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What's Your Passion?

Okay, you've decided you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing. So, you join some affiliate programs and start submitting free ads to newsletters and free advertising classifieds sites. You're going to make BIG money now -- right?

Nope! Sorry! Just sending out a few ads is not going to do it. Not if you want to be a real success.

You must first determine your passion. I mean other than making the money! What is your hobby? What do you know how to do REALLY well? What is your job? Everyone has something that is their own special talent. Find yours.

You probably have more than one thing that you are very interested in and do well. See if you can find five (ten if you're really ambitious). Write them down in a list. Remember, you are going to be spending a lot of time working with this subject. Make sure you enjoy it!

Go down each item on your list. Start writing a rough outline of everything you know about the topic. It doesn't have to be elaborate. This is just to give you an idea of how much information is available for a given subject.

Try mind mapping. Write down the main subject of your idea. Draw a circle around it. Now, start thinking of sub-categories that are related to your main category. Draw a line from your main category and end it with a circle. Put the sub-category title inside this circle. Find as many sub-categories (and sub-sub-categories) as you can.

Go through each of your interests with this procedure. Choose the one that you know the most about and that you can write about comfortably.
What if you "think" you don't know enough about your topic? Then, do some research. Read books and magazines. Do some searches on the Internet. Who knows? You might find an area, a niche, that is just waiting for you to fill it with useful information.

There's a lot more to affiliate marketing, of course. But the first step is to find your passion. Your "passion" doesn't have to be making money on the Internet. It can be cooking, sewing, billiards, or whatever. In fact, it's better if you find a niche that isn't in the online marketing arena because that's what nearly everyone else is doing.

Make your topic unique. Make it yours. And make it your passion. It will pay you well.

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Watching The Detectives Investigate History

There's good news for anyone with a bit of memorabilia-such as an old map or photo-that has left them with more questions than answers.

A critically acclaimed television show about to enter its fourth season asks viewers to submit story ideas. The show-PBS' "History Detectives"-applies the latest forensic technology and old-fashioned, pavement-pounding detective work to lift the lid on intriguing artifacts and objects, family legends and local folklore in cities and small towns across America.

Because it uses cutting-edge technology to uncover the history behind homes and heirlooms, the show has been described as "CSI" meets "Antiques Roadshow." Rather than assigning a monetary value, this show traces and verifies the lineage of beloved objects and places.

Each one-hour episode of this PBS series examines three compelling attempts to uncover the truth behind a bit of history that we think we know.

In the past the show has investigated topics ranging from interesting trivia about the possible inspiration of one of America's best-loved animated characters, to shocking revelations about illustrations that may have helped persuade America to fight the Nazis in World War II.

The show's fourth season is now in production and its producers are asking viewers to submit story ideas. There are no age restrictions on who can submit an idea, and it can come from an individual or a group, such as a family or school class.

The main rule for the submission is that there has to be a tangible physical item, such as a map, photo or family keepsake, that ties the story together.

The producers emphasize that they are interested in both historical items, such as deeds, weapons or portraits, and items with more of a pop-culture bent.

For example, one of the more popular segments during the show's third season was an investigation of a toy collector's figurine of a mouse that some say was the inspiration behind the Mickey Mouse character.

Another segment focused on a map of a World War I battlefield that offered detailed warnings about what to do in case of a gas attack. In addition to being a relic of a key battle where U.S. soldiers routed the enemy, the document induced the investigators to delve into the origins of chemical warfare.

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Video Game Rentals Online – Easy Way of Renting your Favorite Games

When it comes to video game rentals today, the procedure couldn’t be any easier. A number of online rental clubs have established their dominance within the video game rental realm. Lets take a look at a few and what they have to offer:

GameFly and Gottaplay are among the elite rental companies known in the market today. These two dominant rental services have more than four thousand games each within their collection to distribute at anytime. Both are equally matched in the marketplace and both offer well optimized websites to handle the renting aspect of the field and also contain previews, trailers, and codes which many game fans will enjoy as an added bonus.

Gamers will be eager to choose from titles both new and old and also from consoles such as XBOX, PS2, and PSP. Not only are the major game consoles included within these plans, but older systems as well including Nintendo, Sega, and Gameboy Advanced These rental plans generally range from $12.95 to $24.95 a month depending on how many games you would like to rent at a time.

When it comes close to renting video games, online rental companies are the only option for most. All titles from the two groups mentioned above are shipped within 1-2 business days and have many distribution points located anywhere in the U.S. Once you’re done with your game, you can return it in the self addressed envelope it came with and receive your next title immediately, with no late fees, and especially no gimmicks. Each game can be purchased at anytime if you decide you would like to keep the title. These prices are a lot lower than you can find most used games at your local used video game store.

Once you have established your video game rental account, you may want to check and see how long the game takes to reach your doorstep. Gottaplay and Gamefly have many distribution centers across the US, so you should not expect to wait anymore than 4 business days from the day they send out your shipment.

For experienced gamers, I would substantially suggest into checking out the superiority and selection of the leading online rental facilities mentioned above or on our review page below. You will not be disappointed, as most rental plans have offered a free 14 day free trial.

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Wholesale Sport Sunglasses

With the great popularity of sports, wholesale sports sunglasses have also become popular. Every sports lover or player wants to have a good pair of sports sunglasses. Their popularity has grown with the popularity of outdoor sports. Whether you are a biker, rock climber, diver, cyclist or skier, these sports sunglasses are a must for you. They provide protection from harmful UV rays, and reduce the effects of glare. Even race-car drivers wear sports sunglasses during the race, not only to provide glare protection but also to shield their eyes from high winds.

Sports sunglasses are generally made of light frames, so as not to weigh down the person wearing them. They are generally sleek and streamlined, and very flattering to the person wearing them. Wraparound sunglasses are popular, since they are considered to have a futuristic appeal. They generally have polycarbonate lenses, which are safer than glass lenses. Sports sunglasses are now worn in most sports, be they biking, golfing, cricket or tennis. There are many sunglass manufacturers who have lines of superior eye gear equipped with an array of extra features and benefits.

Sport sunglasses are now made in keeping the sport in mind; a golfer will require different sunglasses than a biker. Every sport has different needs, so sunglasses should be made to cater to those needs. Their lenses should be able to handle changing levels of sunlight throughout the day, so that the person’s eyes are safe and his vision unimpeded. Even people who don’t play sports will buy sports sunglasses in order to make a fashion statement and stand out from the crowd.

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Tuxedo Rentals

Buying a tuxedo is a costly affair. If you are a trend-conscious person or simply do not anticipate wearing a tuxedo more than three or four times over the next couple of years, then it is advisable to rent a tuxedo for an occasion rather than purchasing one.

There are a few questions that will determine the kind of tuxedo appropriate for the event. Is it a black-tie or white-tie soirée? Will it be held during the day or at night? Should you opt for a standard, conservative tuxedo or choose something more fashionable? Find out the dress code and if you will be accompanied by a date, you might want to ask what she plans on wearing, to complement her outfit.

Once you have narrowed down your selection and determined exactly what you want, take note of your measurements and make sure the store has your size. Then get a price quote, in addition to the return policy details. Once you have all the information, it is advisable to compare shops.

Rent a tuxedo as early as possible to avoid disappointment. In most cases, reserving it a few weeks in advance is appropriate, but in the case of a prom, it is a good idea to reserve a tuxedo at least three months in advance. Prom season is chaotic and the popular styles and sizes are usually be booked months in advance. Traditional weddings, on the other hand, require a lot planning: whether you are the groom, best man, or an usher, measurements for all those in the wedding party will need to be taken, so plan ahead, and give yourself extra time during wedding season.

In terms of budget, expect to pay anywhere between $50 for a conventional tuxedo to $300 for designer wear. Keep in mind that rental prices vary depending on how many days you expect to rent the tuxedo.

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Weber Summit Silver D Built In Gas Grill Reviewed

The Weber Summit Silver D built in gas grill has a total barbecuing area of 700 square inches. This includes warm up basket area thats 88 square inches, a warming rack area that is 108 square inches and 504 square inches of primary gas grill space. You'll be able to easily cook up plates full of steak, burgers, chicken and hotdogs, using your Weber Summit Silver D built in gas grill.

The Summit Silver D has a dedicated stainless steel smoke burner with stainless steel smoke box. It provides 8,000 BTU's per hour input, which will enhance the flavor of your meal. To get started quickly and easily the Weber Silver D is equipped with an Electronic Crossover ignition system.

The Summit Silver D Weber grill produces 44,000 BTU's per hour input. This heats its four stainless steel burners. Producing 9,600 BTU's per hour input is its handy rear-mount infrared rotisserie burner and spit fork rotisserie.

To make this built in gas grill install easily the Summit Silver D has been amazingly engineered to install just like an indoor range installs into a kitchen counter. This makes grill installation less costly and easier, plus simplifies island construction, and provides better access for service.

To ensure years of cooking enjoyment the Weber Summit Silver built in gas grill is constructed with a stainless steel hood with a center-mounted thermometer for easy monitoring. Plus cast-aluminum end caps. For extra space and storage there are stainless doors and a bottom shelf.

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Tube Fittings - High Pressure Applications

Tube fittings, HAM-LET® GROUP has produced high quality tube fittings for high pressure applications since in 1950. A leading tube fittings manucaturer for five decades, Ham-Let tube fittings are the result of tremendous research and development efforts. HAMLET® has earned an excellent reputation as a leading manufacturer of high pressure instrumentation products and tube fittings. The coompany's LET-LOK® line of connectors has been developed to fill the increasing demand for tube fittings suitable for high pressure use in petrochemical, fluid, power, nuclear, electronic and other major industries.

LET-LOK® tube fittings have been carefully manufactured and tested to withstand the demands of high performance tube fittings such as high pressure, impulse, vibration, vacuum and temperature. These Ham-Let tube fittings are manufactured to exacting tolerances using advanced computerized automation. One of the main conditions required for producing these precision machined tube fittings is stringent quality control in conjunction with skilled craftsmen.

The Principle - Tube Fittings
ONE-LOK tube fittings are designed to provide leak-proof, secure connections that can withstand high pressure, vibration and vacuum applications. To this end, ONE-LOK tube fittings are made up of three parts that are precision engineered and machined: body, ferrule and nut. Ham-Let's tube fittings are designed for use in control systems, process and instrumentation devices and in industrial equipment used in various industries such as:
• Pulp & paper mills
• Petroleum process plants
• Chemical process plants
• Chromatography
• Power generation plants

Tube Fittings Remake Ability
ONE-LOK fittings are engineered to the highest standards and have been tested to bursting pressure with both maximum and minimum wall thickness. Correctly assembled ONE-LOK tube fittings were installed and no leaks or other failures were noted at the connection points. The Ham-let Technical Department offers advice regarding appropriate working pressure for its ONE-LOK tube fittings. ONE-LOK tube fittings are supplied assembled, finger tight. Disassembly of ONE-LOK tube fittings before use can allow the entry of dirt or other particles. ONE-LOK tube fittings connections may be disconnected and remade repeatedly, without loss of leaktight seal.

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Totes Isotoner Men's Terry Slippers

The names "Totes" and "Isotoner" have gained a certain exclusive ring to the products bearing these names. Umbrellas, gloves, rainwear, rubber footware, and slippers are products that are produced by the Cincinnati, Ohio based Totes Isotoner Corporation. Over the years, I have owned Totes Isotoner umbrellas, gloves, as well as a pair of Terry Men's Slippers. The latter product is the subject of this particular review.

For men, slippers are not a fashion statement. There chief function is to provide for 'us guys' a way to keep our feet warm on cold days. Anything else that they do is a bonus.

Totes' Terry Men's Slippers come in two colors: light blue and brown. The inside is flannel lined while the outside is terry cloth. The best part, one that many guys like, is that the sole is indoor/outdoor usable. Thus, if you need to run out and pick up the paper tossed in your driveway or take the trash out, your slippers will probably not be ruined [unless you continually walk on ice or snow, I imagine]. Additionally, the soles hold up well to prevent dangerous slipping which is a common problem of many slippers when the soles begin to wear out before the rest of the slipper.

Sizes offered are close to shoe sizes. I wear 9 1/2 or 10 dress shoes and the slippers I own are 9 1/2 - 10 1/2. Sure, you don't need the support that shoes offer but it is nice to have slippers fit rather snuggly without drooping off your feet when walking around.

After six months of constant use, my slippers are showing only minimal wear, mostly on the inside bottom of my right slipper. The internal stitching is showing no signs of loosening while the outside reflects only minimal creases on the top.

At $20-25 per pair, the cost of Totes Isotoner slippers is higher than most other brands. Still, the wear and tear is minimal, my feet stay warm, and I get to take out the trash [oh, joy!] without having to switch over to shoes. I doubt that you will find a better pair of men's slippers for this price.

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Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Secure

Unfortunately, car theft and car break ins are a part of life. And even the newest cars with state of the art security systems can not keep the thieves at bay.

Auto security devices

Luckily, there are few measures you can take to make sure your car and its belongings do not become another crime statistic. First and foremost, your car should have an alarm. Car security will often come down to which has the best security equipment. If your car has an alarm and a steering lock in place, most thieves will move onto a car that is not so well secured. So, having these two car security devices in place is a good idea. There are also plenty of other auto security devices you can choose from including wheel clamps, brake pedal locks, battery and fuel pump disconnects, cameras and warning lights.


Auto security devices can help keep your car secure, but if a thief really wants to break into it the chances are that he will succeed. For this reason you should take out a good insurance policy on your car and its contents in case the worst should happen. A good insurance policy will cover you against fire and theft; will insure the contents of your car; and will insure you for the cost of repairing any damage to the car caused by a break in or an attempted break in.

Common sense

When it comes down to it, a lot of keeping your beloved car safe and secure comes down to common sense. With just a few basic steps and good habits you should be able to keep the thieves at bay.

For a start, always try to park the car in busy areas where there are plenty of passers by. This is especially true true at night. Most car break ins occur when cars are left on quiet unlit streets.

When you leave your car unattended you should also ensure that all doors are locked and that your windows are rolled up. Also, never leave valuables in your car when it is unattended. This goes for your driving license and car registration papers too. If your car gets stolen with these inside it can be a major headache and you run the risk of having your identity seriously compromized.

If you really must leave belongings in your car make sure they are out of sight. The vast majority of car crime involves the theft of items from cars that are left in view, such as mobile phones and laptops, that can be stolen quickly and resold quickly.

Also, they type of car you drive will have a bearing on how likely you are to become a victim of car crime. A sporty coupé will be a much more attractive steal for criminals than a sensible station wagon. So, the nicer your car the more careful you should be.

Surprisingly, many car thefts result from car owners either losing their keys or having them stolen. So, if you are out and about take extra care with your car keys. Also, keep car keys in a secure place, such as in a safe, in the home. If your house gets burgled, you do not want the criminals to make off with your car as well.

Never hide spare keys in your car. Thieves know all the classic hiding spots and are likely to find them. And if you are leaving your car at an attended lot, do not give the attendant a full set of keys or a key with the keycode on it.

Finally, if you have a garage, use it. A high proportion of car crime occurs right outside people's homes so keep your car off the streets at night if you can.

If you are a victim

If your car is stolen or broken into, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact the police the higher the chance of your car or your belongings being recovered. Also, you should try to make it as easy as possible for police to identify your car. You could have your windows engaged, scratch your initials under the hood or leave a few business cars lying around inside the car.

Most of us are victims of car crime at some point in our lives. However, by following the tips in this article you should reduce the chances of it happening to you.

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Top 8 des Bonnes Raisons de Jouer au

Lors de multiples discussions, il en est ressorti que ce qui motive une personne a jouer de plus en plus au casino et autres jeux d'argent est son rapport a la vie.
Pour ces dernieres, la vie elle meme est un jeu. Respirer est un jeu,sortir hors de chez soi est un jeu, bref, meme le quotidien est un jeu. mais le casino, quant a lui, nous offre des sensations uniques car les paris ne sont, contrairement aux mouvemet quotidiens,bases que sur le fruit du hasard. Le casino procure a l'homme une montee d'adrenaline hors norme. Le risque est donc plus fort.

Ainsi, de cette etude. il en est ressorti les resultats suivants:

Le temps des vacances:

Ces 10 dernieres annees, Las Vegas est devenue l'endroit populaire pour jouer en famille car a la mise en place de systeme de resort et d'attractions familiales.

Pour gagner et devenir riche :

De toutes personnes interviewées ces personnes sont les plus representatives du phenomene. Elles sont venues au casino avec l'espoir de devenir riches et de pouvoir changer le cours de leur destin.

Problèmes d'argent :

Rejoint l'idee precedente. Beaucoup semble croire qu'ils peuvent regler leurs problèmes d'argent en jouant. Or, il y a aussi de forte chance, si madame chance n'est pas la, qu'elles engrangent d'avantages de pertes et de problemes si elles ne peuvent gerer leurs jeux et leurs mises.

Salle de Mariage:

Pour certains, se rendre au casino est l'endroit ideal pour celebrer son mariage. Un peu comme dans une eglise quoi. Et de preference a Las Vegas ou Salt Lake City. Leurs salles deviennent a la mode pour ce genre d'evenement en raison de leur prix rentable, l'originalite de leur hall d'accueil et l'espace de la salle pouvant accueillir grand nombre d'invites.

Leurs revenus.

Pour certains, le casino est comme un metier. Certains y passent toute leur journee pour pouvoir remporter une sorte de "salaire" plus ou moins eleve d'ici la fin du mois.

Pour trouver l'ame soeur:

Vous n'imagineriez pas le nombre de personnes celibataires se rendant en casino lors de parties de celibataires, uniquement dns l'espoir de trouver l'ame soeur et pourtant. Grand nombre de personnes interrogees y ont mentionne ce desir.

Pour fuir de chez soi :

La majorite des personnes interrogees ayant repondu pour sortir de chez soi sont essentiellement des gens de la gente masculine, tous maries depuis plus de 10 ans et peres de famille. Ces derniers se rendent generalement au casino en moyenne une fois par mois pendant quelques heures avant de rentrer.

Pour le plaisir :

Ces personnes auraient eu la bonne reponse. Toutefois, j'ai du mal a croire que cette categorie, qui devrait apparaitre en premiere place, ne se trouve au final qu'au bas de la liste. En effet, jouer au casino devrait etre avant tout une partie de plaisir. Integrer une ambiance hors pair d'un casino reel, avoir des boissons gratuites et ameliorer leur techniques de jeux, telles sont leurs principales preoccupations.

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Top 5 Printers In The Market

Choosing a printer can at times prove to be a daunting task especially if the shopper happens to be a first time printer buyer. There are various types of printing technologies and each is suited for specific needs. It is important to note one thumb rule when shopping for a printer. For long lasting photographs, an inkjet printer is an absolute must and for producing fast text documents; a laser printer is an ideal choice. With a wide variety of printers available in the market; it is difficult to make a prudent choice. Mentioned below are the top five printers available in the market today.

Brother MFC- 9440CN color laser multifunction
This color laser multifunction printer is ideal for work groups or small offices. Its USP lies in its consistent and fast speed as well as an impressive scan and print quality. It can perform multifunctional tasks and offers advanced features and functions to meet the diverse needs of an office. It also has an Ethernet port at the rear and it can be connected to the computer via a single USB cable. It is compatible with MAC as well as Windows operating systems. It comes with a default 64 MB memory and this can be upgraded up to 576 MB. It has the regular copy features and the can make up to 99 copies at once as well as enlarge and reduce via custom values or present values. Moreover, it comes with enhanced security features. The Settings Lock enables you to set a Pin number and secure your printer from being tampered by a third party.

HP Photosmart A826
This printer is a favorite among people who prefer a great print quality at lightening speed. It comes packed with some fun features like captions and clip art. The menu section is neat and well organized and it also features a user-friendly touch screen and is great for displaying slide shows. Given its size and lack of portability; the printer would be an ideal choice among professional photographers and professional party organizers. The touch screen comes packed with most of its essential features. The set up too is fairly simple. The A826 can easily be set up to print from a PC. Photographs can be viewed as a slideshow and the settings of this can be adjusted to randomize the order, image duration, continuous loop and much more. The A826 offers a wide variety of options when it comes to printing and editing of photographs.

Epson Stylus Pro 3800
This printer offers a fine blend of features, all packed into one machine. This is the least expensive printer available in the Epson’s Pro series. Besides offering long lasting prints and an amazing black & white print quality; it also has a wide tonal range and offers an array of paper options. The minimum ink droplet size is 3.5 Pico liters and a max resolution of 2880x1, 440dpi. It can hold 9 cartridges of Epson's Ultra Chrome K3 inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Matte Black, Photo Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, and Light Light Black. It comes with an Ethernet port and can thus be shared on a network. So, it makes an ideal printer for a small office environment. The best part of this printer is that delivers high quality black and white prints. While the neutrality of colors will depend on the type of paper being used; the color fidelity on different paper types is more than impressive.

HP Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-One
This printer comes packed with loads of utilizable features like built-in networking, high quality and speedy prints, a built-in ADF, media card slots, Digital Filing, duplexer and various other office-oriented features. This printer is highly recommended for someone who is looking for an all-in-one functionality. It also offers a wireless print server as well as a Bluetooth adaptor for wireless printing (optional). Be it printing, scanning, copying or faxing; the machine accomplishes it all. Although it is network-ready; the printer can be also connected via a USB. It makes it possible to send and receive both colored as well as black and white fax copies.

Lexmark C532dn
This printer offers some highly useful and user-friendly features and offers high quality and speedy prints for just about any print type. It comes network ready with a built-in duplexer as well as a separate photoconductor. This printer is ideal for high volume printing needs and also features an automatic double sided printing. Furthermore; the printer is quite energy efficient and results in lesser material waste. Its toner cartridges have been separated into 2 units. While one piece is the toner; the other piece is the photoconductor. Its print quality is highly impressive and the printer also has an expandable on board memory.

Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Top 2 Blue Dial Citizen Quartz Watches For Men and Women

You'll find a number of great choices in Citizen quartz blue dial watches for both men and woman on the Internet at the site of the Citizen Watch Company itself, several resellers or wholesalers as well as auction sites. Let's take a look at a few of these terrific Citizen quartz blue dial watches.

For the women there's the Citizen bangle bracelet watch. In addition to its fashionable blue dial this Citizen quartz watch has a two tone yellow and white case that is rectangular shape, a back made of durable stainless steel, glass made of mineral crystal, hands and markers that are gold tones, and of course its bangle bracelet in yellow and white.

These Citizen quartz blue dial watches come with limited five year manufacturers' warranties and retail for under $200.

A popular blue dial for men, with several stylish choices in watch bands and quartz movement from Japan, is the AP1000-03L. Along with its noteworthy blue dial, it sports silver toned markers and hands, an indicator of the phases of the moon, several choices in watch bands including an attractive blue leather, subdials that display the days of the week as well as the month and date, and indicators of low charge and time reset. These Citizen quartz blue dial watches will be powered for 180 days on a full charge. They are protected by a case with a screw back, a mineral crystal that is both scratch resistant and non-reflecting, and water resistance to 330 feet.

This men's blue dial Citizen quartz watch carries the trademark Citizen's five-year manufacturer's warranty

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Todo Sobre el Poquer

El póquer es un juego que comenzó durante los 1800, primero en Francia y sus alrededores. Gracias a inmigrantes y viajeros americanos y su alta demanda, el póquer llego al continente Americano transformándose en uno de los juegos más populares de la historia.

El Póquer es sin duda un juego astuto que requiere de mucha atención y experiencia para tener buenos resultados y salir del juego sin desesperar.

Si es la primera vez que juegas, seguramente has pensado que es muy difícil jugar como se debe. Sin embargo, la mayoría de los principiantes se sienten de la misma manera, y luego comenzaron a jugar perdiendo el miedo. Gracias a algunas reglas y guías en línea podrás jugar y quien sabe ganar.

Vying es un estilo de juegos que se origino en Francia y gracias a su llegada a América, particularmente Nuevo Orleáns, nuevos tipos de Póquer fueron creados, como póquer abierto, póquer cerrado, texas holdem, etc, 5 cerrado, 7 abierto y otros.

Las normas del juego son encontrar en las cartas recibidas al comienzo del juego y durante su proceso las combinaciones de cartas necesarias. Hay muchas combinaciones cada una vale mas o menos que otra. Por ejemplo carta mas alta es la menor, luego viene dos cartas iguales, tres cartas iguales, colores iguales, full house, escalera de color, etc. Escalera real es la combinación mas alta con la cual gana cualquier otra combinación (depende los valores de tus números).

Lo interesante del juego es que cada mano deberás hacer decisiones que afectaran el resultado de la jugada. Por ejemplo, un vez que llegue tu turno deberás decidir si aumentar tu apuesta, continuarla, o dejar el partido. Desde ya todo depende de tus combinaciones o potenciales combinaciones que puedas conseguir. También depende de si deseas engañar a otros jugadores haciéndoles creer que tienes buenas cartas cuando no.

Si buscas comenzar a jugar y practicar es muy importante que lo hagas antes de comenzar a jugar en un casino real. Una de las mejores maneras es los casinos en línea, en donde no te sentirás presionada por los demás jugadores ni pasaras incómodos momentos. Lo puedes hacer muy relajado desde tu casa, sin usar plata real sino que solo por diversión y practica.

Otra de las cosas que debes tener en cuenta es ser cuidadoso a la hora de jugar por dinero y practicar bastante antes de largarte a hacerlo. No querrás arrepentirte ni perder mucho dinero, aunque en general los principiantes tienen suerte.

Ahí puedes conocer otros jugadores de otros países que buscan también practicar, jugar y divertirse. Luego puedes comenzar a apostar por dinero y versa que los casinos en línea tienen muchas ventajas en cuanto a porcentajes de ganancias y demás.

Si lees un poco más a cerca del juego en diferentes sitios de póquer, te darás cuenta que es muy entretenido y no tan complicado como parecía serlo.

En fin, el póquer es un juego que ha existido desde el siglo XIX y actualmente sigue siendo tan popular como siempre.

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

To Buy or not To Buy…Online?

More and more people are saving time and energy by shopping online these days. However, there are a few things you should know before making that online purchase.

Always be sure to check an online store’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, complaints procedures, and whether or not it has a secure checkout. If you have problems, being able to contact the retailer is crucial,. Always note the phone number and physical address of an online store before buying.

There are also 12 questions you need to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to make an online purchase.

1. Who are you dealing with?

Information about the site owner should be clearly identified somewhere on the site. They should list either email address or phone number, or both, and a full mailing address. These are very important should you decide you need to file a complaint or check on your order.

2. How much is it going to cost you?

The price should be clearly displayed and include all costs. Be sure to remember to look for information about delivery charges, taxes and currency differences.

3. What are you buying?

You should be able to easily identify the product. This is especially important online because you often can't see the goods you buy. Be sure you understand exactly what you are buying. You may also want to do some research before you buy. It is always good to read online product reviews like those found at http://www.consumer-research-guide.com which lists reviews of many of the products or services commonly purchased online.

4. Is there stock available?

Stock availability should be clearly displayed. If they tell you an item is on back order, be sure they give you an approximate date for order completion. If not, you would probably be better served to cancel your order and try another merchant.

5. What delivery methods are available?

Determine what deliver options you desire are available and how much it will cost. Also ensure that the merchant delivers to your country. This is especially important since the Internet is truly and international community.

6. How do you know when you’ve confirmed your order?

There should be a clearly defined ordering process for you to follow. You should also receive a receipt for your order either online or by email.

7. How can you pay for your purchase?

Payment options available should be clearly displayed. Most online stores will accept credit card, but some do not. Some stores accept non-internet payment, debit card or third party payment providers (PayPal, Western Union, etc.).

8. What personal information are they asking for and what will they do with it?

Only information needed for purchase should be requested. If you're asked for personal information, there should be an explanation of how the information will be used, and who it will be given to. Be sure to check to see if the store has an online Privacy Policy and read it!

9. How long will it take to get your order?

Make sure the store gives a stated target time for delivery, and that you'll receive an email to tell you when it's been sent.

10. How much do you owe?

The amount you paid should be stated when you order, with allowances for any currency conversion.

11. What if you don't like the product, or it's faulty?

The returns procedure should be stated on the web site and easy to follow with who to contact if the returns procedure fails. Any extra costs should be specified in the returns policy, so check before you finalize your purchase.

12. Can you get a refund?

Most of the time there should be no problems obtaining a refund, just like regular shopping, provided you have the physical address of the trader. It's a lot harder to chase up a virtual shop. There are also some legal questions which may make getting a refund more complicated if you shop overseas.

Remember shopping online can be both fun and convenient, but it pays to be cautious.

Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

This Citizen Eco Drive Mickey Watch is not Mousy

Citizen eco drive Mickey Mouse watches are keepsake wristwatches that are as popular as men's and ladies' watches as they are for children. Both Citizen with its eco drive and Mickey Mouse watches have a long history and sterling reputations.

The Citizen Watch Company began in Tokyo in 1918 as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. Its name was changed to Citizen Watch Company in 1930. Mickey Mouse watches became part of its standard repertoire some time in the 1960's and the eco-drive that Citizens made famous was introduced in April of 1966. Citizen eco-drive wrist watches require no battery and are simply powered by light, and thus ecologically friendly.

Though discontinued, Citizen eco drive Mickey Mouse watches, whether men's or ladies, are keepsakes and collector's items and as such are available online.

At one wristwatch collectors auction site you can, for example, buy a men's Citizen Mickey Mouse watch with brown leather strap for under $80. This men's watch has a stainless steel watch case with gold tone, a polished finish, a white watch dial with Mickey Mouse design, hands and hour markers that are gold toned, the date displayed at three o'clock, a Tang wrist watch clasp, Japanese quartz movement, and of course, the advantageous Citizen eco-drive that keeps your watch running without any battery. This watch is water resistant.

For the ladies this same site offers a gold tone watch for about $100. Its bracelet and case are both gold tones, its finish nicely polished and the watch has Japanese quartz movement. This Citizens eco-drive Mickey Mouse wristwatch has a dial of mother of pearl that features an attractive Mickey Mouse design. The deployment clasp is hidden and the watch is water resistant.

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

These under $400 Best BBQs are Smoking!

Although smokers come in all price ranges, sizes and shapes, let's take a look at the best bbq smokers under $400.

When you decide to buy a smoker you need to determine which fuel you are going to use. You can have a barbecue smoker that runs on charcoal, electricity, gas or wood. The truer your bbq (charcoal or wood) the more time you are going to have to spend tending to its fire and watching its temperature gauge. If you don't want to work that hard, you should look at the best bbq smokers under $400 that are powered by electricity or gas.

One of the best barbecue smokers under $400 is the Weber Smoky Mountain. This charcoal smoker comes in three different styles. The 2820 smoker model Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker is made of porcelain enamel. It has cooking grates, plated three times, and its door and legs are made of aluminum. Its cover is top quality. This bbq smoker also comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Any version of this smoker will give a true smokehouse flavor to your meats. Its water pan, made of porcelain and enamel, gives off a terrific steam that keeps your meat moist and tender.

Another $400 and less bbq smoker is the Black Diamond. Its design is firebox offset and it is constructed of steel that is heavy duty, with 738 square inches for cooking. It has a dual system for air dampening to control heat and smoke and a handy door access for fire tending. Its paint is durable and heat resistant. It has a warming plant, a front shelf and a storage shelf on the lower half of the grill. Clearly one of the best $400 bbq smokers.

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

The Top 5 Uses for Binoculars

What is the first thing people think of when discussing binoculars? Marine, hunting, birding and other nature related activities are some of the more popular uses. Although binoculars greatly serve their purpose during these activities, they can be used for more than most people think.

Many people don’t realize the advantages of owning a pair of quality binoculars. Here are a few popular pastimes that employ the use of binoculars:

Traveling - Binoculars are a great tool for site seeing. Travelers that visit spectacularly scenic places, such as Europe, Japan, New Zealand, or even British Columbia can greatly enhance their experience with a handy set of binoculars. The ability to optimize your view and see miraculous detail will make your trip extraordinarily unforgettable.

Live theater and music concerts - Enjoy sitting in the back row? A pair of binoculars will make you feel like you are on center stage. Have the best view in the room and see the whole show up-close and personal. Binoculars are an absolute must for outdoor concerts and music festivals.

Camping - Bring binoculars and enjoy the wildlife view with your family. It will give you the ability to see things you never thought you would see, like a bird's nest way up in a tree or the rolling clouds from a storm blowing in. You can also use binoculars while out hiking, to help you navigate a more direct route to your destination.

Stargazing – Binoculars can be your first tool in the discovery of astronomy. Regardless of your experience stargazing, the study and practice of astronomy is both educational and fascinating. Take your significant other to a designated spot and learn about the stars and moon together.

Spectator Sports - When you want to have a close-up look at your favorite sporting event, don't forget to bring your binoculars. Get an expert view of all the plays. Indulge your childhood dream of becoming an umpire, and get in on the game. Your binoculars will give you a view of the action that is unparalleled, especially if you are up in the nosebleed seats.

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

The Stunning Ring: Self Defense Wrapped Around Your Finger

Choosing a self defense product can be overwhelming. So when making this important decision ask yourself, "How quickly will I be able to defend myself with this product?".

An attacker often waits for that person who is alone and unaware. They look for vulnerability. Most people do not have the luxury of a personal body guard, so you must protect yourself.

In the event of an attack you have very limited time to react. You will not have time fumble through your purse or bag for that pepper spray or stun gun.

You need the power to stop an attacker at your fingertips. You can do that with the Stunning Ring.

The Stunning Ring is a self defense pepper spray ring. It is creatively designed to fit a man or woman; sizes 6-14. Choose between silver or gold plating, complimented with a genuine onyx stone.

Because it is disguised as a ring an attacker would never know you have pepper spray. The ring can be worn all the time or you can slip it on when necessary. The Stunning Ring is convenient because it will be there when you need it.

The ring is worn on the index or middle finger of your dominant hand with the safety latch closest to your thumb. Simply point the ring at an attackers face. Use your thumb to release the safety and depress the actuator.

The Stunning Ring will release a 10% pepper spray formula with a heat rating of 2 million scoville heat units, 400 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper! The pepper spray canister has a 2-3 second burst with a range of about 12 inches and is replaceable.

In addition to causing an attacker pain, the Stunning Ring formula will swell the mucous membranes, which makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins in the eyes, causing the eyes to shut. Coughing, choking, sneezing, severe burning sensations to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, and nausea are also effects that will last 20-30 minutes but cause no permanent damage.

Once you have the attacker under control you can safely run for help.

I hope that you never find yourself in a situation where your safety or the safety of your loved ones is compromised. But I also hope that you can protect yourself if you do.

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

The Science of Robosapien

At a glance, Robosapien looks great versus the old school box on wheels with clear dome head. ‘Ooh,’ you say, looks kinda like a muscled storm trooper and the fart button now that’s a hoot. We nod in polite agreement, but behind your back, we snicker at your total lack of appreciation of the advanced robotic theory involved.

Robosapien is a modern day turning point in the evolution of robotics and is the first-ever robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics. (That’s what you should have been telling friends and family all this time rather than pointing out amusing cat-chasing ability.) Biomorphic robotics stems from Mark Tilden’s innovative new concepts in BEAM technology.

A New Philosophy for Robot Kind BEAM is an acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics and Mechanics. Dr. Mark W. Tilden founded this relatively new branch of robotic sciences in 1989, based on the premise that behavioral-rich robots need not be the wickedly complex projects reserved only for well-funded labs and cartoon villains.

Put another way, traditional approaches to creating robots have started with creating a sophisticated brain to maneuver the mechanics of the body. Though not discounting the incredible engineering feats of robots built this way, most notably the Sony Qrio and Honda Asimo, Mark Tilden strongly contends that this is the wrong approach to take.

It’s like trying to emulate a human when modern technology and research can’t realistically copy a bug from your garden. “[It’s] an evolutionary dead end,” says Tilden. BEAM robotics is about taking the bottom-up approach, to start from mastering the simple bug and moving up from there.

Rather than attempt to create a centralized robo-brain to process every variable input and spit out a decision (much, much harder than you may think), why not use a system known as "subsumption architecture.’’ Subsumption architecture is a clever technique where the actions of a robot are managed in layers, each layer controlling one facet of the robot’s operation.

For example, a low-level layer could be ‘Walk Forward,’ which the robot will happily do until it bumps into something. At this point, the slightly higher level ‘Lift Leg Higher’ kicks in, overriding the ‘Walk Forward’ layer until the robot successfully climbs over the obstacle, at which point ‘Lift Leg Higher’ stops, and the low-level ‘Walk Forward’ takes over again. *

Egocentric Bugs

So Tilden began building robot bugs on this principle, and more selfish creatures they could not have been.

Why’s that? Well Tilden decided that Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics:
1. No hurt human.
2. Listen to human unless told ‘Do hurt human’.
3. Try to live with that.
were antiquated notions that left no room for a good practical joke at parties.

So one dark and stormy night he penned Tilden’s Three Laws of Robotics:
1. A robot must protect its existence at all costs.
2. A robot must obtain and maintain access to a power source.
3. A robot must continually search for better power sources.
informally known as*:
1. Protect thy butt.
2. Feed thy butt.
3. Move thy butt to better real estate.
1. He justified this robotic declaration of self-interest as the only way robots can start evolving the way humans may have came from guppies looking for a good time by leaving the ocean.

From Bugs to Sapiens

Needing to find a lighter-minded group of people from his government and NASA days, Tilden decided to go and join a toy company. Who better than one audacious enough to self proclaim themselves, Wow Wee! It was a great match, and they gleefully began working on toy dinosaurs and bugs based on Tilden’s now renowned expertise.

Then came the master project that one could fairly say would change the landscape of robotics altogether. FartDude, later named Robosapien after initial market testing, was to be the culmination of Tilden’s work, finally bringing to bear a humanoid (sapien-like, if you will) robot capable of an impressive list of moves and rude sounds.

In Robosapien, you see the basics of BEAM philosophy and technological research. It follows the B as a biomorphic rendition of humans, E for the fact you can’t throw it in a bathtub, A because it’s stylin the latest magazine covers, and one heck of a lot of M going into the robo dancing capability.

That’s Mr. Sapien

Like no robot ever before, the Robosapien is affordable to the unwashed masses. The Robosapien is a crowning accomplishment when it comes to mobility, power consumption, programmability, and maybe most importantly: hackability.

Each arm has full 360 motion ability allowed by the, ahem, biomorphic shoulder joints and flexible elbows. Ending in three articulated fingers, Robosapien is capable of picking up, gripping, and throwing objects. The genuine full walking motion (most robots don’t genuinely walk outside a lab) is made possible design of the large feet and well placed sensors.

And do you know how much power it usually takes to run a robot Fuggedabowdit. Regular robots are dishonorable little battery-eaters always hungry for more, more, more! And who’s going to pay for these batteries, hmmm’ Well Robosapien brings no shame to itself when consuming power, essentially due to the astounding mechanical physics. It runs a full 6 to 10 hours on just one set of batteries. In fact, if you move Robosapien’s arm you’ll actually generate power for it! Hey man, that’s shrewd.

For those of you who want a robot that will fetch you a frosty one from the kitchen, you lazy bums will just have to wait until later versions. But you can program your Robosapien to do some pretty cools things in the meantime, like wander around taking swings at things, guarding your bedroom while you sleep, and a hilarious game of ‘pull my finger’. Try teaching your dog that trick smart guy.

So what’s so hot about the hackability, and is that even a word you ask? You’ve got some nerve. Tilden went through some serious, serious effort to be sure that robot enthusiasts could take apart the robot, as he would have done as a child, and tinker with modifications. Everything’s color-coded in there to make things easy for those of us without PhDs, and by all accounts, there’s plenty of additional room and power to accommodate whatever Frankenstein thing you can think up. There are entire books written on the subject should you wish to learn, so go forth and hack away. If it’s a good one, send it in and we’ll publish for all too either mock or applaud.

And Another Thing

So the next time you look at your Robosapien give a respectful nod to the world’s first-ever robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics. Then go chase a cat with it.

* Graciously lifted from Dr. Tilden’s excellent ‘Junkbots, Bugbots & Bots on Wheels’ book.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

The Quartz Watch Demystified

How one tiny mineral works to be so precise

Ever wonders how the quartz watch got its name? The name has a more literal significance than you might think. It is actually powered by the quartz crystal, a mineral most closely resembling the compound of sand and which comes from the Earth’s continental crust. It is this mineral in minute quantity that has the ability to keep time more accurately than any other mechanical or automatic watch.

The discovery of how a quartz crystal could accurately power a wrist watch changed portable timekeeping like no other invention. When the first quartz watch was introduced in the United States in the early 1970s it was an expensive wrist watch priced at around $500. Not only that, it wasn’t the most beautiful face ever to adorn a wrist. The LED (light emitting diode) that showed digital time was bright red, and the technology was only applied to digital watches. Later, the engineering behind quartz watches was transformed so the displays could be shown in digital format using LCD (liquid crystal display) or an hour and minute hand, just like a mechanical watch’s face.

Shaping the Quartz Crystal

The quartz crystal of course is at the heart of how a quartz watch works. Quartz crystals have long worked as transmitters. They were and still are used in transistor radios. This same theory, in order to be applied to powering a wrist watch, had only a couple of obstacles to overcome. One was to get the frequency to not give off too much power. Quartz in a solid form gives off a low voltage of power when it is bent a specific way. The other obstacle was to create circuit boards, in miniature, that could regulate the power given off by the crystal and work at low power.

One of the reasons quartz is such a good material for the job of powering watches, or any other device, is that quartz, stays in a solid form at even extremely high temperatures. Because of this, once it is shaped, it will stay the same shape and therefore give off the same frequency and consistent power. It is also unchanged by just about any solvent, so it can work well with other materials needed to manufacture the inner workings of the watch.

Watchmakers soon figured out that a straight bar of quartz or one shaped like a tuning fork could keep the power going indefinitely. This action is referred to as the Piezoelectric Effect. When a piece of quartz is cut properly it provides a starting frequency which then causes oscillation. This translates into pulses that can be recognized by digital circuits on the circuit board. This then shows as a display of numbers that change at the exact timing with the oscillation caused by that perfect frequency.

The exact method used in a quartz watch involves using thin bars of quartz that are plated. Then, using chemicals, it is etched into the optimum shape. This works just like an integrated circuit.

There are certainly different quality levels and accuracy levels within the general category of “quartz watch.” This is because some quartz bars are cut better than others. The real objective is to have the precise relationship of the angle cut into the quartz bar correlate with the crystalline axis. Another major difference has to do with contamination of the components of the watch. If the quartz bar and circuit are well encapsulated, they are less likely to get contaminated, which will negatively impact the accuracy of the watch.

Quartz for Powering Watches with Hands

For a quartz watch with second, minute and hour hands the initial process is the same. However, at the point where a display would register on a digital watch, the oscillation instead activates an electric motor which then powers gears to move the hands at precise increments, or pulses that equal exactly one second, just like a mechanical watch.

Quartz watches have truly changed the way watches are made. There are still some people who prefer the “art” of a watch made solely by mechanical means. However, in a world where exactness and accuracy in keeping time often count, there is no substitute for the quartz watch.

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

The Many Uses Of The Versatile Magnet

Magnets are available in various sizes and serve various purposes ranging from home to industrial uses. As magnets can stick to steel and iron, they are also used for promotional purposes.

Aside from their use in radio and television sets, magnets are also used in bulk loading and assembly line productions in the industrial world. Industrial magnets provide solutions to complex mechanized activities and come in all shapes and sizes - round, bars, rods, U-shaped, rings etc. Magnets in the industrial sector range from pulleys and separators to magnetic sweepers, fabrication and welding devices. All these can be custom-built to suit the needs of any particular industry. Bulk purchases are always advantageous and cost beneficial than individual purchases.

Owing to the varied sizes in which they are available, magnets are increasingly being used for advertising purposes. Advertising magnets are usually custom-made. The name and logo of the company along with the services and products offered form the main theme of advertising magnets. Depending on your budget the magnets can be put up on billboards or distributed among prospective clients.

Business cards are another common way to promote your services or products. Since paper business cards often get lost or are forgotten about, business card magnets help keep that company's service or product fresh in people's minds, as they are very visible on the refrigerators or on other magnetic surfaces and never get lost.

Business, promotional or advertising magnets should be made attractive and colorful so that they stand out from the crowd. With their increasing popularity, people are bound to receive a lot of promotional magnets that all get stuck onto the same board. You would definitely want yours to stick out and attract all the attention. All kinds of custom magnets can be ordered online at the various websites that offer such services.

Magnets can be used in a lot of ways at home such as for school projects. Refrigerators and iron cabinets are often adorned with magnetic stickers or small motifs. Refrigerator magnets can be bought from your local departmental store or from home-décor stores. Magnets with Disney or cartoon characters are popular with the kids. The ideal refrigerator magnets could be fruits and vegetables or cocktail magnetic stickers, which can also be made at home. Homemade refrigerator magnets are easy to make, requiring only a piece of cardboard, your favorite photo or design, glue and a small piece of magnet. Custom magnets can be a family photo, your favorite stars or the year's fixture of your favorite baseball team.

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

The Many Types of Watches

Watches have evolved over the centuries and become almost a necessity. There are many types of watches all with different functions. If you are looking for a watch there are a few things to keep in mind. Your budget is important here. The amount you can spend on a watch will dictate what type of watch and what features or functions you will be able to have. Watches can range in price from $2.00 or $3.00 all the way up to thousands of dollars and more.

An analog watch is a watch that has hands. There may be a second hand or not. The second hand moves in continuous sweeping motion. Some second hands will move in two second intervals to indicate the batteries need to be replaced. Digital watches have the time displayed in numerals. Digital watches are very popular.

An LCD watch uses liquid crystal display to show the time. The numbers are usually gray or black on a lighter background. An LED watch uses a diode that emanates light. There is usually a button to push to display the time. The numbers in the display are red in color.

A quartz watch is very popular in the market place today as well and it runs on batteries. A tiny quartz crystal in the watch vibrates at a very stable frequency. This keeps the time instead of the traditional mechanical movement.

Other watches include a mechanical watch. It operates with the movement of a set of gears. A spring inside the watch is wound to power the gears. A jewel watch uses gems such as rubies at points of friction inside the movement.

A diving watch is water resistant through a depth of between fifty to one hundred meters and it is marked on the dial. Instead of the usual push/pull crown, a diving watch has a screw down crown. This creates a better water tight seal. The band is made of rubber or similar material because the salt water won’t cause deterioration.

Functions on watches include calendars, time zones, stop watches, and alarms. Many have the option of being set to standard or military time. Still others have indigo lights that when a button is pressed will light up and make the numbers more visible. This is especially good in a hospital or nursing home setting where you need the light to read the second hand while checking pulses. There are some watches that have removable face plates so that you can have your watch match what you are wearing. The shape of a watch can be almost any shape as well such a round or rectangular. There are ring watches and pendant watches. Pocket watches are making a come back as well.

The bands on watches are as varied in material and design as the watches themselves. There are metal bands that stretch, there are bands made of material similar to the straps on backpacks and that fasten with Velcro. There are bands of cloth, hemp, metal links and bands that come in one or two pieces.

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

The Magic Of Digital Photo Frames

Comparing the past and the present, one can say that technology has really gone very far. From agriculture to transportation to telecommunication to household, technology has improved almost all the things people use, people do and people create. At the heart of it all lies the already seemingly indispensable tool of today's generation - the computer. People now live in an almost computerized and digital world. There are digital washing machines, digital alarm clocks, computerized tubs, digital calculators, digital sunglasses and digital cameras.

In the past, people saw and practiced the printing and developing of pictures or photographs which required several processes. There was a need to use the photo film after which will be soaked into some chemicals and allow them to dry in a black room. This traditional printing was replaced by putting the films into a printing machine. This machine reads the films and prints them. From hours of waiting, this has decreased to minutes. Again, it was replaced by digital camera where printing can be done right in your computer in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is transfer the photos into your computer and print them. Technology didn't stop into improving the science of photography. Now here comes the revolutionary digital photo frame.

What is a digital photo frame? A digital photo frame is a kind of picture frame that displays photos digitally without the need of a printer or computer. The good thing about it is that it can display photos in a TV set.

There are many kinds of digital photo frames. Some can only show pictures in JPEG format but most digital photo frames display the pictures in a slide show. The user may also adjust the time the pictures are shown through its adjustable time interval.
Other digital photo frames support other multimedia content aside from the photographs alone. These special photo frames may show movie clips through the camera’s movie mode, MPEG files or even MP3 or MP4 audio files.
Another feature of some digital photo frames is that it can load pictures over the internet using different programs such as RSS and photo sharing. One may easily find sites from the net that offer such programs. Not only pictures are displayed in the digital photo frame, the owner may actually feed texts along with the pictures. This way the viewer may read the description of the photograph.
All digital cameras have memory card but unlike digital cameras where you have to insert the card into some memory card reader or connect the camera into the computer before you can see it and print it, digital photo frames have internal memory slots that stores the pictures. Some frames also have USB connection which makes it easier to transfer the photos. However, there are some digital photo frames with a small memory and cannot be stored with many photo files. This is not a problem because you can buy an external memory which can be attached to the digital photo frame.

The digital photo frames come with a rechargeable battery. So the life of the digital photo frame won’t be a problem. It also comes in different sizes. The pixels also vary depending on the size of the images shown. There is a 7 inch or 17.5 cm digital photo frame that shows images of 430 x 234 pixels. There are also smaller types but pictures can’t be stretched as much.
A digital photo frame has three main parts. These are the LCD panel, the PCB and the outer frame. There are two types of panel; analog and digital. The panel also comes in different sizes. The main software is found in the PCB which is the heart of the digital photo frame.

The magic of the digital photo frame is indeed amazing. It's as simple as taking a photo, still or moving, switch your memory card to the frame and view them. Now all your wonderful memories will be constantly shown or displayed anywhere you want it to be shown or to be displayed, anywhere in your home, be it on the living room, your wall, bedroom, study room or even in the kitchen with the help of the magical digital photo frame.

Do not worry about the price. It's more affordable than printing hundreds of pictures and buying an ordinary photo frame for each. Imagine how many happy snaps you can put in it - that’s a lot! So be reminded of the magic your wedding brings, your graduation, your son's first birthday and even just the magic of a single smile. It will surely brighten and fill your day with the magic it brings. Remember that a single picture paints a thousand faces so how much more with the digital photo frame.

Share the magic to your loved ones. It’s a perfect present to your family, friends or to your boss. Treasure every memory you have, cherish every moment you get with the digital photo frame.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

The Latest Models In The Mobile Phone Industry

Over the years, mobile phones have become an indispensable and integral component of modern communication. Various brands are constantly vying against each other to deliver the very best mobile phones in terms of features, functionality, and service and of course design. This is achieved by the rapid advances in technology and innovative expertise. Companies frequently launch newer models which come packed with advanced features and functionalities; thereby satiating the demands of the cell phone enthusiasts as well as retain their positions on the higher rungs of competition. Here is a brief lowdown of some of the latest cell phone models launched by various companies:

Nokia N82
The Nokia N82 is yet another addition to the much fancied Nokia N series. This multimedia cell phone is well optimized and well defined for navigation, internet connectivity as well as photography. In fact, the N82 brings to the user an enhanced and enriching experience in photography. The model does not just boast about its high-end camera (5 megapixel auto-focus camera with a Xenon flash, and Carl Zeiss optics); but also features various highly utilizable functionalities like gaming, Bluetooth with A2DP and microUSB for PC connectivity, Wi-Fi, music player, A-GPS with pre-installed Nokia maps and much more. The buyer also gets a free trial of the voice guided navigation for 3 months. Additional features can however be purchased.

LG Rhapsody
The LG Rhapsody has recently launched its mobile phone with a "navigation wheel" similar to the Nokia N81. The phone features a state-of-the-art music player. This fine looking mobile phone delivers an enhanced audio experience. A contributing factor to this achievement is that LG mobiles has come together with Mark Levinson; the leading audio equipment manufacturing company. The phone also features Bluetooth, a 2 mega pixel camera as well as one GB of internal memory and external memory support.

Sony Ericsson K660
This fancy looking candy bar mobile phone is yet another launch by Sony Ericsson. It is essentially a mid-range mobile phone packed with adequate features and a great design. It is available in fancy cool colors and the joystick has been replaced by a five way navigation pad which is easy to operate and maneuver. Light-weight and trendy; the phone has many feel-good factors like a 2 mega pixel camera, the PhotoDJ, Video DJ and MusicDJ software, gaming, TrackId and much more. The VideoDJ feature enables the user to edit video files and cool rngtones can be created with the MusicDJ. Furthermore, it delivers 32 MB of internal memory and M2 cards for external memory is supported. With its decent enough battery life, the user gets over a day and a half regular usage on a single charge. Its regular features include stopwatch, notepad, timer, calendar, schedules and much more. It is 3G enabled with HSDPA and has a VGA camera to facilitate video calls. The Google maps too come preinstalled with this model.

Nokia N81 GB
Although a tad bulky; the Nokia N81 features an amazing music player, free media content and an impressive 8GB of internal memory. The slider switch at the top enables keypad locking and on either side is a set of stereo speakers. It is 3G enabled with a secondary VGA camera as well as a 2 mega pixel camera with an LED flash at the back side of the phone. The 5 way navigation pad can also be used as a navigation wheel. However, the key placement can be un-ergonomic. Overall, it is an impressive addition to the N series and for people who favor a sliding phone model; will be more than pleased with its smooth slider action.

The New LG Shine (In Titanium)
With the success of the LG Shine Black Label Series; LG has added another model in the Shine series- The LG Shine Titanium color. This is by far the only phone in the mobile phone market that boasts of a Titanium finish metal body. These phones will an ideal choice for consumers who want the phone design to be an extension of their personality. Sleek, shiny, slim and elegant- the phone comes in unique design variations as well as incorporates enhanced technological expertise. The newer color versions feature a 2 mega-pixel auto focus camera, 1 GB memory with microSD cards. Furthermore, it is Bluetooth enabled and sports a 2.2 inch mirror LCD screen. Other features include the E2E dictionary, document viewer, email viewer and much more.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
The Nokia5310 is lightweight and fancy with a slim and sleek design. The USP of this Nokia model is its enhanced musical capabilities. Besides that, it features a microUSB port, a 2 inch TFT screen, a 2 mega pixel at the rear, and an easily maneuverable five way navigation pad. As for connectivity, it includes PTT (Push to Talk) and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP compatibility.

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

The Latest In Versatile Gizmos: Multifunction Tools

The tool industry is beginning to understand what the electronics industry has known for years: Gizmos and gadgets that pack more in, pack more punch with consumers.

Shoppers have been snapping up all-in-one cell phones that let you e-mail, surf the Web and shoot photos. And many are likely to be wowed by the latest TVs expected to soon hit the market, which can record shows, store digital music and access satellite programming without the need for additional set-top boxes.

Now, it would seem, it's the tool industry's turn. Today's tool sets and individual handheld tools are not only more compact, but are built for multitasking. Companies such as Sheffield Mfg., for example, are taking their best-selling products and reinventing them for a wide array of applications.

A hammer is no longer just a hammer-it's a "jack-of-all-trades" with several other implements built into the handle. Take Sheffield's 14-in-1 Deluxe Hammer Multi-Tool, for instance. This striking implement is a complete tool set with a wood handle and brass finish. Fitting nicely in the palm of your hand, it encompasses 14 gadgets such as screwdrivers, pliers and blades of various sizes.

Then there's the screwdriver. Screwdrivers now come with multiple bits ranging from slotted and Phillips to star, all fitted within the tool handle to facilitate easy changeover-thus eliminating the need for a drawer full of different screwdrivers to complete a project.

"As the trend moves towards multitasking, several new products have been engineered specifically to meet this need," said Steve Maltese, Sheffield director of marketing. "The 14-in-1 Deluxe Hammer Multi-Tool is a staple item for every do-it-yourselfer who wants to do more with less. Storage is also a factor. Whether you live on a farm in the Midwest or a small apartment in a city, a complete tool set that can fit into a kitchen junk drawer or car glove box is innately appealing."

The suggested retail price for the Hammer Multi-Tool is $14.99 and it can be purchased at AutoZone, QVC.com, Sportsman's Warehouse, Tractor Supply Stores and other fine retailers. All products manufactured by Sheffield Mfg. are high quality, competitively priced and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

The Innovative Autobin

If you are looking for a new-to-market, innovative and useful product within your home, the Autobin is it! The Autobin is a revolutionary automatic opening bin. It has a built in infrared sensor on the lid, so when you place you hand near the lid of the bin, it opens, and shuts again after about 8 seconds, allowing you to drop your rubbish into the bin without the need to touch it at all. However, if you need more time, say if your peeling eggs or emptying leftovers into the bin, you can override the automatic feature by pressing the open or close button on the front panel.

If used in its automatic setting, the touchless Autobin is incredibly hygienic, and helps to prevent the spread of germs within the family household, hospitals, public toilets, offices, airports, care homes, or wherever you need a bin. Hospitals around China and Singapore are using the Autobin to help prevent the spread of the SARS virus and other superbugs.

The Autobin is also great for both elderly and disabled, and children just love the function of the Autobin. It encourages children to put their rubbish into the bin, and it injects a bit of fun into an otherwise boring chore for them.

The Stainless Steel Autobin ranges are very stylish and hygienic. They have a special coating inside the bin that prevents rusting, and they are very easy to clean inside and out. The Autobin runs on 4 x D batteries, which are usually supplied with the bin and can last between 6 and 12 months dependant on use. I have had my Autobin for over 12 months now and I haven’t replaced the batteries yet. I really would recommend the Autobin to anyone. The range includes 24 Litre, 32 Litre or 50 Litre bins, finished in either brushed satin stainless steel, or with a shiny mirror effect. I went for the 50 Litre Autobin, which looks fantastic in my kitchen.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

The Four Poster Bed - The Ultimate Dream!

Life would be very boring if everybody wanted the same thing, so it is just as well we all have different tastes. The function of a bed could be solved with a mattress on the floor, and in many countries in the world this would be regarded as a luxury. Any culture capable of reading this has progressed from this stage in evolution, although it would be wonderful to eradicate poverty. People want more than a plain bed frame; they want a centrepiece of the room, probably the room in the house where they spend most time, albeit asleep. For many generations, the four-poster bed has been revered as the elite bed, many believing it to be the ultimate possession. Four-poster beds with or without canopies made in wood or metal are still extremely popular, with history playing an important part in how we feel about it.

There are two fields of thought relating to the four-poster bed, that of the British, and the Americans. In the U.K. (and Europe) we consider a four-poster bed to be a bed with four posts, cornice, high headboard and roof, but in the States, I understand this would be called a four-poster canopy bed. In the U.S. a four-poster bed is exactly that, a bed with four posts, no cornice, no roof, just four posts. The tall, elongated posts stand like spires above the rest of the bed, often ending in finials. For obvious reasons, this style is frequently called a pencil bed. We have seen and made a variety of posts for these beds, either slender to give it a Shaker feel, or chunky for a country flavour. The posts can be turned round, left square, but tapering with some shaped features, or octagonal. They can have twists, flutes (dished hollows), or reeds (raised beads), or even inlayed wood down the length of the post. The list for the traditional looking posts is long enough, but if you start to get away from the past, and what’s been done before, then a whole new world can open up, it’s just a question of what the public will tolerate.

Traditional British four-poster or canopy beds had turned, reeded, fluted or twisted posts, indeed, many were made more ornate with extensive carving added to them. In years gone by, only wealthy noblemen would own such a bed and when he died one of the treasures was the four-poster bed.
It’s amazing just how many people love or always wanted a four-poster bed with a full canopy, many feeling it an ambition or dream fulfilled when they finally own one. You will hear comments like, ‘I saw one once,’ or ‘I slept in one, and I’ve always wanted one ever since.’ Many consider the four-poster to be extremely romantic, but it may all come back to fairy tails, and the days of fair maidens, white horses and shiny knights, or were they white knights. Tradition has instilled into many of us to aspire to own a four-poster bed, antique if possible. Failing that, then reproduction is a good alternative, as it is often not as costly, and when you commission a piece of furniture, you get what you want. People at furniture auctions either seem to compromise their wish or wait till next time, whereas asking a furniture maker for something you can have any size, style, wood, colour or carving that you wish.

The more bed you have, the more you can personalise it, and by the time it is complete, you would rarely find two the same. So the four-poster bed is ideal, with a choice of several wood, post and panel designs, carving, finished colour (including paint), and the variety in size and height, four posters are very individual. If you add to that the variety of fabrics, patterns and colours available from which drapes can be made, there is no end to the possibilities. It is not just the look of the bed that is important, but also the feel. The sheets are a critical factor in feeling the quality of your bed, and as you spend a third if your life there, you may as well make it comfortable, so buy good quality linen.

From heavy tapestries draped over deeply carved posts, with linenfold panels and a fully enclosed oak roof, to light silks and lacy dressing an American style pencil bed with no footboard, fine rope twists ending in a finial rather like that of a pawn or bishop in a chess set, the four-poster bed will survive for many more centuries. It is up to us to start looking into the future, moving with the times, developing new styles, dragging the bed by its’ posts into the 21st Century, to be held in esteem as the ultimate dream for another 600 years.

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

The First Wrist Watches (Part 4 of 5)

As with many fashion trends in times gone by, the wrist watch was first made fashionable by royalty -- specifically Queen Elizabeth I who was given one in the late 1500s. It was an adaptation of the pocket watch made more feminine and worn as an adornment accessory.

The very first widely worn wristwatches were designed exclusively for women and called wristlets. Men of the late 19th century and early 20th century still kept track of time using a pocket watch. They considered the wristlet a fashion trend that would, like all others, come and go; and the wristwatch would at that time never be considered by men as anything but a feminine bobble for women.

The wristwatch as a useful way to conveniently keep time for men actually started out as a wartime necessity. The British army in their fight against South Africa in the Boar War in the early 1900s strapped pocket watches to their wrist so that they could hold their weapons and still synchronize maneuvers with other troops. The first wristwatches for men were promoted to the military for men going into active service. Many of these influential men found the convenience of not fishing in a pocket for their watch indispensable even after returning from the field.

Changes in watchbands also added to the popularity of the wristwatch for both men and women. The flexible band pieces that attached to the open-faced watch made it easy to fasten a leather strap, which kept the watch securely, attached to the wrist. Now wristwatches were standard military issue for the allied troops of World War I.

In 1915, The Rolex Watch Company, formerly known as Wilsdorf & Davis, was founded. Hans Wilsdorf liked the idea of a wristwatch for both men and women and worked to improve the accuracy. Rolex was recognized as a leader in this research and received the first wristwatch Chronometer award given out by the School of Horology in Bienne.

In the mid-1920s, following the war, men started to associate wristwatches with the brave heroes who fought and no longer viewed them as only for women. Rolex seized upon this new image and continued through the 1950s to market watches specifically to men. Professional, masculine-style watches were developed to be worn by men in various fields of work.

The development of new technology capable of tracking time and performing the other functions of a cell phone or planner may lead to a time when the watch will be less of an important way to keep time and more of fashion accessory or status symbol. But, let’s face it, if anyone ever asks you if you know the time, your first instinct is to raise your wrist, whether or not you remembered to put on your watch!

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

The evolution of jeans

Thought of the day: Why is it acceptable to wear the same pair of jeans for days, even weeks, without being questioned by friends? Yet wearing the same pair of cargos three days in a row would be scowled upon and considered un-hygienic. Do we actually believe jeans are immune to dirt?

Still on the topic of jeans… remember when all we had to choose from was either a pair of Levis, Lee or Wrangler’s? And all you had in your wardrobe was a choice of black stone wash and blue stone wash?

I remember this quite vividly. There was no such thing as ‘engineered denim’ in the early 90’s when I was a teenager. Yet in the pursuit of being cool, I had to conjure up my own version of ‘engineering’. I got my worn in look by way of scraping my ass up and down the cement footpath out the front of my house (I lived on a main road by the way). Later my mother told me that it would have been a hell of a lot easier to take off the said pair of jeans and rub them against a rough stone. Thanks for the advice mum, but too late. If only my nickname ‘ass scraper’ wore out as fast as my jeans did…

Then something revolutionary happened in the mid nineties (that saved my ass, so to speak). Levis decided that we didn’t have to wait years and years to wear in our favourite pair of jeans, ‘cause America’s convicted criminals could do all the hard work for us! Yep, all those second hand Levis being sold in boutiques actually came from America’s prisons. Imagine the satisfaction for the prisoner, knowing that some good came out of their existence? As long as they served their full sentence, of course (jeans just didn’t achieve an optimum level of worn in-ness if prisoners got out early on parole). So my pre-worn Levis alla ‘break and enterer’ became the ‘hottest’ thing in my wardrobe (just kidding, I paid for them). Really, how could I have been so narrow minded as to think crime didn’t pay?

Moving into the new millennium, jean manufactures suddenly realised that it was wrong to allow such an obvious exploitation of America’s prisoners. Especially when the Chinese could do it for a whole lot less, and quicker too! Engineered denim was born. All of sudden, we didn’t have to wait years for our jeans to hit the perfect level of worn in-ness, because we could buy a brand new pair of ‘pseudo old’ that looked like, well, a bad pair of new jeans. Like anything in its infancy, there is always something NQR (Not Quite Right) about it. Kinda like when CGI special effects first started to appear in film. Much to the rile of everyone around me, I just couldn’t help the comment “Aw that looks so fake!” every time a dinosaur ripped apart a person, or when a ship collided with an iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic. It was just a natural reaction to something that looked completely unnatural when trying to appear natural (also my natural reaction when I see a man with hair plugs, or a woman with a bad boob job. But that’s another blog entry all together). And while I didn’t go around pointing at people wearing badly engineered jeans on the street (only because I too was a serious offender), I did wonder when the edges of pockets were going to be grinded evenly, rather then looking like they had been attacked by cat claws.

Today however, while we are finally perfecting pocket grinding, crotch whisker marks, and thigh and ass sand blasting, isn’t this all merely an improvement on the fake worn-in look? I mean, I have a pair of jeans that I bought almost four years ago in dark indigo denim with only a basic enzyme wash. Over the years of wearing, there has not been even the slightest beginnings of fraying along any pocket; the whisker mark around the crotch goes straight across the thigh, (not splayed out in all kinds of unsightly directions drawing attention to my bathing suit area); and my ass does not look likes it’s been dragged over coloured sand! Perhaps we have forgotten what a real pair of worn in jeans looks like?

In saying this, I’m certainly not against engineered denim. It’s interesting and it’s getting better. And while the ‘new pseudo old’ look has now become my daily bread, the ‘engineered’ price tag that comes with the jeans is nauseating. ‘Authentic’ looking old jeans will set you back around $350 (AUD) these days. Common! For me to even want to pay that kind of money, I’m hoping some Chinese worker is scraping their ass up and down the factory room floor for me.

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

The Effects of the Banning Online

Everyone talks about the negative impact of online gambling, but they are not talking about the negative impact of banning online gambling.

A reason for banning online casinos was to make sure that underage children were not using thee parents credit cards to gamble online, but besides the fact that most online casinos did everything possible to ensure to verify the age of the account holder before allowing any gambling to occur, but by banning it you are only stopping the law abiding casinos from taking bets and not the less reputable online casinos. They will use third party account like PayPal ore Click2pay which provide a loophole in the new law.

By banning an activity especially such a popular activity as online gambling all that can be expected to happen is for people to find ways around the law, such as the Speakeasies of the 1920’s.

A Speakeasy was a nightclub that served Alcohol during prohibition and was usually hidden in the back rooms of pet stores and innocent looking book stores. Every time a speakeasy was raided the next night another one was opened, and this is what will happen with these online casinos. If the government finds one operating in the USA and gets it shut down or manages to stop the money flowing to it then another will open.

By regulating online gambling the government would know exactly who was running the casino to make sure they were running it honestly and within all the laws, and it would help make sure that the criminal element did not get rich and gain power a second time in the history of the USA because of a bad lawmaking decision.

Another reason given for the ban of online gambling was to help protect against a rise in problem gamblers from have casino gamming in your home 24 hrs a day, but no proof has ever been found that shows that people who would normally not be inclined to go to a casino and gamble would decide to do it just because it was now in their homes.

The facts actually show a steady rate of people with gambling problems and growing at the same rate it has been growing for over 25 years.

Many experts are now saying that there are some positives to the online gambling ban, but those positives would be even better if the industry was properly legalized and not, just by putting a mostly unenforceable law in place.

But this to be a pattern the government seems to always make, it is much like the war on drugs. Last time I checked thee was still a drug problem in this country even though drugs are illegal, yet in countries like Holland where the use of soft drugs like hash and grass are legal the number people with drug problems is much lower per capita then in the USA. This is because the money that is brought in the form of taxes from these sales goes to fund the public schools where they properly educate kids on the negative effects of these drugs, so most of the people who smoke are tourists and not the locals.

Maybe one day the government will learn from its past mistakes and make things right.

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

The Dot Com Era is Back

In a recent article titled "Internet use threatens to overtake TV in Canada" it discusses the threat of online marketing to traditional media sources in Canada. This isn't a a threat anymore in the US. It is a fact.

An article written by Thomas Mucha from Business 2.0 says:

People are spending more time online than watching TV, which gives marketers a better chance to reach consumers in a place where they are just one click away from making a purchase. "More than 75 percent of companies using the Internet to advertise report confidence in their return on investment," writes the study's lead author, Jupiter Research senior analyst Gary Stein. This confidence, Stein argues, will sustain spending momentum across all the key online ad areas: paid search, display ads, classified ads, and rich media.

Interesting to note that two studies are similar. Although The Ipsos Reid study of Canada claims radio is losing more interest than TV in Canada, it may soon lose to the Internet as well.

Mr. Mucha claims 40 percent of total spending by 2010 will be paid advertisements on Google, Yahoo and MSN to an estimate of $19 billion per year. Not much wonder why the search engines are trying to dominate each other and the marketplace. The one that becomes the most popular will also make the most money.

What will become of the little guy? Will it put an end to buying keywords for ad placement on search engines? Will the small business owner get shoved out of the picture? Maybe not altogether... but let's face it. If GM decides they want to use the keywords you are using, can you afford to compete? The search engines will be laughing "all the way to the bank" and the cost per clicks will just keeping going up... (he-he) similar to the price of gasoline at the pumps these days.

Even though the cost of clicks may get pricey, the major search engines will always have to index relevant websites and include these results and return them on any keyword search. Professional sites (versus linkfarm, affiliate, spam sites) will always be in favour, and the sooner business can get their company sites built, if they haven't already; the better. Google seems to be the top search engine right now, and new sites often get sandboxed. If they hold on to their dominant position, new websites want to make sure this doesn't happen to them.

I've always felt that there was something Google was doing that gave some sites more relevance than others in its index, but wasn't sure how it was applied. At the Search Engine Strategies conference last week in San Jose, California, Rand Fishkin learned that Google places some new Web sites, "regardless of their merit, or lack thereof, in a sort of probationary category" for six months to a year to "allow time to determine how users react to a new site, who links to it, etc."

On a final piece of advice he suggests:

"Several people have also predicted that Yahoo! or MSN may take up similar techniques to help stop spam. This phenomenon could seriously undermine new SEO/Ms and new campaigns, but it is a possibility. My recommendation is not to discount this possibility and launch projects or at least holding sites and their promotional efforts ASAP. The web environment right now is still relatively friendly to new sites, but will certainly become more competitive and unforgiving with time, no matter what search engine filters exist."

Although it is starting to sound a little like the "Dot Com era is back" it will be a little different this time around. In 2000 when it went bust, it is partly because the percentage of consumers purchasing online didn't justify the amount of spending. There was a lack of confidence. It is different now. Jupiter's study shows that "73 percent of Americans who use the Internet have made a purchase online and four out of five of these potential shoppers have responded to an online ad."