Jumat, 17 September 2010

Strong Blades Deliver Strong Results

When repairing and improving your home, anything less than a good utility knife and blade just won't cut it.

A quality utility blade is a must for tackling home repair and maintenance projects. Investing in a good blade and knife can make the difference between a botched job and a professional result.

Bathroom and kitchen repairs offer an opportunity to test the strength of a new utility blade and knife. A good blade can remove excess caulk, strip grout, strip electrical wire, repair holes in the wall and cut drywall.

Insulating or reinsulating a home is another popular repair project that benefits from the use of a strong utility blade. When shopping for a utility knife and blade, look for one that has four notches, which permit greater blade extension from the knife and makes cutting through thick insulation quick and easy.

For example, the shatterproof construction of the Lenox® Gold™ bi-metal utility blade and knife allows for safer cutting as well as longer-lasting blades. Superior cutting ability is a function of the blade's bi-metal construction, which fuses two different types of steel together to get the performance benefits of both. The blades are also the first to feature a Titanium Nitride (TiN)-coated edge, which doubles edge hardness, making it the longest-lasting utility blade ever made.

Utility blades and knives are also very helpful for craft and hobby projects. The many uses include cutting fabric, corrugated cardboard, mats for framing, wires, foam board, paper or upholstery, just to mention a few. A strong blade stays sharper, making it easier to make precise cuts, which is vital to the success of many projects. A sharp blade is also a safer blade. It takes less force to cut through an object with a sharp blade and it gives you greater control of the knife.

Choosing a bi-metal utility blade and knife for a project not only leads to better results, it can also prove to be a safer and more time-efficient option. The versatility of a bi-metal utility blade proves it worthy of a space in your toolbox.

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