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RC airplanes - Hobbymega.com

Remember those hot summer afternoons you spent assembling your RC airplane kit so you could send your RC airplane into the heavens? You don't have to give up your youth because Hobby Mega provides a plethora of products to sate your flying desire. Whether you're looking for RC airplane plans, micro RC airplanes, gas powered RC airplanes or electric RC airplanes, they have what you need at prices that you can afford. Hobby Mega also carries a wide assortment of
RC airplane accessories to service your RC model airplane.

Want the power of flight without motored propulsion? The TW-739 RC Soaring Eagle Glider is the one for you. The Soaring Eagle comes with a three channel remote, allowing you to isolate your control signal even in the busiest of skies. This full function remote control airplane has a safe, convenient crate start-up and a low-pressure-off function. With a range of three hundred meters, you can send your plane into the distance without fear of losing control. The Soaring Eagle also has fifteen minutes of controlled flight time to ensure maximum flying enjoyment for the hobby enthusiast. If you want proof its capabilities, Hobby Mega has a streaming RC airplane video ready for you to enjoy alongside the Soaring Eagle's technical specifications. This silent wonder is sold for $74.99, making it the affordable model gliding choice for any hobby enthusiast.

If you're a history buff and want to fly the skies in the style of World War II design, the Pirate Corsair RC airplane will provide years of enjoyment. The Corsair comes with a four channel remote and is ready to fly in just minutes. Its full control remote makes take-off a breeze and with a range of 1500 feet, you send your bird aloft at an incredible distance while maintaining complete control. The Corsair is expertly engineered allowing it to complete a variety of aeronautic feats such as inverted flight. Not only is this baby a joy to fly, its careful attention to detail makes it a beauty to look at also. The Corsair is also an excellent beginner RC airplane as it is modeled with tough plastic construction that makes it RC airplane crash resistant when you fail to land it with the grace it deserves. Hobby Mega makes this plane available for the reasonable price of $113.99 and provides free shipping for this model.

If you enjoy landing on water, Hobby Mega offers a dual landing RC airplane that comes with the standard landing gear and a set of pontoons. This multifunctional flyer comes with a four channel remote and 11.1V rechargeable battery pack. Because of its design, this baby can be operated at low flight speeds and low altitudes making it perfect for skimming the water. You can maintain control of this flyer up to nine hundred feet and because of its aerodynamics, it is an easy unit to master, making it a great choice for the beginner.

All these and more are available from Hobby Mega RC toy store, so get your flying dream today.

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