the first step toward better health starts with better foot care.

This is especially true for the 20.8 million Americans who have diabetes, of which 6.2 million have yet to be diagnosed.

Keeping feet healthy is an essential part of diabetes self-care. Since diabetes affects the nerves and blood vessels in the feet, a daily care regimen can help prevent such serious medical problems as neuropathy, poor circulation and other complications that can lead to amputation.

To provide practical foot care information, the American Diabetes Association has published "101 Tips on Foot Care for People with Diabetes, 2nd Edition" ($14.95) by Neil M. Scheffler, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA and Jessie H. Ahroni, Ph.D., ARNP, CDE, BC-ADM.

The book provides the necessary information for daily care, while recognizing the changes that can lead to serious problems.

In an easy-to-read format, the book covers common foot problems, preventative measures, weight and foot problems, changes due to aging, washing the feet, preventing athlete's foot, toenail care, wearing the proper shoes and socks, treating minor foot problems, exercising and identifying major problems.

"This book is a vital resource for people with diabetes to help save many needless amputations. Especially since the two- to five-year mortality rate is so high following amputation, we wish to also save many lives," said Dr. Scheffler.

Here are a few tips to help you start caring for your feet:

• Work with your health care team to keep your blood glucose in your target range.

• Check your feet every day. Look at your bare feet for red spots, cuts, swelling and blisters.

• Be more active. Plan your physical activity program with your health team.

• Wash your feet every day. Dry them carefully, especially between the toes.

• Keep your skin soft and smooth. Rub skin lotion on your feet, but not between toes.

• Trim your toenails straight across and file the edges with an emery board or nail file.

• Wear shoes and socks at all times. Never walk barefoot.

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New Book Takes New Look At Newborns' Gift Of Life

A new book points out that many scientists and clinicians are concentrating their energies on umbilical cord-derived stem cells from healthy babies. Recent research shows human umbilical cord stem cell therapy (hUCSCT) can help many conditions.

"Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy: The Gift of Healing from Healthy Newborns" by David Steenblock, M.S., D.O, and Anthony G. Payne, Ph.D. (Basic Health Publications, $24.95) explores this medical frontier, including current research, descriptions of how various conditions respond and the personal stories of many patients. The Steenblock Research Institute is at the forefront of the groundbreaking umbilical cord stem therapy research. Researchers indicate improvements with:

• Cerebral palsy

• Traumatic brain injury

• Diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy and other eye conditions

• Stroke and other circulatory problems

• Multiple sclerosis

• Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

In the book, Drs. Steenblock and Payne describe how scientists retrieve stem cells, expand their numbers and apply them to patients. The doctors explain what happens after a stem-cell treatment and what makes treatments more effective.

A question-and-answer section tackles such frequently asked questions as: is the treatment safe, how quick are the results, what is the cost, what are the pre- and post-treatments, does insurance cover the costs, what are side effects, what is the current status of FDA approval for stem cell treatments and why is this type of therapy permitted in some countries but not others.

There is increasing evidence, the authors report, that relates aging and disease to lack of normal stem cell growth and repair. A new area of study, they explain, is dedicated to exploring the ability to mobilize one's own stem cells to help a body repair itself. Additionally, there are scientifically validated ways of ensuring that stem cells are not compromised in terms of function or ability to mobilize in response to injury or disease.