Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Candle Wholesalers

Candles have never been so popular. Candles are now a must, whatever may be the occasion. You have aromatic candles, candles made up of beeswax, and paraffin. The candle industry is witnessing an unprecedented boom, thanks to the candle wholesalers for playing a large part of this phenomenal growth.

As in the case with other wholesalers, candle wholesalers purchase these candles in bulk quantities from manufacturers at a mark-up price. The wholesaler then sells these candles, keeping a percentage, to the retailer, who in turn sells these candles ultimately to the consumer.

This chain or distribution channel regulates the market prices and determines the end price of any product. Candles are no different. Dinner candles, church candles, scented candles, you name it and leading wholesalers always maintain large inventories of these products. Needless to say, they have even larger inventories of particular types of candles, which have greater demand, aromatic candles for instance. If you are a candle retailer, looking forward to getting fabulous discounts from wholesalers, you have every chance of getting one. Just visit the online resources of leading candle wholesalers and find out what they are offering. You can get the entire information on the kind of candles they have to offer and importantly at what price do they offer. Once you establish a connection with one of these leading wholesalers, your job becomes easy. In the bargain, many a wholesaler might pass on these discounts to you, the retailer.

A single wholesaler may have all types of candles. Sometimes certain wholesalers have only one type or brand of candles. They are also responsible for the local promotion of the brand to a large extent. Candle wholesalers have good working relationships with both manufacturers and retailers. It always helps them to maintain a certain stronghold on the business.

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