Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Cold Heat Soldering the Cold Truth

You have seen it on TV, you have heard about it on the Radio, the internet is full of sites where you can buy it. The Cold Heat Soldering Tool.

What is cold heat? It is not new. It is not revolutionary. Cold heat is a marketing term to get you to spend your money on soldering tool. This soldering tool works very simply. It creates a high watt electronic arc between two points. This electric arc melts solder if it is between the two points.

Great concept. Right? The fact that most things that need to be soldered are electronic in nature might want to be considered. Is the computer you are reading this on plugged into a surge protector? Why? Electronic components do not like quick burst of high watts and volts.

The electric arc is passed between two points, the heat is between the points. How wide are these points, can the distance be varied? No. Do flash solder joints have electrical and structural integrity? No.

What is the advantage of cold heat soldering. The soldering effect is very quick. (Try making toast in the microwave) The cold heat soldering tool is cordless and portable. Cold heat soldering tool minimizes the chance of the operator burning themselves.

Cold Heat Soldering Tool is an exceptional tool for people who should not operate stoves, ovens, toasters and are not allowed to play with matches.

If your skill level is higher than the above mentioned there is a cordless soldering tool that provides exceptional soldering characteristics. The system comes with a safety switch and cap.

For a comprehensive look at this soldering tool without the sarcasm, visit: http://www.cordlesssolderingiron.net

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