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Queens and Crescents - Book Review

What certainly stood out for me in Barry Southers novel, Queens and Crescents, was his strong and deep feelings for his family that Barry made apparent in the dedication for this book. The love and appreciation he shares here is actually quite touching. The introduction does a good job of setting up the book through a discussion of happiness and success in today’s society.

Readers will find plenty of action and suspense in this murder romance novel. The main character here is Sean Martinez, a 28-year-old divorcee who works a mundane position in a mortgage broker firm. For Sean, life is just one day blending into the next. He just could not get over his wife leaving three years ago with her old lover. If there were a need for an example of a man in dire need of a vacation, Sean would be chosen.

Spurred on by a radio commercial one excruciatingly hot day, Sean’s vacation destination is decided for him. There, he finds true love, fascinating passion and discovers the power of intuition and fate. Cruel crime lords fighting for position, bloodcurdling hired killers and a heavy loss bring Sean back into living life for what it is.

I was impressed with Barry’s writing style because I could really picture the scenes in my head. I felt he delved deeply into the psyche of his characters, making them seem much more real than many authors are able to do. Queens and Crescents may take readers only a day or two to read, but the characters will remain alive in their minds for a number of days.

ISBN#: unknown
Author: Barry Southers
Publisher: Publish America

Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

How to Become an 'Enlightened' Millionaire

We learn it in kindergarten: You should always share. But somehow, on the way to adulthood, we lose our desire to share, especially when it comes to money.

When there is an abundance of anything, sharing is not an issue and a rich person is one who has more than enough. We want to get you started on having more than enough money by providing the tools and a path (our system) that can help you achieve your financial goals. Our desire is to provide you with solid building blocks for the abundant life that you were meant to have. When it happens to you, we believe you will naturally want to share with others.

When you share your wealth, you are acting like a honeybee, whose primary objective is to obtain nectar to make honey. While in the process of going after the nectar, the honeybee is actually involved in a much larger purpose, cross-pollinating the rooted botanicals. This cross-pollination, or sharing, is far more important than making honey because it results in a beautiful, bountiful garden.

By sharing your wealth, both in knowledge and in cash, you

become an enlightened millionaire. Like the honeybee, you can actually affect positive change in the world for the benefit of all humankind.

So how do you begin building wealth? Our best-selling book, "The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth," will start you on your way to having more than enough money so you can give back and help others succeed along with you. It will teach you to:

* Create wealth, even when you have little or nothing to start with.

* Use the power of leverage to build wealth rapidly.

* Overcome fears so you can take reasonable risks.

* Use "one-minute" habits to build wealth over the long term.

The One Minute Millionaire is a revolutionary approach to building wealth and a powerful program for self discovery as well.

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Little Mornings – Book Review

The Little Mornings, by C M Albrecht is a murder mystery with 262 absolutely absorbing pages. We have three main characters here – the grandfather, an alcoholic of questionable character, a slightly off balance woman (Angie) and an impressionable young man (Darcy) who becomes mixed up in a whirlwind of events. Murder, thievery and lies keep the unsteady relationship between Darcy and Angie on edge. Keeping a secret is no easy task, especially when someone else pops into the scene with inside knowledge to the truth. Darcy, unable to control the events, becomes another person entirely from the one we knew in the first few pages of the book.

Perhaps because I am a writer, and this book has to do with the publishing industry, I am partial to the theme. Grandfather’s description of a writer’s methods to reach their creative dreams had me laughing out loud – because it was so true. As were the frustrated, aspiring writers and the over worked publishers. I felt the book was very realistic in this regard.

I loved the first few paragraphs – they really pulled me in. I kept hearing Humphry Bogart’s voice in my head narrating the story as I read along. I sat on the edge of an uncomfortable plastic chair 2 days ago and opened the first page to begin reviewing The Little Mornings. I meant to take only a ten-minute break from my day to enjoy the sunshine. The next thing I knew, my leg and butt-cheek were both completely numb and lifeless… and I was on page 50! So be warned, readers, this book may very well take you out of commission for a few days. I could not wait to get back to it every minute I had to spare!

ISBN#: 1894942434
Author: C M Albrecht
Publisher: Zumaya Publications.

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Alison’s Journey: Book Review

The dedication in this book is a work of poetry in itself. I had a distinct recollection of ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ when reading this book, but this story has some very unique twists and turns. The characters seemed very real to me – I live in a small town and we are just like that!

Here, we are shown the psychological cycle of the victim of domestic violence (Alison) and her growing awareness that some things can change for the better, trust can be had and given, and faith in inner strength can grow.

Like many who crawl out of hellish conditions, Alison did not do it on her strength alone, but through a few strong, giving individuals who contributed a gesture or a friendship along the way. Yet, most healing of all is to find a new, healthy love and good, solid relationships with others – a most difficult thing for victims of abuse to do. If it was the author’s intent to use the main character to bring depth and understanding into what people go through in situations like these, then she accomplished this goal admirably!

Readers are shown how being rich, good looking and well-educated – having all the benefits one could desire - cannot lead to happiness. Mr. Bruce Cockburn says it best in a song of his which says ‘though chains be of gold, they are chains just the same’.

Amey Tippett has accomplished a work of art with this book. I really felt like I was right there watching the children play during the festivals and feeling the pain and fright of impending danger, and endured the hellish nightmares along with Alison.

This was a fantastic read and I would not hesitate to recommend Alison’s Journey.

ISBN#: 1413740073
Author: Amey Tippett
Publisher: Publish America

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Reading Into Beliefs

A provocative, new book by author and scholar Marc Mourier reveals hidden secrets of the Bible.

In "The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened?" (Index Publishing, $14.95), Mourier cites Biblical evidence that he believes proves that Eve was cloned from Adam. Mourier feels that Noah's flood was one way that God cleansed the Earth when the "Adam Experiment" went wrong. He also believes that Adam and Eve came after many civilizations, including Darwin's apes.

Mourier says that more than 4,000 years of translations have changed the original meaning of the Bible and that people should be inquisitive and cautious about how the Bible has been relayed. He claims that many religious thinkers and theologians have purposely created a power grid to "cover up" ideas they do not want to openly disclose but "know are true," such as the mission to create Adam and Eve.

Mourier also paints a picture of the Garden of Eden that is very different from what is traditionally taught. He believes that the original Hebrew Bible shows that the Garden of Eden isn't a typical flowery garden that one might picture. Instead, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the snake, and the apple are symbolic. For example, when Eve is described eating the fruit, Mourier interprets this as acquiring scientific laboratory knowledge on how she was created.

The book also gives Mourier's explanations on:

• "The secret, shocking and hidden revelations" of the Bible

• Where the Bible shows "proof of visitors from outside"

• Religious "cover-ups"

• Who specifically visited the Garden of Eden and created Adam.

"The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened?" has drawn positive reviews from readers who fall on different sides of Mourier's research on Intelligent Design. It comes fully illustrated with what Mourier calls "evidence that the ideas expressed in this book have secretly been known for centuries."

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Science And Religion In Perspective

To help people better understand themselves as spiritual beings, 100 essays from diverse fields have been collected into a volume that shows what we have learned from studying ourselves, our planet and the universe. Critics say "Spiritual Information: 100 Perspectives on Science and Religion," edited by Charles L. Harper Jr. (Templeton Foundation Press, $39.95), conveys the excitement of discovery, the challenge of debate, the diversity of thinking and the excellence of multidisciplinary research.

The essays reflect the motto of Sir John Templeton: "How little we know, how eager to learn." Sir John's vision has inspired people throughout the world to open-mindedly seek new spiritual information that relates to such diverse fields as the physical world, unlimited love, laws of nature, quantum reality, the problem of evil in theology and the ways in which prayer and meditation affect daily lives, among many others. The book is a tribute to his mission.

Themes of the essays incorporate Sir John's principal domains of interest and expertise: spiritual capital and spiritual information.

• The History and Future of the Science-Religion Dialogue

• Cosmology, Physics and Astronomy

• Quantum Mechanics, Mathematics, and Symbolic Logic

• Evolution and Purpose

• Sociology and Ethics

• Religion and Health

• Contemplation and the Virtues

• Theology and Philosophy

• World Religions

In his preface to the book, Dr. Harper notes that Sir John's commitment to expanding the science-religion dialogue has enabled us to edge ever closer to the frontier where knowledge meets wisdom at the threshold of "ultimate reality." The hope, he adds, is that these essays "will inspire others to pursue his quest to discover 'over one hundredfold more spiritual information than humankind has ever possessed before.'"

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New Series Provides Fast, Easy Answers For PC Users

Over the past 20 years, the personal computer has evolved from a high-tech toy for brainiacs with pocket protectors, into a vital part of virtually every American home and business. And with the help of the Internet and the latest software, PCs can be used for everything from communication and productivity to entertainment and leisurely pursuits.

Unfortunately for the new or inexperienced PC user, there's no techie boot camp or PC driver's license to ensure a core competency in personal computing, and it's easy to get confused or overlook critical details in a new computer system.

However, help is on the way. Wiley Publishing, the premier personal technology publisher, has created a new series of computer books in conjunction with Geeks On Call-America's premier provider of on-site computer services. Together, they are rolling out four titles that will help home and small-business users with everything from tuning up and maintaining a Windows XP system to installing and securing a wireless network.

The "Geeks On Call 5-Minute Fixes" series aims to clearly explain the most commonly diagnosed issues troubling PC users and save them both money and time on service calls or telephone tech support. The first four titles in the series include "Security and Privacy," "Windows XP," "PCs" and "Wireless Networking." With these books-which list at $14.99 each-readers learn straightforward ways to have a better and more secure personal computing experience.

Geeks On Call is the leading independent provider of on-site computer services. Its certified, trained and tested technicians provide expert computer installation and networking services, on-site repairs, security solutions and system upgrades for residential and commercial customers alike.

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Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy - Book Review

Dorinne Davis has written many books that concentrate on the subjects of hearing and sound. In the well-researched textbook, Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy, she looks at the concept of sound being a nutrient for our bodies.

There are 11 detailed and well-planned chapters, each of which opens with a quote and closes with a useful chapter synopsis. This book is not so technical that an individual or patient would find it daunting, yet it is quite thorough and incorporates both the independent and scientific findings that a therapist would need to know.

The historical use of music in healing was quite interesting. Because of our drum business, it was particularly interesting to read that regular steady rhythms can restore a normal, healthy pulse, sedating the left brain and allowing the right brain to be more creative. I was also amazed that the US Army used music therapy to accelerate healing in their wounded and ailing during WWII.

Dorinne explains that each living molecule has a vibration that causes frequency and this is the driving theory behind using sound as a healing therapy. The author describes the physics of how sound affects various mediums and why sound could be used to eradicate cancer and tumors. According to Dorinne, sound therapy could also be applied to many medical situations - stroke, autism, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, learning and listening difficulties and even physical injuries.

It was very surprising to learn that ‘everyday’ environmental toxins can have such a dramatic effect on brain functions and hearing. The ear affects so much more than we may realize, including balance and emotions.

ISBN#: 096223637
Author: Dorinne S. Davis
Publisher: Kalco Publishing, LLC

Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Holistic Approach May Be The Key to Curing Addiction

Though the medical profession labels alcoholism and addiction - America's No. 1 health problems - as incurable diseases that are manageable at best, one man is determined to prove that there is a complete cure for those twin demons.

According to Chris Prentiss, co-founder of the world-famous Passages Rehab Center in Malibu, Calif., and author of the new book, "The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure, A Holistic Approach To Total Recovery," the current treatment methods are obsolete. Prentiss says that alcohol and drugs are not the problem.

"It will be clear to anyone who thinks about it," he says, "that we are using drugs and alcohol to try and cope with lives that are not working. We use them to change the way we feel, to blur the images that haunt us, to deal with failure, broken hearts, growing up, stress, depression, trauma and all the other events that regularly befall all of us. Once the real reasons we are drinking and using addictive drugs are discovered and cured, our dependency disappears along with our cravings."

Although that's a strong claim, Prentiss relies on statistics to prove his point. In an era when the national relapse rate is between 80 percent and 90 percent, Passages reports that 84.6 percent of their graduates have remained sober.

Prentiss' book describes the Passages holistic three-step program in detail, and it lists what he claims are the four causes of dependency and how to cure them. He says that each person's reasons for using substances are unique, and therefore each person's treatment, if it is to succeed, must also be unique.

Prentiss became involved in the field to save his son's life from 10 years of addiction to heroin, cocaine and alcohol.

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Violet the Pilot in France - Review

Violet the Pilot in France is the second book in children’s series written by author Bettina Bathe. This adventure involves a hot air balloon trip in Provence, France. Proud Canadian author and commercial pilot, Bettina Bathe was certain to include a Canadian flag patch on her main character’s shoulder. However, Violet the pilot also embraces the country she is working in by placing that country’s flag patch on her other shoulder.

Two young French passengers who want to take a balloon ride to a desirable location for their bike tour adventure, hire Violet’s aviation services. The ride is interrupted with weather problems, but Violet saves them all with her confident and quick-thinking maneuvers. Violet’s animal and insect friends are the ground crew who has their own adventure just trying to keep up to the balloon. After a lovely picnic feast, Violet serenades her departing passengers with a song on her violin.

Illustrations by Barbara Fortin depict rural France, including interesting French architecture, agriculture and fashion. These bright, bold pictures are full of subtle information.

The book uses a few French words and the reader is encouraged to bring interest in the globe and navigation methods in children through useful maps and illustrations. Readers will learn how a hot air balloon is flown - from the pre-flight set-up, testing the wind and flying techniques to landing a hot air balloon. However, Violet the Pilot in France offers more than entertainment and education - the author has also dedicated a portion of the sales of this book to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Additionally, Bettina’s website ( offers contests and awards for young readers.

ISBN#: 0-9738290-0-1
Author: Bettina Bathe
Illustrator: Barbara Fortin
Publisher: Violet the Pilot Enterprises, Inc.
Published: July 2005

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

The Right Words

When Marlo Thomas was an 18-year-old up-and-coming actress, she was devastated when journalists began debating whether she'd ever be as good or popular as her famous father, TV star Danny Thomas. She went to him in tears, insisting that she wanted to change her name.

"I raised you to be a thoroughbred," Danny told his daughter. "They wear blinders and run their own race. That's what you have to do: run your own race."

That single comment inspired Thomas' wildly popular 2002 best-seller, "The Right Words at the Right Time," a collection of first-person stories about the power of words by such icons as Paul McCartney and Oprah Winfrey.

After the book's release, people from across the country approached Marlo to share their own "right words" stories. The result is Thomas' new book, "The Right Words at the Right Time, Vol. 2: Your Turn!" (Atria Books, $25), a moving collection of 101 unforgettable stories in which everyday Americans recall the pivotal moment in their lives when words made all the difference.

Like the tale of a Gulf War veteran, whose life was transformed by two words spoken to him by a young stranger at Burger King. Or the aimless mechanic, who found salvation in a Help Wanted ad. Or the bereaved fiancé of a 9-11 victim, who found hope in a note left by a schoolgirl, pinned to a teddy bear.

Royalties from sales will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which was founded by Danny Thomas.

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Lucian's Place

Lucian’s Place - Book Review

Lucian’s Place is a tale of far-fetched proportions, yet so close to the possibilities of our own present technologies that it is quite believable.

The idea of three people and their immediate surroundings (a high-tech self-sustained ranch) being thrown back in time might seem a trifle wild, yet the author gives it all a sense of normalcy that distracts you from that. As the characters discover they are defending their very lives from strange creatures from another time, the dangers never relent. With the help of an aware computer that thinks acts and feels like a human, the battle to simply survive is eased somewhat, however the question of returning to their proper time is inherent.

Belle Smith gives us a great science fiction read without the typical concoction of space travel and high-tech aliens. Instead, she keeps us on Earth with a taste of what computers, combined with nano-technology and human creativity, may achieve for us in the not too distant future… or should I say past? Her unique vision of how civilization might be rebuilt from scratch with minimal impact on the environment makes for an inspiring read.

Lucian’s Place is a definite page-turner and a book I found very hard to put down. Guaranteed to make you think differently before cursing your home computer!

ISBN#: 1-4137-6963-2
Author: Belle Smith
Publisher: Publish America
Pages: 364

Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Jill 9 - Book Review

Jill 9 has a story line based around a psychologically disturbed female serial killer
The only lead the detectives have is the one thing all the victims have in common - all of the victims share the name, or sudunoume, of "Jill Walker".

Young new weather-woman, Jill Wallokowski shines on camera stunning the television station staff and her audience. Unfortunately, she is stalked, attacked and targeted for death by some twisted members of her audience.

FBI agent Ian… is obsessed with the "Jill" serial killer and harbors a deep guilt and anger over the killings he could not prevent in the past – especially the last one. Now, the "Jill Killer" has targeted the new weather-woman and Ian is driven in more ways than one to protect her. Their attraction for each other may just drive them both mad, but Ian knows he cannot become too close because he won’t be able to fully protect her.

This fiction novel could be classified as an action-suspense thriller. Involving a stalker, sexual deviant and serial killer, a serious team of FBI agents led by Ian Hamlin and the incomporable Jill Wallokowski.

Be prepared; this 300-page book contains some swearing and erotic scenes between the steamy pair. In closing, I would like to mention that I was moved by the author’s heart-felt dedication for Jill 9 to the men and women in the law enforcement fields who strive to keep every one of us safe.

ISBN#: 0-9767732-9-5
Author: J.D. Tynan
Publisher: Better Be Write Publishing
Published: 2006

Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Crest of Eagles - Book Review

Jocelyn has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the writing craft. The author interweaves multiple, strong, leading characters and two completely different time frames masterfully. Crest of Eagles reminds me of some of the great works of Wilbur Smith. This book certainly ranks with some of the best that I have reviewed to date and I would not hesitate to give Crest of Eagles the highest rating available.

Mandhla is taken prisoner by terrorists during an attack of a mission run by white people with generous hearts for children who had no one to turn to. Everyone was mercilessly killed except those who could not be turned into soldiers or whores.

Peter Kennedy, leader of the top military team, set out to save the children, but in fouling the job, Peter earned the revenge of one very mixed-up boy. Kuru joins Peter in the war against the terrorists with the hope of saving his brother – never dreaming that when he did meet Mandhla again, it would be as enemies.

Ancient tribal religion works its way into present day. The lives of Tcana, a high priestess, and Rebecca, a bombshell journalist, are connected in some kind of cosmic manor - though they live centuries apart.

Romance, adventure, suspense, ancient tribal history and modern day action – this book has it all! Crest of Eagles is destined to be one of the most dog-eared fiction books in my collection.

ISBN#: 0976773252
Author: Jocelyn Howe
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

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Blowing The Whistle On Disease

A provocative new book has caused people to take a closer look at the products they use every day.

Kevin Trudeau, author of the number-one New York Times best-selling "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About," has written his second important book. Like his first groundbreaking publication-which sold more than 4.5 million copies-Trudeau's new book exposes what the author says are ways food and drug companies hide the fact that their products cause disease.

Called "More Natural 'Cures' Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease" (Alliance Publishing, $24.95), the new book features material the Federal Trade Commission actually censored from the first book, as well as new eye-opening information.

The book says the FDA and FTC do not protect consumers, but instead protect the profits of multinational corporations. These types of allegations have earned Trudeau the dubious honor of being called the most daring corporate and government whistleblower of all time. In fact, he has risked potential criminal prosecution by writing his new book.

He answers his critics by sharing story after story about individuals who are using non-drug and nonsurgical, natural methods for their illnesses and diseases. This book picks up where his first book left off:

• The 20 most commonly asked questions Trudeau received from his first book are explained in detail.

• Specific clinics and licensed health care practitioners from around the world are listed with complete contact information.

• 101 specific diseases are listed with the specific brand names that Trudeau believes will prevent, treat or cure the condition.

Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

What’s It Like Being You? - Book Review

What’s it Like Being You? – Living Life as Your True Self is co-written by John Roger and Paul Kaye, who have collaborated previously on another book. Both of these authors are successful and sought-after lecturers, educators and best-selling authors in the self-help and spirituality genres.

This 184-page non-fiction book is jammed packed with helpful commentary that readers can use in their own lives to change their attitude towards themselves. By doing this, we can learn more about our purpose in life, attain more energy and a positive outlook in every moment of every day.

The heavy, durable cover is designed with large inner flaps that can easily serve as bookmarks. To help readers through the ongoing challenges to attain peace within themselves and in their lives, the authors have provided us with an inspirational meditation CD of just over 45 minutes in length.

In all, I felt a kin-ship with many parts of What’s it Like Being You? . In fact, it was like the authors had read my book of poetry (Towards Understanding) and translated it for me. I was able to see the journey I have been on from a different angle and I found this comforting.

Certainly, this book has provided helpful advice that will aide me in tuning out the noise and stresses of the world and focus on what this life – each moment of every day – brings forth.

ISBN#: 1-89020-25-8
Authors: John Roger and Paul Kaye
Publisher: Mandeville Press
Published: Nov. 2004

Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

A monster Named Criney, Who Makes Kids Whiney - Book Review

Excellent! The best children book of this genre that I have had the pleasure to review!

A Monster Named Criney Who Makes Kids Whiney by Heather Zuckerman can be classified as a juvenile fiction geared for children aged between three and seven. Mood-setting bright color full pages greet the reader upon opening the durable cover. Superb use of rhythmic cadence and clever design entices the reader to use voice characterization and promotes interaction with the readers. Because of these traits, this book would work wonderfully when read aloud to a group of children.

Whenever Criney stops near a home to rest his weary feet, the children inside become upset and whine. The story has Criney ‘visit’ several homes before a solution is found. I think it will help children realize how silly and useless their whining and pouting is. The book goes one step further by teaching children a tool to conquer those awful feelings and change their emotions through laughter. Laughter IS the best medicine after all!

Light-hearted and warm – this book really had me grinning! This could be incorporated as an excellent tool that uses humor to aid parents, educators and anyone else in fields working with younger children, against the nerve-grating whining and anger that all children experience."

ISBN#: 0974430706
Author: Heather Zuckerman
Illustrations: Shelly Meridith Delice
Publisher: Merry Lane Press

Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Guide Helps You Choose Low-Carb Foods

Want to learn how to avoid products full of added sugar and other nutrient-deficient refined carbohydrates (as well as harmful trans fats) while grocery shopping?

Countless people worldwide are following the Atkins Nutritional Approach. Now, a new book called "The Atkins Shopping Guide" (Avon Books/ an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers) arms you with the skills you need to navigate your grocery store so you can stock your low-carb kitchen.

The guide contains everything you must know to choose the right foods to do Atkins correctly. It also provides useful pointers for shopping at "super stores" and natural food retailers, all in a handy format perfect to carry in your pocket or purse.

Forget measuring, weighing and counting fat grams and calories. This book takes you aisle-by-aisle through the grocery store, helping you select the right foods to correctly follow a controlled-carb lifestyle, including vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry and meat, cheese, and other dairy products. There are also extensive sections on packaged foods.

The No. 1 New York Times bestseller, "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution," forever changed the way Americans eat by offering a healthy, nutritious approach to weight loss and weight maintenance, while revealing that the typical American diet, which is high in carbohydrates, has contributed to the nation's obesity epidemic.

Whether you're just beginning to do Atkins or have used it for years to maintain your weight, "The Atkins Shopping Guide" will show you how to read food labels and compare different products in a product category such as tomato sauce or peanut butter.

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

An Explosive Thriller

Phillip Margolin's novels have hit every major best-seller list across the country, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly. The best-selling author and Edgar Award nominee returns with "Lost Lake" (HarperTorch, $9.99), an explosive thriller about how a young journalist's "paranoid" theories just might be true.

The main character, Vanessa Kohler, is a tabloid reporter living and working in Washington, D.C. She writes fantastic stories about a vast government conspiracy headed by General Wingate, a popular presidential candidate who also happens to be her father, and most dismiss her as a crackpot using sensationalism to sell papers.

Drawing from 25 years of courtroom experience to create nuanced characters and high-intensity action, Margolin's novels just keep getting better and better. Critics report that "Lost Lake," with all of its murderous intrigue and plot-driven suspense, will not disappoint.

"Lost Lake" is part of HarperCollins' Premium Plus initiative, which offers a more readable type and size, and offers an additional value: Readers who love Margolin can register online to receive a free mass market "pick of the month."

Phillip Margolin fans take note: HarperCollins Publishers is releasing the author's newest hardcover thriller, "Proof Positive" ($25.95), in which the author relates just how unreliable CSI evidence can be-when misused by a remorseless killer.

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Some Enchanted Autumn

Some Enchanted Autumn by Linda Andrews is an excellent gift idea for the Halloween season. Vampires, skeletons, spiders, witches… they are all here – but this is definitely not a children’s book.

One town, founded by the same wagon train during the pioneering days of the North American continent, holds a secret that could destroy them all.
Divided by a bitter and ancient rift, it becomes two rival towns – Pumpkin and Holly. These folks take their holidays seriously, but none more so than Pumpkin’s residents do.

Lonnie, who is running both from herself and from facing her pompous and boring boyfriend, returns to Pumpkin - her hometown. There she meets Nicholas who is both more wonderful than her wildest dreams and as frightening as her childhood nightmares. Together they are assigned the difficult task of discovering the "Prankster’s" identity and the reason’s why that person is set on keeping the ancient rift between the towns alive.

Nicholas and Lonnie harbor a steamy and slightly erotic passion for one another, which they do their best to keep in check. Their family ancestors, after all, were the main players in the rift that continues to tear the towns apart.

I would classify Some Enchanted Autumn as a fantasy-fiction, paranormal-romance novel with comedic elements. Although it begins with a bit of confusion, the story rises in pace until I felt unwilling to put the book aside. This 238-page book is not the author’s first endeavor. In fact, Linda has written two other books, The Christmas Village and Ghost of a Chance.

ISBN#: 1-55410-287-1
Author: Linda Andrews
Publisher: Zumaya Publication

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Willa's Poppy - Book Review

Willa’s Poppy is a 166-page young adult, thriller-adventure with a hero-element in a subtle theme of rising above challenges and making a difference in the world. Animal lovers, rescue shelter workers and all readers from 8-18 will adore Poppy’s adventures. Because the author also gives insight into an adult’s life through their feelings and experiences with their careers, this book may serve as a tool to bring understanding and awareness in families.

Willa’s Poppy is about the exciting adventures of a girl and her puppy as they grow to maturity. Willa, a young teenager, struggled in school. Her desires for a bloodhound dog enabled her to earn the pet through better grades. Always a bit of a loner with only one true friend, Willa easily took to training and befriending the rescued puppy. Bonding with her beloved Poppy brings Willa out of her shell where she blooms into a bright flower. The family has subtle difficulties, but the entire family comes together when Poppy locates a missing child and rescues both Willa and her baby brother, from a dangerous criminal.

Author of 5 other books, WWII veteran, farmer and garlic specialist Chester Aaron creates a wonderful, heart-warming story in which the hero is Willa’s dog – Poppy. The only noticeable negative point is the poor quality of the front cover design. Otherwise, I heartily recommend this book.

ISBN#: 1-55410-282-0
Author: Chester Aaron
Publisher: Zumaya Publications

Senin, 07 Februari 2011

I Kissed a Frog and My Prince Forgave Me - Book Review

Naomi Jo Rush new book of poetry, I Kissed a Frog and My Prince Forgave Me, is a well-crafted poetic journey through infidelity.

Naomi reveals the most vulnerable time in her married life. Her poetry teaches us that married couples tend to forget about each other’s needs and become absorbed in habitual day-to-day behavior. While she strained for the attention that her husband would not or could not provide Naomi put on a performance of a happily content wife, when she was really screaming with frustration inside.

Her confusion ripens with the prospect of temptation. The thrill of spontaneity coupled with feeling of being desired draws Naomi to her lover like a drowning person would desperately clutch at a lifeline.

Craving for her husband to notice the change and discovering she never wanted the marriage to end prompts Naomi to confess her wrong doings. When it is all revealed, Naomi endures the torturous guilt while watching her husband writhe in the pain she inflicted upon him.

In the end, I think Naomi provides hope for us all in showing us the reasons and effects of infidelity by walking us through the steps of recovering a marriage. I felt encouraged that marriages have a chance of thwarting this common mistake if we show one another love and open the channels of communication .We can thrive in a world of strife and temptation.

ISBN#: 1424100275
Author: Naomi Jo Rush
Publisher: Publish America

Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

Author of "Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Girl's Guide to Dating"

Dear Dr. Gilda,

My teenage daughter suffers from acne. As a result, she has a poor self-image. With the summer upon us, I've noticed she is becoming less social than she's ever been. While other teens are having fun in the sun, my daughter is hiding in the house. It breaks my heart to see her missing her friends because of her insecurity. Please help!

-Very Worried Mom

Dear Very Worried Mom,

For most teens, summertime means freedom from school, more socializing, and fun. But for those who suffer from acne, the summer months can be dreadful. The beach, outdoor activities and excessive sun can cause heavy perspiration-which worsens acne and a teen's self-esteem.

You are right to worry about your daughter. If she gives in to low self-esteem, she will let her acne rule. But there is hope. As my Gilda-Gram says, "Sometimes it takes a breakout to get a breakthrough."

Millions of teens suffer from breakouts of acne. But they have breakthroughs when they choose not to live with it.

Help your daughter Take Charge of her skin and her summer. A clear complexion will renew her confidence to be a happy teen again. Show her that she is ready to come out of hiding NOW.

Visit a doctor and ask if Differin® (adapalene) Gel or Cream, 0.1% can help her beat her battle with acne. Differin® is the number-one-prescribed acne treatment among the top 50 topical d-class products.

Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Mathew and the Highland Rescue: Book Review

A stimulating adventure! Sabine Muir has written a wonderful children’s story that can be read many, many times. This is a time-travel, Christian fantasy novel that reminds me a little bit of one of my favorite childhood books, ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.

Here, the main character, Mathew, is a young boy growing up under difficulties that are quite uncommon from his piers. Mathew’s father is missing, his mother has begun a new romance and bullying at school weighs heavily upon his young shoulders. Mathew thought he could escape it all during his stay at his Aunt and Uncle’s tranquil family farm. Unexpectedly, Mathew and his cousins are thrown into an adventure when they accidentally enter a mystery gateway into to a world of Kings, Queens, Castles and ghosts.

Sabine Muir’s use of factual, historical legendary characters brought the Canmore Dynasty to life - an era that is quickly fading from all memory. The author’s research and understanding of the historical era is evident in this excellent piece of work. Her fascination with this particular section in time has produced several works of fiction.

‘Mathew and the Highland Rescue’ is only the first in a series of adventure books. A delightful light read for the adventurous and young-of-heart. I look forward to reading her next published work."

Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
ISBN#: 1413759165
Author: Sabine Muir

Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Shattered Memories, Scattered Emotions - Book Review

Betty Woodrum released her first book of poetry entitled Shattered Memories, Scattered Emotions in on July 16, 2005. Her poetry is clean and simple and extremely honest. There is such a strong theme of the various forms of love that the word ‘love’ should almost be included in the title!

It is apparent throughout Betty’s poetry that friendships mean a great deal to her. The poem about online friends reveals how deeply the Internet is involved in our society’s home-life. Betty warns to never let feelings go left unsaid to the important people in our lives and then welcomes readers on a journey through some tough times in her life. Readers will watch Betty let go of the past, witness her learning to live in the moment and feel her suffocation while she battled depression.

Although Shattered Memories, Scattered Emotions could use a little editing, the poetry is well organized and is enjoyable to read. I certainly related to many of her poems, especially the one where she discusses the vulnerable feeling of being invisible and out of control. These are feelings I think many of us share – and this is what makes Betty’s book so special. She helps readers feel like they are not alone.

ISBN#: 1413784364
Author: Betty Woodrum
Publisher: Publish America

Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Don't Go Alone - Book Review

This 284-page mystery thriller has twists and turns that will keep readers guessing right until the end. I was thinking about the book for days after I completed this review project. I knew it had to be read again from the moment I finished the last page.

Handsome, well-built Michael Bannagan is CEO and founder of a successful computer company – he’s also a womanizer. Unaccustomed to hardship or a messy life, Michael is having a difficult time with his cold and beautiful wife. He’s been caught cheating, again (but he’s not the only one), and she wants a divorce. Out of the blue, he finds he is arrested for a murder he did not commit. All the clues point to Michael and he knows he is being set up – but by whom, and by how many? Are they working together? And WHY?! After all, Michael has never done anything evil in his life.

Don’t Go Alone is a story of high-society - of limousines, kept wives and fancy homes. It is a story of passion and shame, of regrets and betrayal, mistakes and love… hate and revenge.

This is the third book by Margaret Lenois that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. She may very well be the next female author that we see on the best selling list!

ISBN#: 0-9771971-3-1
Author: Margaret Lenois
Publisher: Better Be Write Publishing

Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Help Your Toddler Adjust to a New Bed

Your child has outgrown the crib and is ready for a new bed. But what type of bed should you buy and how will your child adjust to it?

To help children and parents with the transition, American Innerspring Manufacturers, a national nonprofit group dedicated to spreading information about sleep, has underwritten a printing of "Sleepy Creepy," a bedtime book geared toward toddlers who are leaving their cribs for "big-kid beds."

"We love 'Sleepy Creepy' because it helps with a transition that is difficult for so many parents," said Arthur Grehan, executive director of the American Innerspring Manufacturers. "Parents frequently contact us for information on the right types and sizes of beds for toddlers, so we know there's a ton of interest in the subject."

"'Sleepy Creepy' is delightful and just plain fun," Grehan added. "We suspect it'll rise to the top of the child's request list at bedtime."

AIM is making the offer in hopes that parents will give some real thought to the important transition from a crib to a bed with a real mattress. AIM is making copies of the book available to any parent who wants one in order to spark a discussion about the best way to approach this critical milestone in a child's life.

AIM's Web site, www.aim, has additional information on the subject, including a tip sheet called "A Little Common Sense on Big Kid Beds."

Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Caleb’s Wish - Book Review

Be careful what you wish for! Birthday wishes may just be a little more powerful than we give them credit for…

Caleb’s Birthday Wish is a wonderful tale about holding on to one’s dream despite whatever we might see as obstacles. Written by David Villanueva jr. and illustrated by Edmundo Sanchez, Caleb’s Birthday Wish brings us a wonderful, freckle-faced 8-year-old boy in a wheelchair that wanted very much to fly. Caleb goes on a fun and exciting balloon trip where he is briefly caught in a tree, had a slight alligator scare, enjoyed a chimpanzee race, met a sneezing giraffe and had a close call with a zooming jet. Finally, aided by friendly ducks (and his powerful birthday wish) Caleb finds his way back to the birthday party that is still going strong in his back yard.

The last few pages are well designed for this age group with a maze, seek and count games and a word search. 40-pages are filled with a light-humor and the main character has a cheerful and dream-filled disposition. His faithful dog, Ozzy, is there with him throughout the tale – with the exception of the flight itself.

I can say with honesty, that I enjoyed reviewing this book…

ISBN#: 0-9771971-8-2
Author: David Villanueva jr.
Illustrator: Edmundo Sanchez
Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher