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Air Tools


Compressors come with or without air storage tanks. Compact compressors generally use a diaphragm type pump powered be an electric motor.

Since the capacity of the compact compressor is limited, they are primarily used for hobby and light spray painting. Compact compressors do have the capacity to run glue guns, inflate low pressure tires and sports equipment.

The unit must run continuously, since there is no reserve tank on the compact compressor. Using connecting rods sealed in oil free bearings provides and oil free air supply.

Compact compressors generally have wheels and a handle for easy pulling. They weigh around 30 lbs. and commonly have a ½ hp engine.

Designed similar to the cylinder/piston mechanism of an automobile are the piston type compressors. Utilizing a gas or electric motor to drive the pump unit, these compressors will have either one or two cylinders, depending on the compressor’s size.

Piston compressors are more durable and offer a greater work capacity. These compressors, in the past, required lubrication for the piston and cylinder. Oil free piston compressors are now available and, having self lubricating parts, perform as well as or better than conventional compressors.

Horsepower ratings on compressors refers to the motor that powers the pump unit. The higher the horsepower equates to a more powerful compressor with greater work capacity.

Other ratings include cubic feet per minute (cfm) which is the volume of air that the compressor supplies. The size and number of tools operating from the compressor will determine the amount of cfm required.

The amount of air pressure generated by the compressor is referred to as psi or pounds per square inch. Tools also have a psi rating, which must be considered when matching the tools to the compressor.

Gasoline powered compressors are desirable for use where air tools are needed away from a source of electricity.

Eye protection should always be worn when operating air tools. Air powered tools have high power and fast rotation.


Sizing of the tool intake (1/4”, 3/8”,1/2”,3/4” and 1”) will determine the size of connectors attached to the air hose as well as the psi and cfm required to operate the air tool. Some of the most popular tools include blow gun, drill, grease gun, grinder, hammer, impact wrench, nail gun, stapler, ratchet, sand blaster, sander, saw spray gun, tire chuck, tire inflator, die grinder and riveter. Kits are also available to adapt and compliment the use of air tools.

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3 Hot Selling Notebook Computers

The laptop market is an overcrowded field with literally hundreds of offerings available to consumers. Some laptops are very basic models with Celeron processors while others are full blown multimedia powerhouses. Featured here are three top models from the “plain Jane” to the middle of the road, to the fully loaded.

Dell Inspiron 1200 – It is possible to purchase a notebook computer for considerably less than $1000 and Dell offers several models below this threshold including the Inspiron 1200. This particular model is the price leader amongst laptops especially when rebates are figured in. A recent Dell advertisement has been touting the Inspiron 1200 for just $499 after a $150For rebate is received. What do you get with this model? Not a whole lot: an Intel Celeron M Processor 350 (1.30 GHz/1MB Cache/400MHz FSB); Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition; 30GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive; and 24X CD Burner/DVD Combo Drive. Surprisingly, Dell does include wireless capabilities in the form of a networking card.

HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook – HP’s acquisition of Compaq has produced a nice line up of notebook computers including this particular model geared toward those consumers replacing their desktop computer. Retailing at just over $1300 [before $100 rebate] this midrange offering is nicely loaded as it offers a 17" screen; Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition; an Intel Pentium 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology; a 40 GB hard drive; a 12 cell battery; wireless connectivity; and graphics oriented software.

Sony VAIO FS675P/H Notebookspacer – The Sony Vaio name is typically associated with high performing, high priced offerings. The VAIO® FS675P/H Notebookspacer fits the bill as this workhorse retails at just under $2000. Chief features of this model are: an Intel Pentium M Processor 750 (1.86 Ghz); Microsoft Windows XP Professional; DVD+R Double Layer/DVD+-RW; 1GB RAM; and a 100GB hard drive. The screen is 15.4" Widescreen5 LCD with XBRITE™ Technology and all of Sony’s top digital software for photography, video and audio are included as standard equipment.

All three models attract different types of consumers, but each model is a standout in its respective class. Consumers are the winner when it comes to shopping for a laptop as prices continue to drop, new features are added, and technology improves with every new model marketed.

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Consumer Electronics And Their Uses

Electronics are a big part of our every day lives. Even if we do not realize it, just about everywhere we go, and everything we do electronics in some form shape the way we do it. For example, when you are traveling to and from work, the vehicle you are in is made up of various forms of electronics. The music you listen to, obviously you have to listen to it on a Radio, Cassette Player, CD player, or Computer. The way the music you listen to is made, all with electronics. In this day and age of technology, our lives is driven greatly by electronic means.

Typically, we do not even stop to think about how much of a role these things play in our lives. When we use that cordless phone to call up our friends, when we log onto the computer to check our email, and when we watch our favorite shows on the television, these are all electronics. It is amazing is it not, when you actually stop to consider all the things we use on a daily basis? Of course, if the power goes out and there are no battery backups, we take major note of these items that seem to make living our lives a whole lot easier.

Electronics have evolved since conception from the tape player to the CD player, from the VCR to the DVD Player and entire home entertainment centers, from an integrated speaker to surround sound all over the home, and from the television to instant replay and TiVo. We rely on many electronics without even being fully aware of it in our daily lives and for entertainment.

Think about it electronics are used everywhere, our place of business, our law enforcement and rescue units, our government, all the way down to the traffic signals and emergency response systems. When electronics were invented, it made us so dependant upon them, which would be extremely hard for us to imagine living without them. Many of them are used for our entertainment watching television with our families, listening to our favorite music, playing video games, or watching a new DVD. We can even record our own movies with a Camcorder or take digital photographs for sharing instantly.

As you can see electronics have made living our lives much more simple and easy to do, without them it would seem that we were back in the Old West!

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Best LCD TVs

Buying an LCD TV is more of an art than a purchase. Originally LCD TVs were available in only smallLCD TVs, LCD TV reviews, LCD TV monitors, LCD TV wall mountser sizes, but now they are available in sizes as big as 50 inches. Whether big or small screen, LCD TVs suffer from certain flaws: they have lower contrast ratios, slower refresh rates and narrow viewing angles. Despite that, if certain precautions are taken, you could end up with the best LCD TV in the market.

Currently Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp are the bigger brands in the LCD TV market. Even computer monitor manufacturers like Dell and Gateway have made a foray into the LCD TV market. But a big brand name does not ensure that the TV is the best. Even reputed companies purchase monitors and other parts from other countries to save on costs. This affects the overall quality of the TV. It is essential to check out the TV while it is in the showroom before buying.

One thing to consider is the aspect ratio. Some widescreen LCD TVs boast of an aspect ratio of 16 to 9. However, believing blindly in this could be a mistake. Some screens just stretch the image to fit the screen. In doing so, the images become jagged and washed out. Best LCD TVs are those that can retain their resolutions even when the image is stretched to fit a 16 to 9 screen. Trust your eyes to judge that.

Another thing is the viewing angle. LCD TVs were big duds earlier regarding their viewing angles. Due to the pixel twisting principle of liquid crystal display monitors, LCD visuals would be almost invisible from more obtuse angles. But now, this problem is diminishing rapidly. Contemporary LCD TVs have viewing angles as obtuse as 160 degrees.

LCD TVs are available in three varieties: standard definition (SD), enhanced definition (ED) and high definition (HD). High definition TVs are the best as they can be used both as computer monitors as well as regular TVs as they can produce both digital as well as analog signals. These TVs have higher freeze rates and so they can better reproduce moving visuals.

These are basically the important features to check while considering a good LCD TV. Best LCD TVs could be those that have all the above features along with sleekness in design, lightness of weight and easy button controls.

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Choosing the Right Batteries

The advent of modern technology has been amazing to help people getting things done in twice the time, and getting things delivered twice as fast. But what do we do when our technology fails us? What happens when our techny clip-board dies? Sure you can smack it a couple of times but honestly this solution will be short term and may end up only damaging your equipment. The best insurance that a battery will last you a long time is using quality components and following all the instructions.

Battery life time varies greatly depending on a number of factors. Two important factors are the number of applications and types of applications on the small appliance being used. If you want your battery to last a long time, try not to run down the battery life by overusing the appliance. If it is necessary to run multiple applications for an extended period of time, you may want to consider purchasing a larger capacity battery (if available), or purchasing an extra battery so you will always have a charged battery when you need it.

The “memory effect” is another factor you may have heard about that affects battery life. The memory effect is a pattern seen in certain batteries that causes then to hold less charge. It occurs when a battery is only partially used and then recharged to full charge. It is similar to voltage depression, a condition in which the battery’s voltage level drops faster even though total charge power of the battery remains the same. These effects are caused by repeated over charging of that batteries that leave electrolyte build up on the battery. People have come up with several theories to overcome the memory effect, thought most are just that, theories, and are difficult to duplicate in the real world.

Battery manufacturers have worked to develop more powerful and effective batteries. The newest and most popular advent in battery technology is the Lithium Ion battery and it surpasses traditional batteries in many ways. Li-Ion batteries charge faster and weigh much less. They are also more environmentally sound because they do not contain toxic materials such as mercury. And most importantly, Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect. The technology for Li-Ion batteries is increasing every day.

So an everlasting battery may not yet exist, but we can be assured that engineers are working every day to make the batteries that help us in our daily lives, faster, safer, and more powerful.

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Light Up Your Home While Keeping Energy Costs Down

According to ENERGY STAR®, if every American home replaced just five high-use light fixtures or the bulbs in them with ones that have earned the ENERGY STAR label, each family would save more than $60 every year in energy costs, and together keep more than one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air, which roughly equals the emissions of eight million cars.

ENERGY STAR-qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use 66 percent less energy than your standard incandescent light bulb and last up to 10 times longer. The Broan and NuTone Fluorescent Recessed Fan/Lights feature a 14-watt fluorescent bulb, making the product ENERGY STAR-qualified. For these same reasons, these models are California Title 24-compliant.

The Fluorescent Recessed Fan/Light is designed to coordinate with major lighting manufacturers' recessed light kits and can be placed in a series of recessed lights or on its own, blending seamlessly into your d├ęcor. In a bathroom, it helps control humidity and odor. In a kitchen or other high-traffic room, it helps keep air fresh and comfortable.

"So many of our customers have asked, 'Why didn't someone think of this before?'" says Patrick Nielsen, senior product manager for Broan-NuTone. "Not only does this product help them decrease energy costs, but it is stylish and can be used in almost any room in the home."

For bathrooms up to 100 square feet in area, the Home Ventilating Institute recommends an exhaust fan provide one cubic foot/minute (CFM) per square foot (approximately eight air changes per hour) for proper ventilation. The recessed fan/light exhausts 70 CFM of air and works inconspicuously, emitting just 1.5 Sones, less than half the noise volume of a traditional house fan. Ventilating products are measured in Sones, and one Sone roughly equals the sound of a quiet refrigerator when operating in a quiet kitchen. Working undercover, the recessed fan/light removes odor and humidity from bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, closets and smoking rooms.

With this new product, homeowners can save time and money by installing two products at once, decreasing energy costs and providing less hassle and expense.

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7 Ways to Grow Flowers

Flowering landscape trees are the crown jewels of the yard.
Perhaps no other plants, individually, can have as great an
impact on how a yard looks in spring. Browse the articles to
which I've linked below for information on particular varieties
of flowering landscape trees. Pictures are included.

Crape Myrtles: Landscape Trees of the South

A popular choice in flowering landscape trees for Southerners,
crape myrtles have a long blooming period (mid-summer to
fall). The blooming clusters of these flowering landscape trees
come in pink, white, red and lavender. The clusters appear on
the tips of new wood. Northerners can sometimes get away
with treating these flowering landscape trees as perennials
that die back in winter but come back in spring.


Not all specimens with a weeping habit are flowering
landscape trees, but this article looks at several weeping
varieties that do bloom, headed by four types of cherry.
Saucer Magnolias

The size and shape of the blooms are what suggested the
common name for these flowering landscape trees. Want a
specimen with a brilliant bloom as big as a saucer? Access
information on these beauties here.

Rose of Sharon

Although some people think of it as a landscape "tree"
(because it gets tall and can be pruned so as to have a single
trunk), rose of sharon is, in fact, a flowering shrub. The fact
that it blooms relatively late -- and for a long time -- makes it
a valuable plant for those looking to distribute their yard's
color display throughout the growing season.
Top 10 List of Flowering Landscape Trees and Shrubs for
Spring |

This article features information on ten flowering landscape
trees and shrubs that brighten our spring seasons. Included
are redbud, callery pear and crabapple.
Hawthorn: Late-Blooming Landscape Trees

This article offers information on Washington hawthorn trees,
which are perhaps most valued for the time at which they
bloom (late spring to early summer). Many of the popular
flowering specimens bloom earlier in the spring, and while
their blossoms are pleasant sights for eyes sore from winter's
barrenness, they desert us too quickly!

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Digital Video Recorder – Record Your Favorite Shows With Ease

It’s been a long time since our primary television-recording dilemma was a simple matter of choosing between VHS and Beta. The intervening years between the much-lauded advent of the videocassette tape recorder and these days of astounding recording choice have been busy ones for those in the consumer electronics industry, with the result that the lay person simply wanting to tape their favorite show while they go out for the evening can feel a little unsure about which way to turn. With videocassettes quickly becoming a thing of the past, the television recording public are feeling the urgency of familiarising themselves with the new methods of saving their favorite shows for later. So let’s take a quick look at what makes digital video recorders so great.

Digital video recorders work, in very basic terms, by copying the shows you want to see later directly on to the hard drive stored within the device. This very conveniently eliminates the need to store a multitude of cassette tapes, or even DVDs, and allows you to say a not so fond farewell to those hurried moments of scurrying around at the last moment, desperately trying to lay your hands on a blank tape before you miss the all-important first five minutes of your show. Most of the hard drives included in these digital video recorders are rather large, meaning that you can store almost as many shows as you would like – you’ll never again have to wait for re-runs to see that episode you loved so much.

But surely this capacity to store shows on the digital video recorders hard drive is something of a disadvantage too – doesn’t it eliminate also the portability of the cassette tapes we used previously? Does this mean that we can’t share shows that we’ve taped with our friends, or bring the recording with us when we visit their homes? On the contrary, digital video recorders are more share-friendly than ever. Shows stored on the unit’s hard drive can be transferred to DVDs, offering you that same convenience or portability you enjoyed before. But digital video recorders can also allow you send the shows you have taped over the Internet, meaning that sharing recordings is more instantaneous than ever before.

The barrage of new technology that hits us almost every day can undoubtedly be daunting, but much of it is actually quite easy to master. You don’t necessarily have to understand the nitty-gritty of a digital recorder’s innards to be able to enjoy the simple convenience it offers. And once you master the recorder’s simple operations, you’ll never go back to those burdensome cassette tapes.

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Vacuum Cleaners Making Housework Healthy

For most of us, housework is a necessary evil. Not something we enjoy doing very much, rather a thing that brings pleasant results. But what if housework was something that we needed to do in order to maintain our health? For people who suffer from allergies, housework is just that, and so the right vacuum cleaner can be the difference between maintaining health and losing it.

In our modern world, we are exposed to an increasing number of allergens, substances that can cause enormous irritation to those predisposed to sensitivity to them. While allergies might easily be included in the list on non-life threatening conditions, anyone who has endured an allergic reaction for any period of time can testify to the fact that nothing can rob you of your enthusiasm for life than what might, in the grand scheme of things, be inconsequential reactions. And, in fact, allergies can sometimes traverse boundaries, becoming potentially lethal, particularly to the elderly and infirm, or the very young. So any device that can help allergy sufferers fight the good fight is not to be taken lightly.

The right vacuum cleaner can make the world of difference in the fight against allergens in your home. Whether it is pet hair or dust mites that generates an allergic reaction in you or one of your family members, choosing a vacuum cleaner with this in mind can help you gain control over your environment and ease the symptoms of the sufferer a great deal.

The most effective allergy control vacuum cleaners employ a technology known as HEPA, or high efficiency particulate arresting. Developed by the government in the 1950s to help protect those in the services against radioactive particles, the proponents of this technology claim that it can remove 99.7 percent of particles from the air when used in air purifiers. Translated into the vacuum cleaner, this technology helps remove all of the allergy causing substances that find rest on your carpets and upholstery, creating a home environment that is safer for the allergy sufferer in your home.

For those who suffer from upsetting allergies, an allergy fighting vacuum cleaner is just what the doctor ordered. So do some prescription housework – your family’s health will thank you for it.

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Wall Street: the Road Block To Your Investing Success

Worried about your stocks? Blame it on Wall Street.

Investors today face a barrage of conflicting information and exaggerated return claims from what most people consider the "market" -; the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. But these indexes only comprise about 12 percent of all U.S. stocks. The reality is that these stocks can't be predicted with any consistency, especially long-term.

In the complicated world of financial services, you're being misled.

Wall Street advisors employ a strategy of "active marketing," which is the continual development of new products designed and marketed as the latest and greatest solution to investors' fears and concerns. There is an addiction factor at work here; active marketing feeds our desire to roll the dice. This rolling of the dice takes the form of stock picking, market timing and return chasing, activities otherwise known as active management.

The alternative is to "super-diversify" your portfolio with a wide array of unrelated investment choices and assets. This strategy allows you to own the market as a whole, rather than just a few of its components, thereby increasing your return and reducing the risk.

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research known as Modern Portfolio Theory, the application of this theory into a properly diversified portfolio - what I call a "Market Return Portfolio" - consists of no-load institutional asset class mutual funds you normally don't see in many portfolios. Choices such as micro-cap, small cap international, emerging markets and value stocks can lead to more consistent long-term returns equal to or somewhat greater than the market at large.

Another important aspect of proper portfolio management is finding the right firm to work with. Look for one that is independent, uses a fee structure whereby the firm is paid directly and only from clients, and uses a market return approach. The right strategy, managed by the right help, can truly bring wealth without worry.

In some sense, worry-free investing isn't really possible. People will always worry about taking care of their families and they'll always worry about their country's economy. Yet true "wealth without worry" means not having to track the daily movement of the market, saving time and energy for more important things in life.

Investors' confidence should be put not in an adviser or their own stock-picking prowess, but rather in the economic miracle we call capitalism. By tracking market movement over the past seven or eight decades, we see that the market goes up more than 80 percent of the time.

The expansion of capital markets is inevitable -; and a windfall for market return investors.

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Love Spells Review

Author: Ashra Enchantments
Love spells, magic spells and witch craft spells are real easy to shy away from on your spiritual journey, but modern medicine has yet to account for the direct relationship between positive thoughts, spirituality and kindred spirits! Our thoughts have a direct chemical reaction within our spiritual health. Alternative medicine has proven spiritual healing. As a spell caster and professional psychic advisor, I have consulting many seeking spirituality and health. New age remedies are on the rise!

Attract a new love? Find your soul mate? Bring back a former love? Return a former lover? Mystical powers and voodoo spells have nothing to do with it! Powerful love spells are about authentic spell, energy influence for results that work. I have studied Egyptian Love Spells and Egyptian Witch craft for many years. If you know “how to” manifest powerful love spells, you can learn any book of spells! Revenge spells, binding spells or money spells – the full moon is the limits! Free beginner spells for those who prefer candles and Safire dust are available in e-books online.

True love spells MUST manifest from an authentic spell caster that cares! The problem with magick spells and potions failing is directly related to poor technique because the “how to cast spells” is not present, or the spell caster forget the binding, or they are a learning spell caster wanting to cast a spell. Please seek experienced, accurate spell casters for powerful love spells, magic spells and voodoo spells! Always ask questions prior to requesting the casting of spells. Real love and money spells will need a waxing moon / full moon to bring back a lover or attract new love. This is because the binding process takes that moon energy forging it with Egyptian Love Spell materials to have a full manifest gain that has guaranteed results. Traditional witchcraft is the roots for love spells and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The great pyramid of Giza had the first shadow book of spells.

Companionship is one of the greatest love gifts in life! I guaranteed you that you don’t want to take it for granted. Real love is a blessing that has no boundaries and does no physical harm. On this spiritual journey through life, we must acknowledge the positive and learn from the negatives. Your enlightenment awaits you!

© Spell Enchantments 2006.

Ashra: Renown psychic advisor, spell caster and Akychi Master. She specializes in paranormal expert, metaphysical and Egyptian witchcraft! Turning dreams into reality. Owner of Spell Enchantments a spiritual source, successor in future predictions and love spells has earned place rank of eBay's #1 Psychic (2005-2006) and published recognition worldwide.

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Book Review – Guerrilla Marketing For Free

Sure, advertising is easy if you’re Pepsi or Apple, but what if you don’t have millions of dollars to throw at TV and print ads? Any business owner out there looking to cut their marketing budget should look no further than Guerrilla Marketing for FREE – Dozens of No-Cost Tactics to Promote Your Business and Energize Your Profits by Jay Conrad Levinson.

We’ve all heard examples of businesses that spend nothing on marketing and yet never seem to be lacking in customers (Krispy Kreme Doughnuts comes to mind), but how do they do it? On the first page of the book Levinson lets you know that it is possible to grow a business without spending a dollar on marketing, but that it takes a lot of energy and time. Each of the simple tactics the book discusses (there are 100) are deceptively simple and, according to Levinson, have proven track records.

All that you need to get started is a telephone, a computer, a printer, business cards, and access to the internet. After that you will not spend another dollar. Techniques range from the relatively obvious, such as “write a marketing plan” and “have a website”, to not-so-obvious things such as “establish a referral program” and “get involved in your community.”

Many of the tactics involve giving to receive. In addition to doing volunteer work in your community, Levinson suggests joining local networking groups, giving away your product for free to non-profit organizations and schools, and doing free presentations on your area of expertise to local organizations. Levinson’s tactics will not just help improve your bottom line, they’ll help you become a more altruistic entrepreneur.

If there’s one downside to the book, it’s that some of the techniques involving computers are outdated. For example, Levinson suggests advertising on free online classified sites. That may have worked years ago, but these days those sites are covered in spam and I doubt that any business would gain anything from listing on them. The book was written in 2003, so most of the techniques are still pretty valuable, but there’s just a few that stand out as infeasible in 2006.

When reading Guerrilla Marketing for FREE by Jay Conrad Levinson, I found myself constantly putting it down and jotting down ideas that could help supercharge my business. Levinson truly invokes your creative juices. And the best part is that all of the techniques cost you NOTHING. This is a no-brainer purchase for all entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

C. S. Lewis: The Magician's Nephew

"The Magician's Nephew is chronologically the first book in the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis. Set about 50 Years before the events in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", it describes how the land of Narnia came into being.

If you watched the recent movie "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", you might have wondered about two details: why does a wardrobe lead into the magical land of Narnia, and why does Lucy find a lantern burning in the middle of a forest?

"The Magician"s Nephew" answers these questions (though I will not give the answers away in this review) and many more. The novel contains the genesis (literally) of the entire Narnia cycle.

The story begins in late 19th-century London, when two children, Polly and Digory accidentally enter the secret study of Digory's eccentric uncle Andrew while exploring a passage that connects the attics of several houses.

The uncle is actually a magician, and he tricks Polly and his nephew into performing an experiment involving magic rings. These rings transport the children into the "Wood between the Worlds", a quiet forest that contains numerous small pools serving as gates to other worlds. Polly and Digory jump into one of the pools and explore the ruined city of Charn, where Digory is faced with a great temptation. A sign on a small bell next to a sleeping woman proclaims:

Make your choice, adventurous Stranger,
Strike the bell and bide the danger,
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
What would have followed if you had.

Digory is unable to resist and strikes the bell, which has momentous consequences. The sound awakens the woman, Empress Jadis, who had destroyed the entire city of Charn with a curse thousands of years ago. She manages to follow the children to London, and scenes of hilarious mayhem ensue.

Eventually, the two children, the uncle, the cruel Empress and a cabbie and his horse are transported back to the Wood between the Worlds and from there to a new world that is just coming into being - Narnia.

The creation of Narnia is described in poetic detail, and afterwards Digory has to atone for his earlier mistake by resisting another temptation - the fruit from the forbidden tree. The history of Narnia begins, but the shadow of evil (the Empress will one day return as the White Witch) and the future necessity of Aslan's sacrifice are already hinted at.

Sound plays an important role in this novel: there is the drowsy stillness of the Wood between the Worlds, the barren silence of the city of Charn shattered by the bell, the harmony of the celestial spheres and the creative song of Aslan's voice. All this makes "The Magician"s Nephew" a true prelude to Narnia.