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Sporting Clays Book : Dan Schindler's First Book on Sporting Clays : "Take Your Best Shot"

by Daniel L. Schindler
Foreword by
Peter Crabtree British Guild of Shooting Instructors, Chairman N.S.C.A. Level III
Wendy Crabtree - N.S.C.A Level III

Known nationally and internationally, Dan Schindler is a respected teacher. He's also a first-rate writer. Take Your Best Shot represents some of Dan's best literary work. Once again, he's created a superb reference
book for those who wish to understand the basics of shotgunning, and be more consistent in the shooting box.
Take Your Best Shot, step-by-step, helps you get organized before you call for the target--then move the gun into the sight picture that gets the X. In clear, reassuring language, Dan walks you through equipment selection; eye dominance; a proper setup on the target; a strategy that works, and how to choose a dependable shooting method. He also covers safety; recoil; focus; gun mount; sight pictures and much, much more.

We believe readers can honestly relate to Dan's writing because he spends a lot of time in the shooting box, teaching and competing. He speaks the language. Just as importantly, his writing has a unique ability to converse with you on your level. Dan's recommendations not only deliver a broken target, but a much better comprehension of how to break each target thereafter.

You hold in your hand a genuinely useful tutorial that can improve your shooting performance--now--and many years from now. Take Your Best Shot is a rock solid, dependable manual on how to be successful behind the trigger--and your tool-box for when you're not.

The lessons in Take Your Best Shot are invaluable. If your goal is to have more fun shooting, and a score higher, we highly recommend you start with this book.

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