Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

Meade EXT90PE Premiere Edition - Now Under $1000

The Meade ext90pe premiere edition, much like its newer version ext105PE, is made expressly for stargazing. This great telescope retails for under $1000, although as an older version it's somewhat difficult to find the Meade ext90pe premiere edition, except used.

Until the Meade ext90pe came along the two biggest difficulties for an amateur astronomer were aligning their telescope and then actually locating celestial objects.

Meade's new ETX premier edition, first the 90E model, then the upgraded 105, resolved these astronomy issues, however. Now when you want to look at deep space with your Meade etx90pe or 105pe, your telescope will automatically level itself, point to the north and even set the time for you. All you'll have to do with your Meade etx90pe is tell it your location, or just instruct it about your zip code. Your ETX, with its patented automated alignment function, will point to the first star for alignment. Then you'll just have to use the telescope's wide-field software, called SmartFinder, which will center the red dot over the stars you use for alignment. This gives you incredible accuracy. With your Meade etx90pe reflector telescope it's that easy.

The telescope has ultra high coating for transmission, and a dual axis electronic controller and drive system.

With the purchase of the Meade telescope etx90pe premiere edition or its newer model, the 105, you get several additional items. You'll have a an Autostar brand computer controller, a deluxe model field tripod, an 8x25 viewfinder that is right angled, an eyepiece and instructions on how to use your Meade ext90pe telescope premiere edition.

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