Rabu, 31 Maret 2010

Go Celestial with the Celestron Telescope CPC 8

The Celestron telescope cpc 8 is a high-end professional model with many great features for an exquisite look at the heavens. 

Its formal name is Celestron CPC 800 Professional Computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. This Celestron telescope cpc 8 offers easy and quick alignment and GPS, with quality of optics that is unbeatable. Set up is fast and easy, and the Celestron cpc8 is made for ergonomically correct study of the star. Its computerization is enhanced. Most important, this great telescope is affordable, retailing under $2400.

Features of the Celestron cpc 8 telescope including advanced technology for quick alignment. Once your CPC8 Telescope's global positioning system (GPS - an internal feature) has established its position, all you have to do is find and manually slew your Celestron cpc8 to whatever three bright objects you find in the sky.  You don't even need to know the names of the objects on which you have fixed your telescope. The technology in your celestron cpc8, called NexStar, will study the night sky, making a determination of each star, planet and other celestial fixture in the sky and its position.

Once your Celestron cpc 8 telescope has aligned itself in this way, its remote hand controller allows you to get direct access to every catalog of objects in the sky that are contained in its vast database.

The Celestron cpc 8 database has more than 40,000 stars, planets and other objects in the sky including Messier objects, NGC Galaxies, the Caldwell Catalog, and nebula.  It's a snap to navigate through the database thanks to its filter limits, which you can define for yourself.

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